Getting Rid of Film on Drinking Glasses

My drinking glasses have a frosty look to them from the hard water and dishwasher. We have a water softening system and I use air dry but to no avail. I've tried soaking them in vinegar, CLR and Zap! None seem to help a bit. Any hints? --iVillager opie59


You've taken all of the right steps. The first thing I would have suggested is to rub the glassware with vinegar to see if the frosty look disappears. But if the film remains after you rub the glassware with vinegar, it is permanently etched, which is irreversible. A hint if you buy new glasses, the glassware looks iridescent in the earliest stages of etching.

To prevent permanent film on other glasses, you can wash your dishwasher and set the hot water temperature to 140 degrees. Be sure to use heated drying (not the energy saving option, if your dishwasher has one). Also, use fresh and non-lumpy detergent. Another idea is to use a rinsing agent such as Jet Dry.

You may need a water softener if you have hard water in your area. If you have soft water, cut the amount of detergent you use in half.

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