TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy October 25, 2007

Spooky Beginnings

Okay so Meredith is dreaming about her dead mother. Karev and Izzie are carving a pumpkin and now we have ourselves a Halloween episode.

During the residents' morning meeting, Callie outs Izzie to everyone about the George escapade. She only did this after Bailey probed Callie why Izzie can only get her orders from Bailey. It was quite a comical scene, agreed?

Lexi is dressed up as a doll or something. And she gets reamed by a patient's daughter (dressed as a mouse). Lexi neglected to give out the morning meds, and said patient is waiting for a heart so he can have a heart transplant. George comes to the rescue and coaches Lexi through the situation.

In the clinic, Bailey gets some patient who tells her that his foot does not belong to him. He wants a surgeon to amputate his foot. Of course we get Bailey's snarkiness...which we can't live without. Of course, she's not going to remove this man's foot. Later, Bailey gives him some meds to deal with his mental issue.

Derek and Meredith bump into each other, literally and Meredith drops her mother's ashes. Then some kid comes up looking for Dr. Sloane. Hmmm....the kid's mother works in the caf. Was there some tryst years ago? I mean this kid has to be 11.

Sloane strolls to the nurses' station trying to be charming. The nurses have formed a club called "Nurses United Against Mark Sloane" because apparently he has used the same lines on all of them. Derek brings the kid to Sloane and bribes him with cash to scare Sloane into thinking he's a father. But really the kid wants Sloane's help.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Apparently the kid has issues with his head. He has no ears, and Sloane agrees to perform the surgery if Grey can get the staff and OR. Meredith convinces the Chief to agree after she whips out her mother’s name, and the kid comes in with a pillow case. “Trick or Treat,” he says. He’s trick or treating for ears.

In some random break room, Ava and Alex make out. Alex pushes to go further. Then Ava calls him out. He didn’t come after her. Now she has to be the one chasing the guy. Then more talk.

Outside, George, Lexi and Izzie get a patient from a car accident (brick fell into her windshield while driving). CRAZY! It’s the mouse costume woman who yelled at Lexi for not giving her father his meds. And her injuries look super serious.

Then Bailey has a guy in the clinic that sawed off his finger. Some young guy trying to do something with a pumpkin. Apparently it was cool. Who knows…. He brought in the chainsaw so they could try to salvage his finger. But the guy with the foot problem took the saw and tried to remove the foot himself. Smart/crazy because now they have to amputate.

Trick or Treat

Callie must now operate on the crazy guy, and Christina gets stuck with him as a patient as well. Interesting pairing…Callie and Christina. Interesting pairing indeed. Callie and Sloane run into each other and discuss their personal issues. Is it me or is there a little gleam of leftover attraction there?

Super sad. The old man finds out his daughter has zero brain activity. The mouse woman is basically a vegetable so the Chief offers her father her heart. He is so distraught he can’t think clearly. She’s an organ donor so he could have her organs. But now that his daughter is gone, what does he have to live for?

Crazy happy Sidney runs into Derek and acts super strange. She introduces herself like she’s hitting on him. It’s really weird, and Meredith watches with the earless kid. Her jealousy permeates the floor. But she concentrates on the matter at hand: finding the boy some staff to volunteer to work his surgery.

Bailey tries to get out of the boy’s surgery by telling Meredith about her Halloween plans. Her husband and she will be dressing their baby up for Halloween. But Meredith’s ploy, the little boy trick-or-treating for ears, works on Bailey. Meredith even gets Bailey to agree to get surgical nurses on board.

The old man goes to see his daughter, Erin, and he decides to let other’s have her organs. But he will not be partaking. The heart will be left to someone else.

Christina and Meredith eat lunch, and Izzie and George join them. Meredith acts curious while Christina walks off in a huff. It was kinda strange…Christina seems to have alliances only to getting ahead. The matters of others never seemed to concern her before. But then again, we are starting to see different sides of Christina.

Earlier Norman had stated he didn’t feel very well. Now Alex gets paged. Too bad he’s in a bunk bed with Ava. And they are naked…so clearly I missed them actually doing it. Her pillow talk includes discussing her daughter. Is it me or is this not Alex’s forte? He’s such the “love them and leave them” type, what can he do with a mother? Alex passes out, and Ava lets him sleep.

Dr. Hahn (last season, heart patient war with Burke…jogging your memory?) shows up to harvest Erins heart, and Izzie and Christina vie to scrub in the surgery. Izzie gets chosen because Dr. Hahn thinks Christina sleeps her way up. Hmmm….interesting….

Scarier than Monsters

Christina complains about her issues with Hahn, and the foot amputee guy complains about his issues. And Norman comes in with the comic relief, saying that chopping off one’s foot with a chainsaw is indeed crazy.

Now Dr. Hahn talks to the old man about letting his daughter go and taking her heart. The old man refuses the heart yet again. However, when Dr. Hahn leaves, George gives him a “pep talk” and the old man agrees to take her heart. Oh, George’s father’s death has given him such clarity. Is he a little less sniveling? I don’t know…I think so.

Izzie confronts Christina’s judgment. They have it out. Izzie tells Christina that Meredith and Christina have a little circle. Anything that happens in the circle is okay, but if someone else makes a mistake…they get scorned. Kinda true and sad. And Christina does more judging than Meredith.

Sloane has gotten Derek back by telling crazy, happy Sidney that Derek’s on the market and looking. Too funny! Derek scares Sloane with a possible child…and Sloane gets him back with putting him on the market.

Callie and Christina bond over the amputee surgery and Norman stands there at a loss. He looks like he could be in pain. The girls keep giggling about their personal problems. Then Norman passes out right there in the OR. I KNEW he didn’t look well.

Cabin Fever

Alex wakes up from his post-coitus nap. He sees his pages and rushes out. He goes into the OR where Derek is operating on Norman. AND NORMAN COULD POSSIBLY DIE! Alex clearly feels horrible. Actually there seems to be no words to describe the way Alex looks. Luckily, Norman lives. YEA Norman!!

Lexi and George watch the surgery where the old man gets his daughter’s heart. And Meredith works on the little boy with Sloane in another OR. Very cool surgeries today.

Meredith and Lexi run into each other outside their respective OR’s. Lexi heard that Meredith brought her mom’s ashes to work. So Lexi revealed that she dug up her mom’s dead cat and reburied the cat next to her mom’s grave. Meredith simply says “thanks” and they go their separate ways. Oh the slow bonding of sisters. Sometimes only family can relate to your strange behavior.

Bailey is on the phone in the parking lot talking to her husband Tucker. He’s irate that she didn’t come home for their baby’s first Halloween. Poor Bailey. George comes outside, and they discuss George’s infidelity issues. He apologizes for disappointing Bailey. But then she gives him a bit of a reprieve by saying he’s not a bad person. Through this convo, Bailey discusses the issues within her marriage. Her dedication to the job makes her a bad person…despite her selfless acts as a doctor.

Nightmare on Seattle Grace Street

Dr. Hahn will now be the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery. And it’s announced right after Christina has given her a piece of her mind. Too funny. Christina then revokes her apartment offer to the Chief, which I don’t remember her making. So I apologize.

Alex goes to Norman to apologize. But Norman tells Alex that he only went into the surgery internship so he would calm his wife. She wanted him to be near surgeons in case he had another stroke. After the stroke has happened, he will go into a psych program because he’s sick of the crazy sex, emotions and other things the Seattle Grace’s surgery team encounter.

Everyone goes their separate ways. Even though Alex promised he would come back for her, the only thing left of Ava is her shirt. Alex goes back to the room, and all he has left of her is that shirt. So he smells the one thing he has left. Kinda endearing actually.

Izzie and George call it a “bad day.” And hold hands. They seemly truly in love…in friendship love. When will these two break up?!? Sorry, I just don’t like them together…not at all.

In a messy apartment across town, Callie has moved in with Christina. If there were ever a dynamic duo…that’s it. Callie asks to clean up and Christina says “NO.” Dear, oh, dear we are going to have some laughs soon.

The Chief walks in on Meredith doing something in a sterile room. Then we realize Meredith is doing something with her mother’s ashes. In fact, she is washing her mother’s ashes down the drain where the surgeons wash their hands pre-surgery. At first, the Chief seems weirded out…and then he joins her. Meredith’s right, if her mother wants to be anywhere, it would be right there.

Final Thoughts

Great episode. I was kinda preoccupied with other thoughts so I think I missed some things here and there. So go ahead and fill the comments board with anything you feel relevant. I know I’m anti “George/Izzie as a couple.” So feel free to throw in your two cents…but I don’t know if I can change my mind about this. I hope Callie and Christina enjoy living together. I really think it will be funny. More Ava and Alex? Will Bailey get a divorce? Tons of questions and my only answers will come from the rest of the season. Plenty to look forward to.

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