Roll call

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Roll call
Fri, 07-28-2006 - 10:00am

who is all here? Who are you, how many kids? do you have pets? what state are you from?
My name is annette. I have been married to my husband for 13 yrs. We have four children
Ruben 14, Tiffany 12, Alissa 7 and amanada 15 months. We have 1 dog named scrappy.
We live in Nebraska.

We are going to be moving hopefully soon to Florida.
Hope to chat with all of you

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Fri, 07-28-2006 - 10:21pm

I'm Miranda...I've got a wonderful hubby and two babies (Jacob is 20 months, and Allie is 3 months).

I'm originally from California (central coast) but we live in Washington now.

No pets, although sometimes Jake thinks he's a puppy :-)

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Mon, 07-31-2006 - 8:09pm

I'm Cathy (37), wife to John (38) for 10 years, and mommy to Ryan (7) and Aidan (4.5). We live in the Phila, PA suburbs. I've been a WAHM for 3 years, home since my youngest was born - I love it! We also have a black lab named Molly


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Fri, 08-04-2006 - 1:28pm
Hello I'm Alicia married to John for 14 years.We live in Schaumburg Illinois we have three children all girls
Kyrstin 13
Cassidy 9
Jessica 2
No pets yet
I am also a newbie.


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Tue, 08-15-2006 - 9:58pm
Hello! I married and have a sweet 3-month old daughter. We live in Orange County, Ca. No pets yet :(. But soon!
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Thu, 08-17-2006 - 3:15pm

Ellie live in Hawaii

Husband Jason and three daughters - youngest is one month oldest is a second grader.

I used to be more active on this board a while back but then we had to move (landlord selling), had the new baby, kind of took a few months off KWIM.

One cat and I live less than a mile from one of the top rated beaches in the world.

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