Things to plant right now.......

March is the month to get started on those plants and vegetable gardens.

Here is a list you can plant now, assuming that only a light frost can be expected...


Blarney Stones

2 cups sugar; 4 eggs, separated; 1 cup boiling water; 1 t. vanilla; 3 t. baking powder; 2 cups flour.

Cream sugar and yolks of eggs. Add water, then flour and baking powder sifted together, vanilla and beaten egg whites. Bake in a large (greased and floured) pan. When cold, cut in squares an ice with powdered sugar and butter creamed together. Roll in ground salted peanuts.

Bake the cake batter at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until done.

Brenda, having LOTS of trouble getting to your link (m)

Hello all well tonight I went m

To the PROM ds senior year and i went to see them lead out and dance and pictures etc we left at ten, it was at the officers club at a major Army Base. Talk about security we were searched before entering the base but the guys were so nice. All was gorgeous the girls were so exsquisit and the boys in their tuxs were so handsome. I'm getting so old but loving ever second of it. Just had to share Hugs DJ..This thing was not one of my frugal happenings it cost a bundle but worth it.

Has anyone ever bought the contents of a self-storage unit at auction? I keep---->

seeing ads in the newspaper that the contents of such-n-such unit will be auctioned at a certain time and day. How does that work? Do they let you see what you are bidding on? Is it ever worth it? Do they get a big price or just the amount owed for storage? Just curious. I love auctions anyway. I've bought some really neat stuff in box-lots. Usually a box of junk for 5.00 or
something. Every now and then there's a treasure!


Does anyone have experience with consignment stores???more...


Thanks for the mac and cheese recipes... will be trying them both! nt

question about dyeing clothes . . ..

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