Advice from working moms who quit 9-5 job and started their own business

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Advice from working moms who quit 9-5 job and started their own business
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 4:50pm

Hi. Are there any working moms who have successfully quit their 9-5 job and started their own business. What where the biggest challenges you encountered doing this? Was there any help you wish you had had during the process. And advice would be great! Thanks!

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The work at home mom's board may be a better place for this thread, only because many on that board have BTDT.  I actually posted over there the other day looking for other's thoughts on going to work at home and what adjustments they made that they hadn't thought about, etc.

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About 8 months ago I made that jump. I will tell you it was not an easy decision and one I spent many months looking into. That would be my first suggestion to any mommy that was looking to jump ship from a "normal" 9-5 job and take on a new venture. I will say it has been the best decision of my life and really allows me to spend the time I want with my family and find pockets of work time for me. We have a "rest" time in the afternoon that I am able to get things done as well as after they are down for bed at night I do a ton! Early am with my coffee is also a great time to get things done. The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is to do your research and once the decision is made move fast. The quicker you can get up and running the better it will be for everyone, including your kids! You can check out more of my story here: My name is Kilene Schelle and you can also email me at if you want to chat or have any questions! Good luck and just DO IT!!!