***Roll Call & QOTW*** May 31 - Jun 5

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***Roll Call & QOTW*** May 31 - Jun 5
Tue, 05-31-2005 - 10:04am
Tell us who you are, ages, where you're from, what business you're in, and what you're doing to "ramp things up" for the summer! :)

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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 10:16am

Cathy (36), John (37), Ryan (6) and Aidan (3) in the Phila, PA suburbs. I'm an Independent Future Director with The Pampered Chef.

I realized last year that I couldn't wait until the last minute to make sure my summer business was booked, so I"ve been working hard since February booking shows through to September. Right now, I have 4 shows booked in June, 3 in July and 2 in August, with several calls/emails out there waiting to hear back from others who want July & August shows. I'm feeling pretty good! I also have 4 shows in Sept. already, and I have signed up to do some Bridal Fairs in Sept. and Oct. (first time!) so I'm looking forward to that! Hope everyone is doing well, too!! :)

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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 2:16pm

Brandy (26), dh Bill, ds Cade (17 months), starting my own embroidery business...New Milestones Embroidery.

I have worked in teh office room and almost have room to set up the embroidery machine next to the computer. I am working on downloading designs, and getting more material and onsies to fill an order already placed!

Slow and steady but after Jun 24th I will be ready to roll!


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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 10:02pm

I'm K.C. and I'm currently from Berkshire County, MA. I'm 37 and have a DS (5) and DD (3). What I do is a little bit of everything. In the direct sales arena: Discovery Toys, Tupperware and Arbonne. In the ecommerce world, I design basic websites, banners and buttons, and run my own sales & service website.

Right now I'm not concentrating too hard on my businesses since we are relocating in June. As soon as I figure out where we will be living, I'll start trying to find some new customers.

K.C. Gagne

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Wed, 06-01-2005 - 2:20am

I'm Tammie (34), married to DH Ted (36) for 14 years, with children:

Tyler (13)
Zachary (6)
Caitlyn (3)
& Benjamin (20mo)

We live in Maryland and I'm an Independant Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay - June is my 3rd year with the company!

Hmmm, how I'm going to ramp up business...

  • I'm planning a monthly newsletter.

  • Contemplating new ideas & places for warm chattering.

  • Ordering more samples to hand out.

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Fri, 06-03-2005 - 1:31pm

My name is Kristen. I'm 26 and live in Washington State. I have an 8 year old son, Trenton, a 5 year old daughter, Caden, and an 8 month old baby girl, Jessa.

I actually have 2 home businesses right now! LOL! I am an Independent Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys, and a co-owner of a photography business.

For Discovery Toys, I plan on making some flyers and posting them in local stores. I am also working on having a party at my house this summmer with some other home party plan businesses. I am also scheduled to run a booth at my son's school carnival. I am going to have a raffle for a free toy so I can get some leads :)

As far as the photography business goes, we have a lot of work to do! LOL! We are finishing up our website right now so we are sort of on hold until that gets finished. We are also trying to get some ads designed to place in the local newspaper. Mostly we just plan on lots of word of mouth advertising this summer. Hopefully we'll get some new business soon!