Does anyone know what is up with the shipping charges....

from IKEA? I really like their products and feel that the prices are pretty good for the quality they offer. BUT... I was going to purchase a mirror for $9.99 and they wanted 18.95 to ship it! I mean it is a little mirror and couldn't have weighed more than a couple pounds. It was not coming next day air or even priority... I cancelled the order and actually paid more for it on ebay but the shipping was $12 less so I saved a bunch of money!

Gonna be busy around here, Getting ready to move!!!!!

We are moving from Alaska back to Maryland. DH parents arent in the best of health. FIL is having back surgery next week. So, my little one and are are taking off here in a couple weeks to go help out. DH who is in the Army has had his compassionate reassignment approved so, we're moving. He will have our house packed up and moved (put in storage mostly).We will be living with the in-laws for the forseeable future. Should be all there by mid May. Wish us luck!!


REC Invent Your Own Casserole............

Keep this great recipe on hand to use those items in your pantry. Haven't made a casserole yet that wasn't delicious from this recipe.



Here's a frugal tip

You can buy French toast in the freezer section
of your supermarket, but with Easter coming up
and sales everywhere on eggs, now is the time
to stock up on "your very own recipe" frozen
French toast.

Get a couple dozen cheap eggs and go to your
discount bakery and get a few loaves of "day old"

Make up the French toast and cool.

Then wrap two slices in plastic wrap.

Repost..Things to plant right now..->

March is the month to get started on those plants and vegetable gardens.

Here is a list you can plant now, assuming that only a light frost can be expected...

I'm still looking for a recipe for snack-type bars like....m

granola bars or nutrigrain bars. Something healthy, I would try to use honey instead of sugar, fruit fillings are good. I'm trying to create my own convienence foods so dh doesn't feel deprived when theres nothing to "grab" in the kitchen. Thanks guys! Cory

$~$Tuesday Tips$~$

What are some of your best tips on making
your dollar stretch?

Do you buy in bulk, make creative use of
leftovers, or whatever?

Please share, we always need reminders.


Welcome to a new's Roll Call time..Who's here and how frugal are you?..*nt*