TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy Recap Nov. 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Hello all you dramedy Lovers! It's your loyal Grey's Anatomy recapper. In fact, I'm so loyal I am working on Thanksgiving night. So while you enjoy the show and rub your belly full of turkey (or black beans and rice or whatever your tradition), I will be furiously typing to recap as much as my fingers will allow me. And just like me, my holiday locale does not have TIVO so I will be doing a lot of this from memory. If you are reading this posting a little later than usual, that's because my cousin's place does not have the internet and I'm fighting to catch a signal...sigh. Either way, Grey's knows how to work big holidays so tonight should be fabulous, anyone remember the Super Bowl Sunday episode from Season 2? That got a whole other crowd hooked. Shonda knows the importance of holidays and good television, and I look forward to engaging myself in the hook-ups, drama, and medical miracles.

Dancing in the Dark We open with Yang dancing. And you know what, dancing is contagious? I could just dance when I'm happy. Meredith seems to be contemplating, possibly about Derek. Yang tells Meredith to dance with her so there are the BFF's dancing like fools and Izzie happens upon them. And Izzie gets a pissy look and walks off.

Izzie goes to George saying they should be the ones dancing together happily. But now she is going to study under Hahn and become the best cardiothoracic intern there is, even if Christina hates it. I have to say Izzie has begun to rub me the wrong way. I am all about competitive spirit, but her sweet likable nature has turned into someone I don’t like. Is it just me? I feel bad not liking her.

Bailey and husband start fighting over dishwasher. But really all he’s upset about Bailey being from midnight to 6 am. And now he has to be the house husband. Bailey works it out so they will meet at lunch to discuss their problems. All other hours just never work for them. I’m seeing a divorce coming on, but then again, Bailey’s a fighter, she will fight for her marriage.

Lexi and Karev run into each other. Lexi is still mad at him for letting Meredith work on their dad. But suddenly all is forgiven when they make out. Love/hate such a fine line to straddle.

Now all the Seth Green rumors have come to fruition. Here he is post-tumor removal with an exposed carotid artery. Sloane must repair it so the artery will be safely tucked away. He gives everyone specific instructions on how to handle any mishaps or sudden bleeding. It’s quite scary really, but Seth seems to be in high spirits so he should be a fun patient.

Outside an ambulance has been brought in with a guy who has shrapnel in his chest. He gets out of the ambulance, and suddenly there is another ambulance (ambulance B) crashes into ambulance A. EEEEEEK!!! This show is nuts, I love it. But it’s so sad.

Two to Tango

Bailey goes to let one of the EMT’s out of the back of the ambulance. He freaks out and doesn’t want Bailey to touch him, and he continues to act like a nut job all the way into the hospital. What does he want to have internal injuries no one can see so he dies?!?

Seth Green flirts with Lexi as she checks his vitals. They talk about boyfriends and girlfriends. She basically says she has one, and he says that his was a narcissist. He’s quite charming in his own way. I think Lexi does love the attention. And she might actually be a little taken with him. But maybe I’m wrong.

Hahn, Christina and Izzie check out the guy with shrapnel in his chest. Bailey assigns Christina to Hahn’s side, and Izzie gets the smug look on her face that I just want to slap right off. I cannot believe how childish she is acting. So what if things aren’t working for you and George, I haven’t wanted you two together this whole time. But alas, it’s not about my wants.

Bailey badgers the EMT patient. She MUST check out his injuries. Finally, he tells her that he wants a male doctor to examine him. Right then the Chief walks over to discuss an ambulance situation with Bailey. Bailey thinks “great a male doctor so I can get this guy checked out.” But OH NO, the crazy EMT freaks out and says he wants another doctor. OMG! He doesn’t want black people working him!!! What the heck. The Chief and Bailey get super offended, and he asks the Bailey to handle “this.”

Torres, Shepherd, and George examine the patient who fell asleep behind the wheel. Torres works on her bone injuries (i.e. broken arm) while George works with Shepherd to figure out what happened to her that she fell asleep behind the wheel. It must be an issue with her brain so they decide to run some tests.

Outside two EMT drivers from ambulance A are hanging upside down from the inside of the van. And the Chief tells them to stale still. One of the EMT’s, Stan, says he can’t feel anything. They start to get worried when they see how much blood is coming from the guy’s middle section crushed by the van. Meredith gets on the ground with the Chief, and Stan asks to see his wife who is an x-ray tech at the hospital. He knows he’s going to die, and it’s just too sad for words. His partner, Ray, asks him to hold on. He’ll be mad if he has to go on without him.

The Chief pulls Meredith aside to tell her that the minute they use of the Jaws of Life, Stan will bleed out and die. He basically made a last request with this and Meredith needs to go find his wife, Sarah.

Side Stepping the Issues

Back at the upside down ambulance, Stan wants Ray to talk to him so he can survive until his wife shows up. Ray keeps talking to him as he slowly starts to let go, and the Chief has to walk him through it. Stan hasn’t completely given up hope because he keeps talking to his friend about them being heroes. And I’m already crying. I hate watching brave people who risk their lives die.

Ava has arrived. She ditched him and now she immediately wants his attention again. He tries to push her away, but he can’t. He’s addicted to her. She wants to watch his surgery in the gallery despite him getting him trouble. She starts to get pushy about it…and yada yada yada. I know tons of you care about Ava and Alex, but I’m not one of them. She’s an annoying side character to me, and she wasn’t that interesting after the crash last year. Maybe I’m mean. And I apologize; however, I stand by my decision. I liked her a little last year, but I’m done.

Shrapnel man has Torres taking notes about his injuries. Izzie keeps giving Torres and Christina dirty looks. And I’m really frickin’ sick of it. She should just be competitive without the chip on her shoulder. It’s not becoming on her. Again, sorry to have such a strong opinion, I usually love her, just not today. Ahh, Hahn has to give up Christina per Bailey’s request. It sucks because it’s like Christina doesn’t even get a fair chance to prove herself anymore. She was a show-off, and now she has to pay for being upfront about her competitive nature that she has had since Day 1.

George and Shepherd look at the CT scan of the EMT who passed out at the wheel. Apparently she will need major brain surgery because they found a tumor. Man, today is one of the saddest episodes. It’s so hard to watch all these first call life-savers go through so much.

The Racist EMT talks about his pain and complains how he wants help. Bailey does nothing but watch him squirm. Christina shows up to examine the patient, and Bailey explains the situation. She wanted to get a non-black doctor, but she didn’t want to give him what he truly wanted: a white doctor. I’m sorry but if I’m in pain I would apologize for my wrongs and get whomever was willing to save me.

Bailey walks away. Christina starts to examine the less than thrilled patient. As she opens up his shirt, she finds what the EMT didn’t want Bailey/the Chief to see…a SWASTIKA TATOO. And for all of those who remember, Christina was raised in a Jewish household by a Jewish step-father.

Dancing Through Life

Meredith brings Sarah, the wife of Stan, to the upside down ambulance. I swear Stan has let go and died when he saw her, but luckily he didn’t and the couple talks. The Chief and Meredith give them privacy.

Meredith laments about being the person who delivered Sarah the worst news of her life. She doesn’t want to be the worst day of someone’s life. The Chief coaches Meredith about this day being the day she should realize every other day she works to save someone’s life. And those of the privileged days, the days she can save lives or at least try. He’s such a great father figure to her. Biology schmology, they are two peas in a pod. I hope this relationship continues for her. Then maybe she can let go of her daddy issues.

Mr. Swastika EMT and Christina have words. He talks about it being a stupid drunken tattoo. She starts getting snappy with him when she’s about to do a cat scan (!?! Some kind of scan). He confronts her. She must treat him like everyone else because it’s the law. And she smiling says that she most certainly will treat him like everyone else. The way he acts, I would want to smack him. Not only does he have an offensive tattoo, but he’s definitely a white supremacist.

Shepherd and George must drill a whole in the EMT who caused the car wreck. They start to tell her about the operation, and she starts seizing. Can anything go right today? I know they are in a hospital, but today the drama has stacked up to the point of total adrenaline rush. I’m sitting on the backs of my feet perched up with all my built up excitement.

Ava sits in the gallery in scrubs, and she watches Alex work. Izzie starts scolding Alex about bringing Ava in there. The trouble is just not worth it. Hahn basically tells them to get to business saving the shrapnel guy.

Lexi goes to see Seth Green after he requested her. He needs a new book. He asks her to plot his revenge against his ex-girlfriend. He wants to tell his girlfriend that he’s dying, and then he wants her to come to the hospital. Then he will show her the disgusting artery and freak her out. His positive humor really makes me laugh. I guess he’s just the most ideal patient. Life smacks him in the face, and he still wakes up happy.

Stan and Ray talk about who gets out first. And they ask if it’s possible for Stan to survive paralyzed. Meredith and the Chief are silent, and then Meredith says “It happens.” Stan asks Meredith to be right where he can see her when they begin to take them out. Ray and Stan get ready to get out with the Jaws of Life and they get shook around…and Stan screams for them to stop. And Meredith relays the message...screaming. Her heart is really into this case. She’s attached herself to it.

Last Dance with Mary Jane

When we get back to the upside down ambulance, Stan noticed Ray had the oxygen regulator in his back. So Stan stopped the Jaws of Life to save his friend. The regulator caused a tear in Ray’s heart. Everyone applauds Stan’s eye, and his attention to detail. Stan is a hero who saved Ray’s life…then Stan dies. And I’m crying…again.

Christina and Bailey look at the scans of the Mr. Swastika. Yang talks about her step-grandparents dying at Aushwitz and how she won’t work on this patient. Bailey tells her that they will work on this man, and they will rise above it. They will be better people and save the life of man who hates their existence.

Lexi comes to sit down next to Ava in the gallery. And my heart jumps in my throat a little. I don’t really care about either of their stories so I’m curious as why I care today. I blame it all on Stan the EMT. Sloane and Hahn talk about his surgical skills, and he begins telling her his life story. She tells him its not a date, just a compliment. Go Hahn. All business.

Mr. Swastika asks to have a white doctor in the room when Christina and Bailey operate on him. He thinks they will kill him if there is no one there to regulate the situation. I cannot believe this guy. I guess I try to put myself into his shoes and step back. I think he deserves good care, but no one has to be happy about it. And he shouldn’t expect them to be.

Bailey runs to George asking him to join the surgery. He’s scrubbing up with Shepherd. And he doesn’t want to go, but once Bailey explains the situation to Shepherd, George is now obligated to go observe. Sucks for George. He was going to learn something new, and now he has to be a babysitter for two very capable surgeons.

FYI: I somehow didn’t mention Derek slightly flirting with Rose earlier in the episode. He tells her she has licorice in her teeth, and it’s really cute. He’s watching her mouth so closely. BACK TO THE PRESENT: Rose gets ready for Derek’s surgery on the female EMT. Rose apologizes for running late while Derek apologizes for arriving early. And the sexual tension is palpable. Rose tells Derek to stop checking out her chest. Then she says she knows he’s looking at her necklace, but it looks as if he’s checking out her breasts. Derek inquires after her wearing the engagement ring on her necklace. And we find out she was engaged a year ago but it’s over. Rose said it was clear she was ready to give him something that her ex-fiancé wasn’t ready to except. And it sounds so similar to Derek and Meredith.

Ray starts freaking out about being in the ambulance with a dead Stan. Meredith calms him down and she becomes a real team player. She makes him say that he will live. And he repeats it after her. The Chief needs Ray’s heart scanned, and Meredith says she’s going to crawl into the van and do the proper scans.

Bailey calls upon Jesus so she can perform the surgery on Mr. Swastika. George looks on as Yang and Bailey perform the surgery. After Bailey feels calm, she carves right into his swastika tattoo. YEAH!

Tiny Dancer

Ava vocalizes her amazement of the surgeons operating on the guy with shrapnel in his chest. Then she asks what Lexi does. Lexi explains she is a surgical intern. Ava says the guy she is um…whatevering, well she’s here to watch him despite it being completely taboo. Lexi thinks Ava is talking about Sloane. Then she points at Karev, and Lexi says she doesn’t know him. AHHH!!!!

Bailey watches the clock because she’s supposed to be having lunch with her husband. And she’s operating on Mr. Swastika. She watches the clock and vocalizes her anger to O’Malley. But all anyone can do is sympathize as her personal life is falling apart.

Shepherd works on the woman’s brain, and the machines goes out. He cannot look into her brain anymore to see what he’s doing. He’ll need some techs to come in and fix the machine. He can’t get a new machine or he could kill her. EEEEEEKKKK!! I can’t think so exciting…so nervous.

Meredith crawls into the ambulance and she has to climb over Stan to get to Ray. Then she apologizes to Stan. And she has to just get in there. It’s quite admirable how much she has put into this case. I am glad to see her not whining.

Lexi goes to see Seth Green, and she’s really upset about Karev. Seth can tell she’s upset about something. Lexi vocalizes her anger at Alex. He offers to help her to plot revenge. But Lexi will have to go on a date with Seth Green. And he starts with typical Seth Green humor. Both of them laugh and then BLAM…his artery bursts open squirting all over Lexi. AND THE EPISODE IS TO BE CONTINUED…IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!

Final Thoughts

What an awesome episode. Like I said Shonda knows how to get people hooked on holidays. She gets the largest audience possible and gives them an exciting episode. Then everyone is hooked. But I must say that I’ve been hooked since day 1.

I can’t believe what’s been going on with Grey’s lately. I’m so excited and so nervous. I cannot help but flip out with excitement. I have no words…I’m in tears, I’m in shock and I want it to be Dec. 6.

And I’d like to say thank you to everyone last week who posted comments. I found them to be insightful, and I appreciated the high school stories. It was great hearing from you guys when it’s more about you.

See you guys in 2 weeks!

And a special shout out to my friend Mikey who has worked on getting me internet tonight. I apologize for the lack of photos, but I will post them the minute I get back to my internet.

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