How to Have a Boy or Girl: Gender Selection Methods

Can you tell me how timing, frequency of sex and sexual positions might influence the gender of my baby-to-be?


In order to increase your chances of conceiving a child to the gender you wish, you need to learn how to identify your cervical fluid extremely well. It is a good idea to keep a chart for at least several cycles before you attempt to try to get pregnant.

One theory is that sperm that carry the male chromosome are tiny and fragile but very quick, whereas the female sperm are larger and hardier, but rather sluggish. Those that adhere to this theory claim that you can improve your chances of conceiving a boy, for example, by timing intercourse one single time as close to ovulation as possible, then not again during the same cycle. The reasoning behind this being that the male sperm would race to their reward much faster than the female sperm. In addition, this will assure that the male sperm have as much access to the cervix as possible. Penetration should be deep at the moment of ejaculation in order to give the males a headstart, while the larger female sperm move slower.


No matter how in tune a woman is with her cycle, there is no way to be able to determine exactly when she ovulates unless you had a window to the womb, to see the exact moment the egg is released. Charting narrows that window to several days by deducing when ovulation is about to occur and when it has occurred.

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