***ROLL CALL & QOTW*** May 2 - May 8

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***ROLL CALL & QOTW*** May 2 - May 8
Mon, 05-02-2005 - 12:29pm

Tell us who you are (names & ages of all family members), where you live (general area - no addresses!!) and what your WAH Business is.

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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 12:32pm

Cathy (36), John (37), Ryan (6 next week!) and Aidan (3) in Phila, PA suburbs, and I'm an Independent Future Director with The Pampered Chef(r).

My mom and I are having our annual massage, manicure and pedicure together on Sunday, and then we are going out to lunch - just the two of us!! I can't wait! :)

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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 4:46pm

Randi (31), Brian (32), Jacob (2), Son #2 (EDD July 17th), live in the suburbs outside NYC and I'm a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor but have just been put on light/modified bedrest.

For Mother's Day, we will probably just relax at home which is fine with me!


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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 5:41pm
Hi, Randi and WELCOME to the board! Best wishes with your PG and I look forward to getting to know you better!

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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 6:44pm

I'm Tammie (34), married to Ted (35), with children: Tyler (13), Zachary (6), Caitlyn (3) and Benjamin (20 months)... living in Northeastern, Maryland. I've been an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay since June 2003.

This Mother's Day, I'll be in Arizona along with my Mom, my oldest son and my youngest son - we'll be visiting my brother and his family. Something very different from our usual Mother's Day happenings.

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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 7:00pm

Hi! I'm Debbie. :-) I just turned 30, as did my wonderful husband Todd. Isn't he cute? My boys are 5 and 20 months, and are full of energy! We live in the Midwest.

I'm a Discovery Toys Group Manager, love it!

For Mother's Day, we'll be in Jamaica! It's an extended family trip with my mom, dad, brother and his family! Should be fun!


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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 9:21pm

Hi, I'm Miranda (30), married to Micah (25), and Mom to Jacob (5 months). We live in Washington, North of Seattle. I run a couple of online businesses, and I sell things on eBay, and we just started a vending machine route. Oh, and I'm not yet a WAHM because the Navy still owns me for another 278 days (but who's counting?). Luckily 65 of those are vacation days!

I don't know what I'll do for Mother's Day...it's my first! I'm sure my sweet hubby will take good care of me...breakfast in bed, etc.

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Mon, 05-02-2005 - 9:46pm
I'm Heather (31) married to Jason (32) and we have two girls Jaeden (4) and Kendra (19 months)
I run my own business out of the house. I rent stork yard signs for birth announcements and also do personalized candy wrappers, bubble wrappers, wine bottle wrappers and wedding invitations. It's a good business... people are always happy because they are dealing with special occasions. :)
Since we are moving into our new house this week, I'm sure I will be spending Mother's Day unpacking boxes, maybe painting. I'm sure we won't do anything special though.
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Wed, 05-04-2005 - 2:45pm

Hi, I'm Ronda (31), DH is Chad (31), DS, Austin, age 6. We live in Oklahoma.

My mother and I own and run a Craft business out of our home and are into our 3rd successful year!

As all mothers live in town, we hope to get together for a BBQ on Sunday for Mother's Day!


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Wed, 05-04-2005 - 3:08pm

Brandy(26), DH Bill (29) and DS Cade (16 months), Easter Shore, Maryland.

I am starting my own sewing and embroidery business, and also sell Hope Trees.

I am hoping we can feed the ducks and have a picnic lunch, though we might just do Chinese buffet :)


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Sat, 05-07-2005 - 1:59am

I have been an Independant Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay since march of this year. I love it! I barely work at all and I have made over $400 profit. I think I have done about 8 hours of work since I started. The think I like the best is that it has helped my husband and I have better skin and I get to help other people have great skin too. It is so fun! You get 50% of everything you sell right away, and there is a 90% buy-back guarantee on any product you get for on hand stuff. The kit is so awesome! It is $100 and you get over $450 worth of stuff...Full size product too! I also am going to be getting into Reliv. I take it and it has helped me so much to be healthier and to come off of my antidepressants. So have gotten my mom on it and now my grandma wants to try it and she wants me to tell my cousin and aunt about it...so that is why I am getting into it. I live in the Seattle area.

I am not sure what is going to happen for mothers day. This is my first, adnd my hubby is being secretive. So we will see. Have a good one! Nicole