Talking about #3

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Talking about #3
Thu, 12-05-2013 - 6:05am

Hello - I have used these boards in the past and they have been so helpful! I was religiously on here through my first pregnancy (DD is 5 now) and then pretty commonly through my second (DD is now 2), but after my second daughter was born I haven't been as active. I do appreciate the ability to come back and get advice/help from other mom's in the same boat!

So my second daughter was, has been, a handful. My DH and I believed we were completely finished with having children, but I was never able to commit to him getting "fixed".  I will be 31 in April, DH 31 in May. We're high school sweathearts and had always said we wanted to be done by 30, but here we are revisiting this conversation AGAIN. And this time both of us can't stop thinking about having #3.  If we can't put this to rest it has us thinking we should give it a try and see.

I picked this board because I'm a working mom with a pretty successful career and don't have (and not sure that I want) the option to become a SAHM.  Things can get crazy hectic with just the 2, I can lose my patience with trying to get ready, get out the door, etc. So I worry that maybe I'm just not good enough at this to have another. Then of course theres, space, money, cars. We just went through a short sale so our credit is shot. We downsized into a small rental while we try to recover and pay off debt we aquired in our 20s. But we're also of the belief that if you wait for all the monitary things to be right to have a baby, you never will. I also am not at a weight that I would like to be, about 10-15 lbs over. All the things I'm mentioning don't stop me from continuing to think of this potential baby, the what if. My heart just wont shake this.

I guess what I'm really asking is, are there any mom's out there working with a third (or more) baby? How did the third change things? Follow your heart or let the fears take over???

Thank you so much for any sharing/advice!!


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