TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy 11-1-2007

Reigning Patients

Meredith lies on Christina's bed, and Christina diagnoses her pscyh issues with a book. Christina suggests Meredith abstains from break-up sex. And Meredith makes it clear she won't be doing that anytime soon. However, last week I thought they were pretty much abstaining. I guess it just happened to be a day of awkward Derek/Meredith moments.

Now, the Chief is living with Derek in the camper. Boss/employee relations, how close is too close? The Chief makes fun of Derek getting up to fish every morning at 3 am. He deduces Derek must have female trouble, and it's obvious the Chief has wife issues (since he's getting a divorce). This is where the Chief sees the need for a "gentlemen's evening."

George is now sleeping in the on-call room. Izzie wants George to sleep with her…like have sex sleep with her. They haven’t done it since they did it last season. And I know some of you guys love them together, but I could just puke. Maybe I can’t ever think of George as the hot guy anyone wants to date. And I just love Izzie so much; I want her to have the “Denny.” I’m sorry; my tastes just run to a different extreme. I don’t want heroines to end up with whiney guys. George is cool…just not that cool. Go ahead and scorn me.

Hahn comes to her first day of official heart doctor duties. And she notices that the place is full of “hottie” attendings. She asks the Chief whether he hires on looks or skills. Kinda funny actually. Grey’s is poking fun at the fact that almost everyone is “pretty.” Not too many dogs running around Seattle Grace.

McDreamy approaches McSteamy about the Chief’s “gentlemen’s evening,” which McSteamy thinks involves strippers. Even Bailey thought it included strippers when McSteamy asked her to say what she thought of when she heard “gentlemen’s evening.” And now McSteamy is in because what guy doesn’t want in on a mysteriously titled evening.

The ambulances begin rolling into the lot. The first one contains two girls and one stretcher. Why one stretcher? They are fighting over a wedding dress to win the “wedding of their dreams.” I’m sorry but once I had a fractured shoulder that dress would be in the hands of another lucky broad. I can’t endorse violence in the name of matrimony…shouldn’t it be about love? Or am I just an idealist? Lucky for Torres and Karev, they get the dueling brides.

Next ambulance up contains a guy who plummeted 12,000 feet without a parachute. His parachute wouldn’t open when he skydived. My personal favorite fearsome twosome (Christina and Meredith) grab onto this accident. Who doesn’t want a surgery where the guy may have injured himself in a plethora or places? Well not me…I don’t do well with blood. Or bones sticking out of places they don’t belong.

Expensive Weddings are a Girl’s Best Friend

The lucky parachuter gets a fantastic set of surgeons: Bailey, Shepherd, Christina, Meredith and the Chief. One crazy accident and everyone wants to be on the scene. Whoosh! The skydiving instructor rushes into his room with nothing but horror. She’s happy to find her trainee conscious, but she’s ready for his internal injuries to be extensive. Just watching them together they actually would make a cute couple…and I think that guy used to be Pam’s fiancé on The Office..yes…no…maybe?

In another part of the ER, the dress war continues. The store official of the “dream wedding” continues to look on; I would hate to have his job. The doctors try to figure out how they can operate on these women if they won’t let go of the dress. The doctors propose splitting the money for the dream weddings, but the brides refuse. These women won’t split $100,000. I find that totally preposterous and a comment about our current society. Women won’t split money for a wedding that could virtually feed an enormous section of a third world country? We have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who are dying, and these women won’t share an extraordinary amount of cash. Maybe I’m just not girly enough. Maybe I just don’t get it, but I find more worth in doing good work than having some personal dream fulfilled.

George gets assigned to the case of the dueling brides. Callie freaks out a bit because she’s not sure how she will cope with it. And she has a consult with…are you ready…McSteamy. Their bond keeps getting stronger. I really think they should date. I don’t know if McSteamy could settle down, but I think those two would be a great match. Their attitudes just compliment each other. Through the Callie/McSteamy counsel, they decide George should be treated like all of McSteamy’s interns: hellishly. Callie hesitates…and then George gives her doe eyes…and she goes for it.

Izzie examines her patient, Mr. Arnold. She preps him for his heart surgery. His nervous habits make me pretty nervous actually. He doesn’t have any loved ones around, and the thing that makes him the happiest is the thought of his bird watching hobby. He thinks that if he gets through the surgery, he will then be able to see some kind of rare woodpecker. I’m sorry…I wish I could tell you what he said, but I’m just not into the names of birds. I can barely name basic birds…much less ones that were thought to be extinct.

Christina busts into the heart patient’s room to entice Izzie to the parachuter surgery. Of course, Izzie sees right through the scheme. Christina wants a heart surgery. She could care less about broken bones…what gets her pulse racing is heart. No pun intended. I love some of her lines. She tells Izzie that Izzie is flirting with cardio while she is married to it. Izzie takes this as a dig to her relationship with George so she refuses to back down. And Christina must walk away defeated.
The parachuter team (remember, my core doctor team?) examines the scans of their patient. Too the surprise of them…and me… he has NO injuries. His only problem involves his appendix (sp?!?). So now the guy needs an appendectomy…I’m sure he looks really sexy to his instructor now…kidding!!!

Karev finds Lexi in a closet doing charts to avoid her embarrassment of being the other Grey. He builds her up…leads her out of the closet…and gets Lexi to start being a fighter. Someone has to.

McSteamy’s torture for George? He has to be the proxy for Jackie (blonde bride). In other words, while Jackie has Callie fix her shoulder, George will stand in for her during the contest. Instead of being a doctor, he has to be a dress holder. The fiancés of the bride mock him, and I can’t really blame them. They can even sense the pain George is going through.

Bailey explains to the parachuter about his lack of injuries. He, naturally, is ecstatic. I swear this guy is from The Office. Sally gets so excited. And who wouldn’t be? No one wants to the skydiving instructor who has students that get massive injuries. She swears she will destroy the DVD and anything else from the incident. The parachuter tries to tell her about his feelings for her (I knew he had them), but she jets out of the room.

In an OR, Izzie and Hahn are working on the heart patient. Hahn isn’t all bad, she’s slowly teaching Izzie the nuances of heart surgery. They kinda have a bond – I don’t know if that’s fact, I just sense it. The Chief pops in the room to check things out, and they find major blockage. They bring the patient back from being under…and we find out his blockage is inoperable. He’s allergic to anesthesia so they can’t put him under to perform the surgery. His heartache is shared. I mean all he wants to do is see a bird. I’m so sad.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Despite the humiliation and boredom, George continues to hang on the dress for Jackie. And he gets threatened by Jackie’s fiancé if he lets go. As McSteamy works on Helene (brunette bride), he outs George as being a newlywed. Helene gets super excited, but George naturally doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jackie gets worked on by Karev, Lexi and Callie. They pull her arm back into socket, and even I thought it was sweet. They used a sheet and their bare hands. The methods of doctors. Callie determines Jackie still needs surgery, and the girl still wants to wait for the surgery. Because, apparently, surgeries can happen anytime. But winning a dream wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. MAKE ME BARF. She’s injured…the other girl sits in a hospital bed waiting for an outcome. Two days without sleep. I really can’t believe this.

George continues hanging on while he gets heckled by Karev, Christina and Meredith. They all thought they would come to see a much more exciting show, but instead, they all find themselves extremely bored. Christina breaks from the group and tells them she has something much more exciting to watch. The skydivers video!!!

Christina and the gang watch the DVD. Izzie walks into the room and the foursome hear the guy proclaim his love for Sally…his skydiving instructor. Meredith seems a bit inspired by his act of bravery. It reminds her of her own near-death experience.

After Izzie says they will be discharging Mr. Arnold. Christina proposes an open heart surgery where the patient stays awake. Dr. Hahn gets intrigued, and finally sold on the idea. Hahn, Izzie and Christina go into Mr. Arnold’s room to get his take on the idea. At first, he’s skeptical. But he goes for it after Izzie reminds him of the bird he wants to see…the Ivory something woodpecker. I’m sorry I don’t have TIVO, and I’m just not a bird person. But if I find out later, I will post a comment to let everyone know what the bird is. Hahn tells Izzie to book an OR and get ready to scrub in.

Izzie declares that it was Christina’s idea. And Hahn says either Izzie wants the surgery or she doesn’t. So she takes the surgery and Christina looks horrified. Her feelings of betrayal begin to arise right about…now.

New Kid in School

Derek inquires about the evening so he can figure out what to plan for. The Chief just keeps calling it a “gentlemen’s evening” and walks away.

Jackie continues to deny surgery until Lexi convinces her otherwise. She convinces her that she will have an ugly bulging, humpback bruise on her wedding day. The idea that Jackie won’t look fantastic on her special day immediately causes a change of heart.

McSteamy and McDreamy approach Hahn about her open heart surgery. Then they ask her about a “genetlmen’s evening.” Then she asks them if they are a couple. Quite hilarious actually. She’s a pistol that Dr. Hahn. I’m a fan.

George and Izzie have a personal talk about their special evening WHILE George continues holding onto the wedding dress. Then Izzie doubts herself. Maybe Christina should do the surgery. She has more drive…she has more of a passion of cardiothoracic surgery. But good ole George builds Izzie up. And they continue to talk about her evening. After Izzie walks away, Helene gets excited because she thinks that George is married to Izzie.

The Chief confronts Hahn about her surgery. He tells her that she should run surgeries by him first. But she pulls the feminist card. She’s offended by the attendings “gentlemen’s evening.” Why can’t she be invited? Then she lists a million reasons why she should have the right to perform this surgery.

Naked Meredith and Derek in the on call room. She recants her moments of Derek saving her life. And her coming back to life. And it’s really touching. The parachuter has inspired her. It’s great.

Izzie lays down all scrubbed in to prepare for her surgery. She’s in the OR room, and she’s physically putting herself in the patients place. And it’s a really scary place. And she’s so concerned for Mr. Arnold, she moves the monitors so he won’t have to watch himself. She caters for the patient. She may not be aggressive like Christina, but she has her own Izzie touches.

George and Helene stand there discussing the wedding. She says she would go to city hall happily. But her mother has a dead-end job, and she’s going into debt over the wedding. She wants Helene to have her dream wedding day. The girl then passes out. Internal bleeding? Massive heart attack? What now?!?!

Surgeons in Action

Surgery ensues for the girl who is bleeding internally. I got it right the first time! Chief and O’Malley discuss McSteamy’s hazing tactics…but George doesn’t budge. He remains the stand-up guy he always is.

Izzie and Hahn operate on the awake guy. And Izzie brought her own little Izzie-pieces to make the guy more comfortable and calm. She brings him headphones. She walks him through all the steps. Izzie has the best bed side manner….out of anyone. Attendings, residents, interns, nurses…EVERYBODY. I would want Izzie to be my surgeon.

Bailey and Meredith operate on the parachuter and get his appendix out. Not the most glamorous surgery…but Meredith has a connection with him. They share near death experiences.

After Jackie’s surgery,she keeps going on about winning. Even after she finds out Helene is in surgery she harps on it. She’s a selfish, selfish woman. Actually not having concern for another human being over $100,000. It’s just sick. But leave it to Callie. She swoops in and reams the girl. Karev watches on smiling. But guess what? The dumb broad continues on about winning after Callie leaves the room.

The viewing room watches the open heart surgery. And Christina mocks Izzie’s touches. Jealous much? Derek talks to Christina about Meredith. And Christina tells Derek that she’s Meredith’s rock.

Mr. Arnold starts freaking out about being watched…and it starts affecting his heart. He literally FREAKS out about being watched. I feel horrible for him. He starts screaming and his heart rates keeps increasing.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

As Mr. Arnold continues screaming, Izzie calms him down by “people watching.” Not typical people watching but watching people as if they were birds. He nails each of our characters traits down to a T, and his heart rate decreases. Hahn can now finish the surgery.

Callie and George pass in the hall and Callie stops him to talk about their bridal patients. George says he doesn’t know if they would ever talk again. Callie says she’s letting it go. She has to. After today’s antics about hanging on for the wrong reasons really rang true. Kinda love it.

Helene won!!! George says he let go first so he could catch her. I didn’t really notice it. So I think he’s just being a great guy. Good for him.

Meredith and the appendectomy guy discuss his crazy fall. And Meredith tells him that the feeling of invincibility will go away. So he needs to tell Sally. And he thinks she is out of his league. But Meredith builds him up…and Sally walks into the room. None of us know what happens, but I’m an optimist. So I think they get together. Anyone else?

Back at the railer, McSteamy sits at Derek’s place drinking. They ponder the meaning of “gentlemen’s evening.” And the Chief rolls in saying it literally means an evening without women. BUT Hahn shows up. And now it’s a “high up the ladder” evening.

Lexi asks Karev what he was doing tonight. Is she asking him out? Karev breaks down his M.O. about girls. And he offers sex. Then tells her that’s never enough for girls like Lexi.

Final episode happenings. The big shots play Monopoly. And who doesn’t like blowing off steam with board games?

Then Izzie and George sit there ready to make out…and she starts to cry. She’s exhausted and says she can’t have sex. She wants to do it badly, but she’s too tired. And George remains the rock…kinda. So their perfect night of sleeping together…is really them…actually sleeping…together.

Meredith and Christina crawl into Meredith’s bed together. I love friends like that. I love my fearsome twosome together. Meredith says she can’t stop seeing Derek…and it has nothing to do with the sex. It has to do with the moment post—coitus. She feels safe with him in that moment. And she’s not ready to give that up. Meredith asks if that makes her sad, weak and pathetic and Christina responds with “a little bit.” Ha. Too funny.

Meredith gets up from her bed after she hears a crash in the hallway. She opens the door to something not so expected…well something she didn’t expect. It’s a naked Lexi in a sheet making out with Karev. And Meredith just closes the door.

Final Thoughts

Grey’s is back for me. I love it. The whole episode had me going. I loved the surgeries. The craziness and the heat starting to spark with everyone. New hook ups are on their way. And we had one delivered tonight. I need speculation people. I’m still racing. Give me some comments and I’ll be back to devour them early next week. Until then…keep the boards going.

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