I think it's so cool we're all saying goodbye to the board. I knew I wouldn't be the only one feeling sort of (m)

nostalgic :) But I'm excited for tomorrow! Can't wait to see you all on the new board :) I feel like we're packing up and moving but we get to take all our friends with us!! Sweet dreams everyone! Race you to the board in the a.m. LOL


Good night board-------I so hope I find you all tomorrow! I've missed you all so much! HUGS!

Goodbye board, change is hard but not always bad. We will learn together. See ya all on the other side. Linda

Now someone remind me of this tomorrow when we are frustrated with the new boards, as I'm sure we will be.

Hope to see everyone there.


Goodbye sweet board. Oh, how I'll miss you so. (nt)

Just popping in before I head for the bed. Not looking forward to the change of the boards...I like it this way! nt

Bye bye board.I am truly going to miss you.

Doing my part to say goodnight and goodbye to the board!! Sleep tight pumpkins!

Hey I got a couple of new photos for you to see(please repost in am if we archive) M

Go to http://photos.yahoo.com/sushigal2

The new photos are in the albums = Gray February 2003 and Karen's 36th Bday.

Hope you enjoy them. Hugs to all, Karen

Aubs re: Archives ...so far all teh boards I'm a member of that made the switch last night has access to their archives

so there's a good chance we will tomorrow have access to archives too --- a couple have a link at the top of their board already that say archive and the others if you go into outline view the archives are at the bottom : )

~*~*GriffinFlicks*~*~ as per the special request of Jaimie *m-link*

And thanks for the repost tomorrow, Aubra!

Ta-ta until next week!


Don't forget to click on the link to go to the second page! :-)

Hope you enjoy and thanks for thinking of us! :-)

stripe and g