Get Organized -- Every Day

Could you give a few suggestions for daily organizing tasks I can perform? I'd like to create better habits.


Take a look around your home or office and see if anything jumps out at you as an area that needs improving. For example:

  • Are you habitually depressed in the morning by the stack of dirty dishes left over from last night's dinner?
  • Are you tired of the drama of lost keys?
  • Is the garbage bag so full you need a crane to take it out?
  • Once the dishes are washed, do they tend to stay stacked on the drain board, causing an eyesore?
  • Do you hang up your clothes when you take them off? Or do they become surrogate rugs or furniture covers?
  • Do you leave mail, magazines, newspapers and general clutter on the kitchen counters or on the dining room table?

Do you catch my drift? Each of us has our own way of creating chaos. It takes 21 consecutive days of repeating an action before it becomes a habit. If you tackle only one of the above at a time, you will ultimately create a home that is able to nurture your best efforts in the world rather than sabotage them. If you have never made your bed before you leave the house, that in itself will be a Herculean endeavor. Let's take the pressure off ourselves!

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