Gift Etiquette for Postponed Weddings

My fiance and I just agreed to postpone our wedding by three months (nothing terrible happened, just logistically the first date ended up being a disaster). We sent out letters to all of our guests AND called them to let them know. However, we've already received about a dozen wedding presents, and I don't know what the proper etiquette is at this point. Do I return them to the sender and have them resend them closer to August, or do I put them, unopened of course, in a closet somewhere until the time of the wedding? Any input would be greatly appreciated. If need be, I want to act fast so as to not step on anyone's toes. --morgen


Dear morgen:

You and your fiance made a smart decision to give yourselves a little more time to prepare for your wedding day. The good news: By informing your guests of the change you've done everything right, etiquette-wise. Now even better news: You don't have to return the gifts you've already received. In fact, you should open them and promptly write thank-you notes. Do this for any gifts you receive well in advance of your wedding day. (But don't use stationery with your married last name until AFTER the wedding.) Let these guests know that you're looking forward to seeing them on August 14 (or whatever the date) and that you're happy they'll be there to witness this special moment in your lives.

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