I everyone, well as you can see by my posting I'm on the road to frugality (m)

and so far so good :-).

I just wanted to tell you something I did last night and I think there will be a question at the end so bear with me K? lol

I was changing Miranda last night and realized with the weather getting warmer and her eating real food now that her diapers are going to start getting even more pungent. We usually wrap them up in plastic bags before putting them in the trash.

Are any of you stocking up your homes/kitchens due to this war? If so, what are you doing

Are any of your stocking up your homes/kitchens due to this war? If so, what are you doing

Thrift Store Thursday

Do you frequent thrift stores?

I do, and I buy a lot of my clothes
and linens there.

If you go to thrift stores, what
do you normally look for?


FREE Manufacteures Vouchers ?

I need some ideas for frozen fruit....

I have several bags of frozen raspberries, blackberries and mango chuncks. Any suggestions? I've got to start clearing out the freezer for the move!



Hey lovely ladies...............................

for those house hunting........m

Wednesday Wishlist

If you could have what your heart desires,
what would it be?

Do you have the itch for garage sale season?
I do.


Very Important Announcement for Members of our iVillage Community

We have a very big announcement for all our iVillage community members. We will soon make some major improvements to our message boards. The new boards have some terrific features. Take a look!

1. Search: Hundreds of thousands of iVillagers have posted millions of messages on our boards. Now you'll be able to quickly find the information you need.