Back Again :(

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Back Again :(
Tue, 01-21-2014 - 4:49pm

It's been over 2 years since I've been here, at the time I was pregnant with my son after 3 losses and so happy that I just wanted to move on with my life and try to forget about the past difficulties and look to my bright future.  Thankfully in January 2012 I had a perfectly healthy baby who is now a perfectly rambunctious 2 year old.  Unfortunately I've suffered 2 more losses since, the most recent resulting in a D&C this morning and I just don't know where to turn anymore.  Sorry if this is long, but here is a brieft run down of my history and a few things I have questions on:

loss 1 @ 8.5 weeks after heartbeat detected, D&C needed

loss 2 @ 5 weeks, natural

loss 3 @ 8-9 weeks after hearbeat detected (twins, one @ 8 weeks, one @ 9), D&C needed

hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue

healthy baby :)

loss 4 @ 8 weeks after heartbeat detected, D&C needed

hysteroscopy to remove polyp & scar tissue

loss 4 @ 9 weeks after heartbeat detected, D&C needed

I went through a full RPL panel between my 2nd & third losses and again after my 4 loss and the only thing that came back even slightly out of the ordinary is a boarderline diagnosis of PCOS, lean type.  I do not have insulin resistance and my RE could not justify putting me on Metformin or anything like that because my insulin levels were so good.  Nutritionsit said my BMI was perfect and she wouldn't want me to lose anymore weight.  So to me the diagnosis of PCOS doesn't mean much, at least in terms of any treatment options.  My RE has been psuhing IVF with pre-implantation genetic screening, but because of religous and financial reasons that is not an option for us.  He gave me another option of taking clomid to 'tighten' things up with my hormones and ovulation, but didn't really seem to think it would make a difference.  Maybe more of a it can't hurt type of thing.  

I'm curious of others experiences with clomid (my husband is not convinced about it because he's read articles about a possible increase in autism after using clomid), or any other treatments that maybe I can question and/or explore with my RE?  I just don't know where to turn from here and maybe the option is just to be greatful for my little boy and count my blessings and give up this journey?

Thanks for all past and any future support