TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy November 8, 2007

Wakey, Wakey

Izzie and George post-coitus. Sweating and both saying "wow." And I'm not sure whether it was good or bad "wow"until they went for around 2. But it seemed forced. They seem like they are trying to make something work that's just not working.

Meredith and Derek post-coitus. Interesting pillow talk. She talks about Lexie sleeping with Alex, and Derek discusses his movie nights with the Chief. They almost seem like a couple until she rejects sleeping over. Man her issues can get annoying. She just can't get close to men. Almost disturbing.

And Christina painting a wall? Hmmm, my post-coitus trend is now done. I can't believe she's painting her accent wall red. It's such a crazy color. But we are talking about Christina here. And she is not exactly known for her sound choices. There's madness to her methodical nature.

Over at the camper, Derek and the Chief seem to have a dinner and movie routine. Kinda cute, and disturbing. They schedule dates, and the Chief asks Derek to drop off and pick up his dry cleaning. I love my boss, but I'm just not sure how much I would want her to live right next door and have me run her errands.

In the OR, Hahn erases the board to partner herself with Grey. She does not want to work with Christina. While I think it’s totally unprofessional, I recognize her need to separate herself from all that craziness. Sloane tries to stop Hahn from switching the board up, but she blows him off. Suddenly, he’s attracted to her. I swear, if it’s a she and she’s alive, Sloane is interested.

Meredith and Alex rehash his sex with Lexie. She requests that he never bring Lexie to their place again. And who can blame her? I mean I feel bad for Lexie. I still can relate to Meredith feeling weird about her sister hooking up with her friends. I never want my sister hooking up with my friends. It’s just not right.

In the hall, Meredith says George looks weird. Then his mouth opens and the waterfall pours out. Apparently, she gets very porn like. And Meredith starts getting weirded out by the conversation so she escapes. But little does she realize that Izzie is around the corner ready to pour her heart out. Izzie complains about George being a horrible kisser. Finally Meredith just runs to Christina.

Christina finds out Meredith is with Hahn. Her hurt is immeasurable. She’s not the biggest fan of Hahn, but she’s willing to suck it up so she can learn. In a different part of the hallway, the Chief yells at Callie so she will clean up the board. She looks really fresh and happy. So she wants to stay that way. And the only way she will stay that way is for Bailey to cover Chief Resident that day.

Alex’s patient, Jerry, can’t poop, and he freaks out about it. And that’s the guy from Wayne’s World. Alex gives him a prescription laxative so the guy will shut up. He’s a talker and a complainer. Not exactly the ideal patient.

Christina freaks out about the board and Bailey tells her to find another specialty. Only Bailey has to pretend this is coming from Callie because only the Chief Resident can give advice and orders to the residents. Christina heads to the ER with her rag tag team. Lexie inquires about Meredith and Christina snaps her back into reality. There will be no personal talk between them.

A girl flips out in the ER about her baby. Apparently they fell down the stairs together. She’s black and the baby is fair skinned so Lexie gives her a few weird looks. Maybe the baby is stolen or adopted or not her baby? Christina checks the baby out and the baby is fine so Lexie goes to page Shepherd to run tests. Then the mother passes out suddenly.

Green-Eyed Monster

Christina’s patient, Teresa, has heart issues and Hahn pushes Christina out of the room so Grey and her can do their magic. Christina stabilized Teresa so I feel bad for her. She gets the patient all ready and then her glory is stolen from her.

George is in the clinic with a kid who swallowed a marble. His parents fight over the situation and the child gets stressed out. The kid was supposed to get anything he wants if he went to the hospital. He wants his parents to get a divorce.

Sloane starts fixing a patient, Harriet, for a face lift. Harriet then starts to insult Izzie because she’s beautiful now but it will all go down hill from here. On the way out of Harriet’s room, Sloane gets confronted by Hahn. She needs his OR. And she gets feisty which turns Sloane on a bit.

Shepherd talks to the father of the white baby…and he says they just adopted her a week ago. She doesn’t have a name yet, and he’s really more concerned about his wife at this juncture. He’s sure Derek will do a fine job operating on her, but he wants to be with his wife.

Hahn and Grey are in the OR working on the woman who collapsed in Christina’s arms. They operate on her heart while Christina and Sloane talk smack about Hahn for being pushy and rude. But they both have such an admiration for her it’s kinda sad they both are getting rejected by her.

Lexie paged Alex. She asks about holding the baby. He thinks she wants sex…and she actually wants him to talk to Meredith for her. He says he wants nothing to do with their situation, but if Lexie is interested in having sex in the on call room, he’s her man.

George and Izzie are still having issues in the bedroom. It’s grossing me out. Must stop watching. He told her he would fulfill a fantasy for her. And then suddenly they are in the bathroom. He’s in the tub and she’s curled up on the floor with a towel around her. They are just not working. And I’m sorry loyal readers who love them together, but this development brings me MUCH joy. There’s nothing “hot” about him…I don’t want to think about him having sex…period.

Beggers Can’t Be Choosers

Christina confronts Callie about what Bailey told her, switching specialties. So Christina scrubs in on Callie’ surgery just so she can get into a surgery. Poor Christina. She’s so desperate she’ll scrub into surgeries she doesn’t care about.

Mc Steamy and Derek on elevator. Derek had called Sloane shallow earlier in the episode and Sloane tries to defend himself. But let’s be honest, he is. But Sloane gets Derek back by calling him the Chief’s girlfriend.

Lexie goes into Teresa’s room to update her husband on the baby. Lexie approaches Meredith about going to Alex’s house and not knowing Meredith lived there. Teresa is awake and shakes her head saying she wants to see the baby. After Lexie leaves the room, Teresa crashes.

Alex’s patient still can’t poop, and he’s getting really annoying. This man needs to stop being so anal retentive and maybe he could get the waste out of his system. But Alex just has to get out of there. This is getting ridiculous.

Izzie goes into Harriet’s room to get her up and moving. But Harriet continues to act like a real downer. So Izzie has to finally give up and look for a solution elsewhere to get this woman into her post-op routine.

Lexie brings baby up to Teresa’s husband and Meredith’s patient. But the woman has crashed. And the guy freaks out and tells Lexie to get the baby out of his face. He can’t deal with it now.

Lexie runs to see Bailey to get the baby a longer stay at the hospital. Alex and Izzie go to Bailey to discuss their crazy patients. In actuality, they all want to see Callie. But Bailey is covering for her so she has to just solve the problems herself. She tells Alex and Izzie to move their patients into the same room. And she will sign off on the baby staying longer.

The boy who swallowed the marbles returns to the hospital. And we find out he swallowed more marbles…but these marbles he ate are actually magnets. Now he has major issues. Bailey and George examine the boy and find out he has one magnet moving through him that could kill him.

Bouncing Off the Walls

Izzie and Alex put their patients together. Harriet and Jerry, of course, get very angry and say this is illegal. But Izzie and Alex just basically run out of the room after they get Jerry into the bed.

Bailey and George work on the little boy. And Bailey gives George more of her fantastic advice. She really serves as a fantastic mentor to everyone, but especially George. Her unrelated comments always strike a nerve with him and give him direction.

Christina and Sloane watch Dr. Hahn operate. I feel even worse for Christina now. She can’t move on. It’s her dream. And darn it. I don’t think she should have to. Hahn and she just need to work it out. Their tension could cause beautiful surgeries to happen, and Christina is talented darn it.

Teresa’s husband goes to Lexie and says he can’t be her father without his wife. Lexie tries to convince him that this baby girl is worth his time. His pain just won’t allow him to deal with this situation. So he walks off.

Derek and Meredith back in bed talking about their days’ happenings. The Chief walks in with the movies right after Derek realizes he blew the Chief off. Meredith flips out about the Chief seeing her naked so she bolts out.

Izzie and George are now bringing in props to help with their sexual issues. Or as izzie calls it…their box of fun. George opens the box and sees the alcohol and something else that causes him to close the box immediately. I really want to know what was in that box to cause George to blush.

Alex is outside drinking because he doesn’t want to be inside with Izzie and George. Meredith strolls up, and they start talking. Then Lexie walks up. She wants to get a drink with Alex. But Meredith freaks out on Lexie telling her to get her own friends and get her own life. Lexie gets really upset. She walks away and waits for Alex in the car. Even Alex seems disappointed in Meredith.

There's no I in TEAM

Izzie and George are not digging the sex they are having. But guess what?!? They aren’t compatible. They have friendship chemistry but not sexual chemistry. One night they gave each other a release that each of them needed. But now it’s done. Move one. George doesn’t need to be with Callie and he doesn’t need to be with Izzie…and long ago we established he has no place with Meredith.

The Chief and Derek are in the elevator and they start having a bit of a quarrel. Derek is upset about the Chief not knocking before entering, and the Chief is upset that Derek ditched their plans without any forewarning. Each of them walk off in a huff.

Alex and Izzie go to check on their patients. When they go into the room Harriet is gone. Izzie gets excited but then they here noises behind Jerry’s current. And as predicted they worked it out. But who knew it would be by having sex? The constipated guy and the face lift woman? Love works in mysterious ways.

Marbles kid seems to be doing well. And the mother seems to want to make a clean start. Nice storyline, but nothing here really interests me. Well except for the fact that the mother is played by a woman who used to be on Law and Order: SVU.

Christina runs into Meredith and finds out that Hahn has performed part of a surgery in Teresa’s room. She couldn’t move her so she stabilized her a bit and then took her into the OR to finish the surgery. Christina’s jealousy has now hit its highest peak. ALL THE COOL THINGS ARE HAPPENING WITHOUT HER!!!

In the observation room, Sloane declares he has a thing for Hahn. Derek dismisses it and starts bitching about the Chief. The Chief strolls in and Derek and he get into it. Each of them has valid reasons. Soon the Chief has a realization and he leaves the room.

Chief goes away. He goes to Bailey. He has figured out the whole thing with them. How Bailey has covered for Callie. But Bailey stays strong. He asks questions she answers them, but she always tells him to talk to Callie about it. He walks away, and she seems a bit sad.

Lexie and Teresa’s husband sit together waiting for results. Meredith comes out. She attempts to talk the guy into keeping the baby and she also reconciles with Lexie a bit. Through her explaining that it takes time for families to bond. And he may not feel much for the baby now, but eventually he will learn more about her and their love will grow. Meredith then goes back into the surgery.

The Chief fires Callie. It wasn’t really drawn out or long…he told her that she will no longer have to worry about the board. It sucks, but she hasn’t really been a team with Bailey. Her personal issues have clouded her work mind. It’s sad but it happens to all of us.

Teresa dies in surgery. Hahn and Meredith come out to tell her husband. After hearing the news, he quietly gets up and leaves the hospital. THE BABY!!! So sad!!


Alex gets ready to go home in the lounge, and Lexie walks in to proposition some sex. He says no because he won’t choose sides. And Lexie tells him that he already has. It’s really depressing, but I don’t think they have that great of a connection. They are just some fuel for venting frustrations.

The Chief confronts Bailey about becoming the Chief Resident. Bailey breaks down and cries after she gives her little tough guy spiel. Finally the recognition she deserves. She is such a team player that she will protect others despite her own desires. I think she is one of the most admirable characters on the show. She makes me evaluate myself at work…and clearly I’m no doctor.

After her rejection, Lexie goes to the baby. AND YEA!!! Teresa’s husband comes back. He asks to pick up the baby. She gets named Keisha because that’s what Teresa wanted to name her.

A little while later, Lexie comes to Meredith to tell her five things about herself. And she tells her those things to make it harder for Meredith to hate her. Meredith looks as if she’s really thinking about her misdirected cruelty.

Lexie goes to Joe’s bar and laments over the five things speech. And she seems like she’s depressed, drunk and tired. But who isn’t after a hard day’s work where you get mentally abused every so often?

Sloane goes to Joe’s to pick up Hahn. But Hahn tells him that he wants her because he can’t have her. And I must agree. Sloane and Callie need to hook up. Not Sloane and Hahn. Then again…maybe Sloane and Hahn would be a good hook up. 2 successful people on an even playing field.

Alex tells Meredith what he told Lexie about no more “call room rendezvous.” She seems to appreciate it, but she sees Lexie at the bar alone. And Meredith encourages him to take Lexie home. It’s a really sweet move by Meredith and slowly her icy heart begins to melt.

The Chief talks to Derek about how he married Adelle two years after college and he has come to rely on others. But the boys seem to work out their issues. They will just have to be better roommates because that’s what they basically are now.

As Alex drops Lexie off at home, Mr. Grey comes stumbling out of the house looking for alcohol. Night can’t shade Lexie’s embarrassment, and she’s too weak to stop her father so Alex does. He confronts him about his alcohol issues. And Mr. Grey goes back inside. Lexie asks Alex not to tell Meredith about this episode.

Meredith and Derek talk about what they did that night. And they both said nothing. And Meredith wanted to lie there for a few more moments. So slowly, slowly, she is melting on all fronts. Her wall has started to come down piece by piece.

Izzie and George lay in bed saying they had incredible sex. But their faces say otherwise. Then each of them calls the other out on their lies. Their sex is bad. And perhaps irreparable. So maybe they’ll break up. Yea!

My Thoughts

I have an ENORMOUS headache so my thoughts are jumbled. But I think Alex and Lexie may have something more than intern/resident relations. But not necessarily a relationship. I think they may have found a true friend in one another. And what are everyone’s thoughts on Izzie and George? Clearly, I want them done but for those who want them together I’d love to hear how you think they’ll get past these sexual issues. Also thoughts on Meredith’s Berlin wall of emotions getting knocked down? And finally Christina? What’s going on? Could she ever really choose another path? Until next week, I bid you adieu.

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