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Sun, 09-03-2006 - 10:19pm
Hi my name is Akila and I'm a stay at home Mom to 3.5 JB. I am looking for ideas for work from home. One suggestion I received from another group I belong to was the Get Paid to... site where you can make $ my clicking on links, reading e-mail free trial etc. but to be honest with you it is a bit of a pain and I have to wait an entire month to get paid.
I'm not looking to be an independent consultant, and I don't have the extra cash to cough up to start a business. My husband is a full time student and in the Navy soon to be commisioned and until that happens we are poor!!! We both had to give up a lot of "extras" for me to stay home.
Any suggestions please??!!
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Mon, 09-04-2006 - 12:04am

Hi there and welcome to the site. You'll find a lot of suggestions here on what different women are doing. A lot of us are in direct sales, some sell on eBay, others do frelance work, some make items to sell, a few do serious MLM, more still work from one company at home so you'll get a wide variety of experience here.

We cannot make suggestions that we ourselves can benefit from here (we cannot work downlines here) but you will find ladies who can let you know about their experiences with various organizations, websites and companies.

What are your skills, likes, dislikes etc? What do you think you can do best? That's a good starting point to get the helpdul ladies on this board going.

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