dealing with cliques in the work place

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dealing with cliques in the work place
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 9:42am

So seriosuly some days I feel like I work in high school and normally I take the is what it is especially because superviosor is part of the clique and going above her to say something just going to add fuel to the fire. So currently on a medical leave with me son, started monday and I get a call monday night from co worker who got her goals. Ok mind you review process starts in June and thise "goals" started in novemeber or december but thats another vent that goes even above her because she doesn't set them. So in the end coworker was told her name came in discussion with manager of hanging out with negative people but she couldn't elebroate other then next time someone wants to say something bad about her or manager co worker is to tell them to take it up with those people.

So back story I had issue with a previous co worker it wasn't just me but I had to get a warning because I said something bad. That was 5 years ago, manager then is still my manger and he said its not going to follow me there were other issues but it had to be given. Now part of my down fall is I let people vent. Please you give us training on dealing with difcult people and you say let the person vent, so I let o workers vent. We have this one guy he is miserable, he is like a grumpy old man, BUT he likes me. Part because I listen, it benefits me in work because if its him and me he picks up the slack where as the people he doesn't like he wouldn't help out. I have figured out how to deal with him. He has had issues in the past with every supervisor and he could careless about being fired and he has been vocal and he is always out on leaves and it gets annoying. he sits front of this coworker and he is always saying things about supervisor like he hates her wishes she would die. I have joked with him I can instantly tell if supervsor is out because he smiling when I come in.

Now we don't what she meant by negative people, don't know if because of my past I am in that group??? I had an issue with one of her pets a few weeks ago and asked the old supervisor about if I did anything wrong and just found out he is a rat. Great. I get pissed because over last few months I have had one of the highest call volumes and lowest work times but she is on my a$$ all the time and I have been dealing with something for higher ups who will praise me and she gives me sh't. Plus I have this personal stress of this medical stuff with my son which is why I am on leave which probably added to how I handled things over last few months.

I will admit out of office to each other me and said co worker have complained about things. Supervisor has her crew, they get special treatment. Its going to cause negativety and she is vindictive so you can't go above her, someone in past did and she found away to terminate her. I've been through bad supervisors in the past. Director is fickle. I have seen shinning stars quickly loss their shimmer in her eyes and shown the door so I know eventually they catch on but still worried because of past and all. I'm labeled negative when its more or less I am just a good listener. Its just getting so cut throat we know eventually we will be shut down and I would look for new job now but not the time because of things going on at home and at same time I can't afford to be out of job and it just sucks.

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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 3:08pm

That's difficult!  No real advice, just sympathy.