Front Teeth Gap

My son is nine-years-old. I am concerned about his two front teeth. They look like bucked teeth with a gap between them. They are not protruding. Is it time to put him on braces or will the gap disappear as he grows?


Sometimes the gap can disappear when the permanent cuspids (canines or eye teeth) erupt. Before the permanent cuspids erupt, the roots of the central and lateral incisors (the four front teeth) can be tilted closer to the midline of the face causing the crowns of these teeth to be further from the midline. This creates a gap between the front teeth. Some dentists even refer to this as "the ugly duckling stage". As the permanent cuspids erupt they push on the crowns of the incisors causing them to straighten out and close the gap.

I would advise that you consult with an orthodontist to help determine if braces may be necessary to close this gap. The orthodontist may tell you that your son is still too young and may want to wait until more of the permanent teeth erupt. On the other hand, some orthodontic cases call for earlier intervention. Even if the orthodontist tells you to wait, at least you have learned about some future treatment options. Many orthodontists do not charge for initial consultations.

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