Getting to Know Your Child: 18 Questions to Ask

Our family makes a game out of asking our kids these questions about once a year. It sure teaches you a lot.

  1. Who is your child's best friend?
  2. Who is your child's greatest hero?
  3. What embarrasses them the most?
  4. What is their favorite music?
  5. What person outside the family has most influenced your child's life?
  6. What is their favorite school subject and least favorite?
  7. What accomplishment is your child proudest?
  8. What is your child's biggest complaint about the family?
  9. If you could buy your child anything in the world what would they choose?
  10. What really makes your child angry?
  11. What does your child want to be when they grow up?
  12. What has been the biggest disappointment in your child's life this year?
  13. What gift does your child cherish most?
  14. What non-school book has your child most recently read?
  15. What is your child's favorite food?
  16. What nicknames is your child called at school?
  17. What is your child's most prized possession?
  18. What is your child's most cherished memory?

Take the time to get the real answers from your child. I guarantee surprises, and it is a fun way to get information from them that you may not otherwise know!


I love your questions! Too many of us are too busy and lose touch with our children, however, many 10- to 15-year-olds will refuse to answer. They will scream, "Inquisition!" How do we get middlers to answer these gems? Try putting them to your sleepy child at bedtime. Take them along on a long car ride. Bring them up at the dinner table. Taking the emotional temperature of our young adolescents, nurturing their dreams and reassuring their tenuous natures is our major task during these years. Your guided tour of questions is an instant way to do all this and more.

-- Margaret Sagarese, coauthor of The Roller-Coaster Years and Parenting 911

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