Guess what DH brought home yesterday?...

He brought home a large set of U.S.A. pottery, I'll be looking the pieces over and try to sell the set on ebay.
They are very collectible right now.

I love being married to a trash truck driver.


Thanks all! It does look a lot like Kraft singles, or the block like a flavored Velveeta

I love Velveeta, but at $7 a block it doesn't often get to our house. I can get a block of Kraft Cheddar at Costco for the same price that's a little more than double the size.

At least now I know what to put in a recipe when they call for American Cheese!

A good day alread and it's only 5 am! (My theory is that a day is wasted if you don't learn something new.)

Carol in BC

Thrifty Thursday..

What do you advise people who are
new to cutting corners and getting
the most from their dollar?

Have you looked through this website
for money saving ideas?


No answer from previous board, (think it archived right after posting!)>>>>

for us in Canada, what exactly is American Cheese? We see it all the time in recipes that come out of American magazines and cookbooks, but not sure what it is.. individual process cheese slices, or is it a type of hard cheese like Cheddar?


Home Cooking......m

Brenda and Kelly, m

By this time y'all should know for sure if you are pregnant or not how about letting us know. Got my fingers crossed DJ..

Hello all, i'm home for awhile hopefully its gorgeous spring m