Re-Introducing myself

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Re-Introducing myself
Tue, 09-19-2006 - 8:59am

Hello all. My name is Sarah and I am a WAHM to 3 beautiful children. Eve is 4, Aly 1, and Logan was born 06/05/06. I was an active member of the board a while ago but I have been on break since my 3rd trimester.

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Tue, 09-19-2006 - 1:07pm

Hi there Sarah welcome back and congrats on the new little one. We had our third in July so I know how busy you are!

eBay is great and I loved doing it when we were on the mainland, it got really expensive when we moved here to Hawaii 4-1/2 years ago - getting items to sell, selling them and shipping them I was making very little. I'm hoping to get back into doing more of it now with flat rate boxes from the post office - they're the best thing for those of us out here in the middle of the ocean.

If you have any ideas on how to make this board more active please let me know

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