TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy 11-15-2007

Teachers, Books and Dirty Looks Meredith talks about growing up, and they are all at Emerald City Bar. As in The Wizard of Oz. Too clever...sometimes this show just gets too clever for its own good. At the Emerald City, Derek is on a date with Sidney...the nut job resident from a bit this season and tons from other seasons. Sloane runs over to get the skinny while Meredith and Christina sit at a table across the way dissecting the situation. Meredith compares the date to a football player kissing the nerdy, nervous girl. Too funny..this episode clearly surrounds our child-like behavior.

Bailey posts her new title on the bulletin board and proceeds to dance around. Pretty much like a girl that got asked to the prom. But all good dancing must come to an end, and it ends for Bailey when she bumps into another hospital employee. Her giddiness is a bit contagious...I feel it through the screen.

Elevator. Izzie and Derek on board. Hospital floor outside elevator. George and Meredith chat. Elevator door opens, and George and Meredith run away. Children, children. Then they hash out why they are avoiding their significant others. Well their "kinda" significant others.

Callie acts like a bigger person to say how happy she is for Bailey about Chief Resident. Bailey acts very sweet and demure. Then Sidney comes up and ruins the moment. I do feel a bit sorry for Sidney because I think she doesn’t get it. She somehow misses how off-putting she can be. Sometimes those people need friends to point out their flaws. Like I need my friends to point out mine.

As Bailey begins her reign as Chief Resident, she starts the day with a lecture. She tells them how love lives have no place in her new palace. She wants everyone to grow up. No sex in the on-call room. She wants this place to run like a hospital, not a college dormitory. While she states all of her new rules, Izzie talks to Meredith about her issues with George. Eventually, she gets caught by Bailey and Bailey’s points have been made.

Christina begs Bailey to be Hahn’s resident. Bailey agrees as long as Christina does not embarrass her. I’m so glad Christina is getting another chance, but I really hope her ego doesn’t get in the way. She seems like she would just be a great heart surgeon. I noticed some of you agreed with me about Christina’s destiny to be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

When Christina finally gets a chance to strut her stuff, she spouts a million pieces of information about a patient. Hahn tells Christina to take notes from Izzie. Izzie lets her interns have a chance, and she still knows she’s a good doctor. Christina is just trying to hard to be the best of the best. She just needs to be herself…like she was when Burke was around.

Per usual, emergency situation arises where all our lovely residents will get a patient. This time it’s a student bus crash. EEEK! I hate those stories, I get really sad. The first patient out goes to Callie and Alex. She’s a vain girl who keeps shouting that she wants to see the head of plastic surgery.

George gets a patient who knows Bailey. He’s the person taking the kids on a bus to tour various colleges. Bailey gets super excited when she realizes the guy in the stretcher is her high school friend, Marcus.

Derek and Izzie get a guy with a pencil in his eye. It’s disgusting. In high school, I used to say, of my worst “enemies,” that I wanted to push a mechanical pencil into someone’s eye…and keep pushing to torture them. I was a sick soul, probably has something to do with drama club. I take back each time I said it. This is disgusting.

Growing Old but Not Up

Derek examines the Danny (pencil in the eye), and he decides his course of surgery. I’m still thoroughly in pain. I have no idea what Derek is saying because I cannot look at the screen.

Bailey gives stitches to her friend, Marcus. She’s borderline flirting with him. I am hoping it’s just the fact that they haven’t seen each other in ages. George sees what I see and he tries to take over George tries to get the flirting to cease. But Bailey clearly has an interest in hanging out with this guy. She sends George to do paperwork after a simple please from Marcus. Now this is not the Dr. Bailey I know. She’s rough, and she’s tough. Men listen to her…she doesn’t swoon.

Sloane, Alex and Callie talk to the vain girl. She’s a pom-pom girl and all she cares about is getting her face fixed in time for her pom-pom competition. But Callie delivers the bad news: she broke her butt and fractured some other bones. Now there will be no way for the pom pom queen to dance in the competition. Sloane seems to love this patient. He had a perfect teenage experience – he was a football player. Those people who still navigate the high school experience…do they really move on from their former personas? Or are they that same person their whole lives? Not to say that person is necessarily bad, but I would hope everyone could/would grow. Thoughts?

Christina complains about Hahn’s comment that she should be more like Izzie. I really adore Christina and Izzie. Maybe I see myself in both of them. Christina’s aggressive nature in the work place and Izzie’s longing to make everyone more comfortable. They each go the extra mile in their own way. And it’s really sad to see how much Christina doesn’t want to be compared to Izzie. She has no idea how close their personalities can be.

Alex gets paged about a man who cut his hand by punching in a window. The guy is Meredith’s dad. The Chief hears what’s going on. And Meredith’s dad keeps yelling to get Dr. Grey. So Alex goes to find Lexi while the Chief attends to him.

Bailey breaks her own rules to help her old friend. Hahn examines Marcus, and finally has to break up the giggling. She can’t even hear Marcus’ heart. Finally, Hahn says he’s fine, and she calls Bailey a “blithering idiot.”

Alex grabs Meredith. He tells her she should go work on her dad. She tries to avoid the situation by pushing it onto Lexi. No luck because Lexi has already rebuffed Alex trying to talk to her. Meredith eventually hears good ole pops shout for her. He seems overjoyed to see her. And Meredith seems stressed...go figure.

Tiaras and Tears

Meredith works on her dad, and he apologizes for treating her like crap the last time they met. He said he’ll regret it until the day he dies. He laments the death of Susan (his dead wife), and how today is her birthday. Meredith begins to form a connection with her father while she works on his bloody hand.

While Danny gets a cat scan, Lexi talks about the kid with the pencil in her eye. Then she talks about being valedictorian and prom queen. Her high school experience gave her no character. Aren’t those years supposed to make you stronger? Izzie tells Lexi not to broadcast her superior high school experience. Derek runs into the room and they decide the poor kid will need an operation. They will need to remove the pencil (obviously), but he has bleeding in his brain.

Bailey and George talk about her relationship with Marcus. At first, she tries to brush it off. She used to tutor him. They spent time together studying. Finally, she admits hopes to attend the homecoming dance with him, but it didn’t work out. I like how she plays everything off very coolly when he’s not around. But the minute Marcus says “Mandy” she jumps 15 feet and to the left.

Hahn, Sloane and Chief eat lunch. And Hahn notices that Sloane has attracted the attention of teeny boppers. Then he says he has had the same affect on girls that age since he was in high school. He invites the girls over, most likely to stroke his ego. But instead they tell him that he looks like one of the girls’ fathers. Hahn and the Chief get quite a chuckle, and Sloane now must swallow his vain pride.

Christina and Callie eat their lunch together. Callie watches Izzie and George in the lunch line together. Christina wants to make her friend feel better so she shares a bit of gossip, which she heard from Meredith. George and Izzie are no more. Callie gets really excited about the news. Not overly so, but I think it makes her feel a bit better. Gossip in the lunch room, what gets better than that?

The vain pom pom girl gets bad news, one of her fakish friends will be taking over as pom captain while she heals. She has to act happy as her friends shallowly dissect her situation. Maybe she’ll get a date to the dance; maybe no one will laugh at the fact that she broke her butt. After Callie sends them packing, pom pom queen says her life is over.

Danny talks on his friend Marissa’s phone while he gets wheeled towards the OR. Lexi and Izzie wheel him down the hall while Marissa walks by his side. Eventually the phone dies. The teens cope by joking around. Marissa says she won’t survive junior year without him so he must survive. They have a friendship that I remember. Outsiders bonding over their lack of popularity.

Derek and Izzie talk about cliques while they perform Danny’s surgery. Derek talks about how much they’ve grown since those days. A nurse laughs saying that the hospital is clique-y so they haven’t come as far as Derek has imagined. After the pencil is out of Danny’s eye his artery bleeds and his brain expands. Trouble in paradise. Poor kid!

Brown Nosers

Derek talks to the Chief about Danny. Apparently he’s going to be a coma permanently. Danny’s friend, Marissa, can’t hear the news until his parents get there. Derek feels horrible, but he has to tell her that Danny is still asleep. It’s really sweet how sad Derek seems about the whole situation. He understands the importance of best friends the way Izzie does.

Callie, Sloane and Alex work on the vain pom-pom girl. Callie busts Sloane’s chops about being told he looks like a teenager’s dad. Alex and she gleefully relish in his pain. Then Sloane says Callie’s just happy because Izzie and George “hit the skids.” So now Alex knows which means almost anyone could know after this surgery is over.

Christina acts like a real kiss up with Hahn. She brings Hahn a bunch of scans dealing with Marcus’s heart. Hahn gets annoyed because she doesn’t think she’ll need those X-Rays. Christina is just wasting her time. After Hahn walks away, Callie walks over to coach Christina. She says that Christina needs to act a little less anxious, and then maybe Hahn will give her more of the praise she desires.

Meredith continues working on her dad. He says he missed seeing her high school day. His drunken giddiness cracks me up. They finally have a chance to bond. Unfortunately the man is three sheets to the wind. However, some time mending is better than no time at all. I love both my parents very much, and I rarely get to see them. So any minutes with them makes my life fuller.

Derek sits outside looking very upset about Danny. Meredith strolls over and asks about his date with Sidney. She talks to Derek about her dad, and how she likes her drunken dad better than her regular dad. Derek sadly says he does not look forward to breaking the horrible news to Danny’s friend. He’s sad for Danny, but he’s even more upset for Marissa.

The interns gossip around a computer…are they blogging Seattle Grace gossip? They talk about Izzie and George being done. Poor Izzie. She overhears the interns and gets more upset about their situation. She finds George and instead of confronting him, she automatically asks for him to return her house keys. George asks what’s going on, and they both realize they told Meredith their problems. They’ve both been talking to Meredith instead of each other. The fearsome twosome seems more fearful than before.

Lexi gets upset when she sees Meredith with her father. She blows up at Alex about how she asked him to promise not to share her father’s alcohol issues. But really I think she’s jealous that Meredith is spending time with her dad. Maybe I’m wrong. However, I think it would be pretty normal for Lexi to be jealous. But maybe she should try to suppress that jealousy so she can grow closer to her estranged sister.

Bailey’s friend, Marcus, keeps saying he admires her. Yet there she is filling out his forms. George keeps trying to protect her, but she’s in this knee deep. Finally, the Chief catches her filling out his forms. He starts reaming her about her doing a patient’s paperwork instead of her real work. Then Marcus starts to have heart issues, and he looks like he may be having a heart attack.

Derek gives Marissa the bad news. He holds her while she cries and all the other students look over and know what has happened. I can’t imagine losing my best friend at such a young age. And having no one else to turn to because the person who died is your only friend.

Popularity and Disparity

Meredith goes to see Christina, and she says she’s getting coffee for her and her dad. She looks so happy. I’m glad they finally can work out their issues. Everyone deserves one parent in their life. Instead of sharing in the happiness, Christina freaks out about Hahn’s surgery occurring without her. Christina reveals she never cut one class.

Hahn, George and Bailey work on Marcus. Bailey begins to get angry with Hahn. Then Hahn gets snappy right back with her. It’s really childish over something childish. Oh the irony. I guess the stress of a hospital causes people to act like kids. But each of them has points. Hahn should have been more thorough, and Bailey should have diagnosed the problem without Hahn.

Izzie coaches Marissa through the loss. They both can relate to being outsiders. Marissa thinks Izzie was some kind of prom queen, but as many of us know, she was from a trailer park. She wore crappy clothes and got pregnant in her teens. Miss Popularity was not exactly her title. Finally, the two girls standing in Danny’s room keep patting themselves on the back for the good deeds they will do in honor of Danny. Tragedy makes teenagers reach out to one another. But it’s hardest on those who cared originally. These two girls have lost nothing, and Marissa has lost everything. Finally Izzie yells at the girls and forces them to leave.

The nurse who talked about cliques happens to be a total hottie. She walks up to Derek and says hello. He doesn’t recognize her nor does he know her name. I love that she totally calls him out on his frat boy behavior. And I stand by her clique theory. I think my office can be clique-ish. It’s not a totally bad thing. We try to connect with people who we identify with most. It’s not excuse to make others feel like outsiders, but everyone’s allowed to have favorites.

Pom-pom pom queen and Callie have a bit of a heart-to-heart. Callie relates her recent demotion with the pom-poms girl’s loss of being capitan. She tells her that losing the Chief Resident position allowed her to go back to doing what she loved. Before the job was a lot of work, and now she can just enjoy what she loves most. And I think the pom pom queen gets it.

Christina gets a page from Hahn while lying down on a bench in the on call room. She flings herself out the door, but then she slows her pace. She pushes herself to have some restraint, but eventually she runs. She opens the OR, and Dr. Hahn inadvertently admits that she should have looked at the x-rays Christina had brought her. Christina walks away from the room to get those x-rays, and she has a huge smile on her face.

Meredith talks to Lexi about their dad. At first, she tries to relate how great her day was. She understands their pain, but Meredith then lectures Lexi about keeping a better eye on him. Lexi’s hurt so she reacts with her first instinct. She yells at Meredith. She calls their father a liar and says he only treated Meredith like a princess because of the booze. She’s upset about their bonding. But she’s also venting her frustrations and taking it out on Meredith. I don’t agree with either of them here. But I feel worse for Meredith. She has no parent, and when she finally feels a connection, it’s ripped from her.

Old Habits Die Hard

The Chief sits with Meredith. He tells her he promised her mom that he’d take care of her. Meredith doesn’t want him to keep such a close watch, but he wants to keep his promise. Finally, some father figure to act like an adult and give this girl a chance. Meredith’s whining gets on my nerves, but everyone deserves a parent who loves them.

In a recovery room, Marcus wakes up. Bailey seems delighted to see him awake, and he grabs for her hand. George leaves the room when they start talking intimately. Marcus asks her to finish filling out his paperwork. She becomes that giddy school girl again, and she apologizes for not finishing the paperwork for him. George rolls his eyes while standing in the doorway. As Bailey leaves the room, George tells her that Marcus deserves a long speech for taking advantage of her. Instead Bailey walks away with her tail between her legs.

The elevator door opens and Lexi walks. Too bad for her Alex is already in there, and now they have to be alone after their little tiff. Alex tells Lexi he doesn’t keep secrets, he thinks their juvenile. She says this was a family situation. Alex reveals that his father was a drunk too so he doesn’t really feel too sorry for her.

Derek says goodnight to Bailey. Then she tells him to sit down. She gets nasty mean with him. She uses him to give the lecture she should have given Marcus. I feel her pain a bit. Today she saved her friend’s life, and he still doesn’t see her. Finally she gets her release. Venting her high school issues causes Derek to talk about his own high school experience. Both of them happened to be in band, and both of them were overlooked. The friendship they have makes me really happy. They both seemed to be pretty evolved grown up people…who run into childish situations more often than not.

Izzie gets home and George is sitting on a bench waiting for her. He says he talks to Meredith because he can’t seem to talk to Izzie. Izzie reminisces about the times they were best friends and they could talk about anything. They both say they want their best friends back. I just don’t know how it will happen.

Derek chases down the snarky nurse. He calls her name, “Rose.” And he apologizes for not knowing her after today’s surgery. And Rose basically tells him how it is. She has worked on over 30 surgeries with him, and he just now has tracked down her name. In fact, today is the first day he made eye contact with her. She tells him to have a good night. Then Sloane walks over and says Derek knows how to get back on the horse.

The boys go to get drinks. Sidney walks over and talks to Derek. She grabs his hand. And man is she straight forward. She tells him that he’s not ready to be “her guy.” Talk about an easy out. Derek watches Meredith from afar. He walks over and the two of them leave together. Rose raises her glass to Derek as they leave. And he seems shocked to have the eye contact. He wants her…and you know what I’m happy.

My Thoughts

I’m just going to say high school is rough for many, and some don’t get past the issues (good or bad). But for those of us who get the chance to grow up and make a difference, I feel we are lucky. We understand outsiders and sympathize with them. Bailey kept her school girl crush after all these years. I loved this episode because it makes me recall my own high school days. And I’ll share a quick bit about myself, and I would love to hear about your high school experience. I find sharing it, and then sharing your thoughts on the episode will make me understand you more.

So you read enough of my writing so you get the “me” now. But in high school I desperately wanted to be popular my freshman and sophomore year. I had a fantastic circle of friends, but no one really “saw” us. By the time I was a senior I was in about 8 different clubs: community service, National Honor Society, yearbook and drama club. I knew who I wanted to be, and it wasn’t like any of the popular kids- I wanted to be unique. I directed a fantastic one act, and I served as yearbook copy editor. On the flip side, I was also a slacker and charmer; I showed up late to classes but talked myself out of detention. I turned my homework in late, but I got A’s. The pain of the past made me a stronger person for the future. I think I’m more resilient today and more tenacious. I’m smarter than I would have been if everything came easy.

Now what about you?

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