does anyone else stuggle with convienience vs. savings? Since I work,

I find that some things are worth the cost. But now that I am trying to save, I am really rethinking. What are some of the things you may spend more for?

Cheap furniture?? Decorating? *m*

I have never posted on this board before, but I have a question. I am moving into my first apartment next year, and need ideas on where to get good, but cheap, furniture and appliances. Also, any cheap but fun and cute decorating ideas? Thanks!


Sunday Seven

What are 7 things you love about
iVillage..or..7 things you love
about Spring?


A note to Nancy's post about hanes t-shirts>>>

Along with Spring showers, April brings ripe red strawberries...->

While fresh strawberries are available year-round,
nothing beats the in-season berries that appear from
April through June.
Pick up a basket & add to salads, snacks, drinks and


Good morning, FruGals! The Positive Parenting board is celebrating its 100th board. (m)

Would you please stop by the board to see what Positive Parenting is all about and sign in as a visitor? We are trying to get 100 visitors for our 100th board. Thanks so much.


A Few Things to know about Pie Pans

Choose heat resistant glass pie plates or dull finished
aluminum pie pans.
Never use a shiny pan because the pan reflects heat and
the pie will have a soggy bottom crust.

Because of the amount of fat in pie crusts, pie plates
and pans are usually not greased.

Nonstick pie pans can cause a pastry to shrink excessively
when baking one-crust pie shells.
Be sure pastry is securely
hooked over the edge of the pan.

I just stopped by a new Payless store ...

... and I was amazed. The store looks completely renovated and they had their new spring line in .. and the shoes were VERY cute .. and of course not that expensive. I bought 3 pairs of sandals for like $50!! Has anyone else seen the new spring stuff??