TV Recap: Gossip Girl Season Finale

Serena’s worst fears are about to come true. She still can’t get a hold of Dan so she’s going over to his place—and you just know who else she’s going to find there. Dan decides to defend Georgina—come on, Dan—and Serena is ready to fight her. She wants to explain things, but Dan doesn’t seem so sure.

Lily and Rufus wake up together. Whoa, that’s a surprise! So much for the wedding day…or not. She still seems intent on getting married when Bart calls. Someone needs to tell this woman that in this case she can’t have her cake and eat it too.

Blair and Chuck wake up together (fully clothed), but I still see sparks there!


Nate jogs with his dad, and plans to meet him at the wedding. After he goes, Mr. Archibald is cutting some shady deal on the phone—relapse?


Blair and Dan start scheming against Georgina… what are they going to do to her? Blair is coaching because after all, Dan is an amateur at these kinds of games. He tells her he wants to end it with Serena and she agrees to meet him. She’s happy because she thinks she has succeeded in destroying Serena’s life. Think again, G.


Dan meets her in the park and she tries to talk her way out of things. Blair shows up with Georgina’s mom and dad aka “parents even more wicked than their offspring.” Love it. Apparently Blair did all this research about reform school and G’s parents are sending her. Seems


too easy to me to just write her off like this. So anti-climactic, and very Cruel Intentions-esque.


Lily goes to see Bart. He’s waxing metaphors about buildings and letting go of things in the past. Can she let it go for him? Does he know where she was? Across town, Dan grills Rufus about where he was. Rufus seems surprised the wedding is still on. Dan explains that Lily stayed away because Serena asked her to for their sake. Is that enough to give him hope?


At the ceremony Sparks are still flying between Blair and Chuck. Again, still surprised about this. Chuck sees Nate’s dad meet with some guy and close a deal with a wad of cash. Here’s his chance to mend their friendship. He needs to tell him.


Lily is drinking champagne alone when Rufus shows up. Ahh! Please, tell her not to make a huge mistake. Despite their 20-year history, she wants to get married now. He tells her to have a great wedding. Is she drunk? I say it’s a bad sign if you have to get lit just to go through with the ceremony, and more importantly, I can’t believe he let her go so easily! Come on!


The wedding is apparently done. Now, on to the reception. Chuck tells Nate what he saw and he seems to be in denial and upset. His dad is taking off in a limo, so he flags it down and can’t get in. When he confronts him, Nate finds out his dad bought a passport and is skipping the country. He won’t go through with the trial because he’s sure that he’ll get 25 years. Nate is pissed and punches him out. I think that the rift with Chuck is about to mend.


Blair stops by Vanessa’s table to gloat because she’s alone and Nate is not with her. She leaves to go find him. Outside Nate thanks Chuck and Chuck tells him, “It’s your dad; It’s bigger than everything else.” Nate apologizes and they shake hands and make up. Nate reminds Chuck that he said he loved Blair, and then decides to leave and is even going to bail on V—but then she shows up (looking beautiful, by the way) and he tells her it’s a long story. She says she’s got time. Will these two last? I like them together.


Dan finally gets a chance to talk to Serena. He finds her crying in the seats. So, he “didn’t sleep with her but may has well have.” Whatever that means. He wants to break up with her because of all the lies. He says too much has happened, and he doesn’t know how to go back to what it was. She clearly still wants to work on it, but he’s done.


Chuck makes his best man toast. He’s talking about his father… but then drops the notes and is clearly talking about Blair. She comes over afterward and they dance. Sparks fly and he wins her over. He claims he wants to take it slow and get it right this time. I can’t believe my ears. They take off together.


Dan and Serena are forced to dance together and it’s super awkward. But afterward they are the last couple dancing—almost in a trance—because they can’t let go. You guys are killing me. Love the Death Cab for Cutie song playing.


Post wedding, Rufus is on the road, alone. Blair and Chuck are going to Tuscany together. Serena is single. Chuck and Nate are friends again. Dan and Vanessa are hanging out. That one was obviously in the works for a while. The chemistry is glaring. Jenny finds out she got an internship… with Blair’s mom. That should provide some drama this fall, though I’m not crazed about more face time for little J.


Serena runs into Nate and they talk about spending the summer reflecting. They should spend it together. She starts to leave, but tells him to call her. Yay! I love these two together.


Blair flirts with another guy going on the helicopter while she waits for Chuck, who wants to see his father before they leave. Bart says Chuck will come back a new man. He doesn’t seem to like the idea of this, and when Lily arrives with her interior decorator Amelia, who is guest star, model, and heiress

Lydia Hearst

, he has the perfect excuse to bail on Blair and go back to his bad-boy ways. Well that was short-lived. Is she sticking around?


Okay, that’s it until fall! Can’t wait to find out what these kids have been up to all summer. I’m loving all the new pairings (well not exactly


, but you know what I mean)—are you? Who’s your favorite potential couple? I vote for Nate and Serena. Will Lily and Bart last? Will Dan and Serena ever make up? What did you think?

XOXO, Your Gossip Girl Recapper


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