Get Rid of Ink Stains

What gets pen and ink stains out of clothing and other surfaces? --iVillager megn2005


Using the hair spray remedy to get rid of ink stains -- which I popularized -- is a neat trick, but the ingredient that actually gets rid of the stain is alcohol (which is found in hair spray).

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For washable fabrics, get rid of a small ink stain by soaking the item in warm water with a tablespoon of Tide (per quart of water) for 24 hours. Then launder as usual, adding bleach if the fabric is bleachable.

If the spot is larger than a dime, first soak it in wood (methyl) alcohol for l5-30 minutes (except for rayon, acetate or Celanese; dry clean these), then launder.

For plastic, leather and vinyl, treat the soiled area with a soft cloth soaked in wood alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol often does the job on hard surfaces.


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