Grey's Anatomy Recap: 10/18/2007

Runners Take Your Mark

Okay, so it's the next day...after George breaks the news to Callie. She remains silent. Then finally she tells him she forgives him. George seems less than thrilled with her answer, and once he gets to the hospital he frantically looks for Izzie.

Meredith makes out with Derek in the elevator who proposes a weekend away...with just sex. PUHLEASE - they are in love. Meredith needs someone to cover for her weekend shift so Alex agrees if Meredith will take his old man intern, Norman - just for the day. In the clinic, Bailey has a girl with the most disgusting ankle. She says she fell off the Stairmaster, and all she can think about is getting back to her personal trainer.

Meanwhile, Derek and Christina get an injured high school football player, and she has to remove his helmet with a bone saw. Down the hall, OMG...Callie just confronted Izzie in front of Izzie's interns...and George hid and watched the whole thing. Frickin' baby. Callie now wants to meet Izzie in the cafeteria at noon. Ominous!!!

Lapping the Competition

George gives Izzie the 411 with his "Callie convo." And Izzie declares she will put up a fight. Derek, Christina and Lexi look over their patient's x-rays, and Derek takes an interest in helping Lexi connect with Meredith. He even sends Christina away after she tries to send Lexi away. George, Callie and Bailey look over the Stairmaster patient's x-rays. Callie acts totally distant, and Bailey seems concerned, but George keeps his silence.

Meredith and Norman go over how he will break the news of death to a patient. Then he tries to act like a normal intern by talking about McSteamy, McDreamy and hospital gossip...which totally weirds Meredith out, especially when he says her key line, "seriously." She tells him he needs to rise above the gossip. Right then Christina walks by and gives Meredith the skinny on Derek's convo with Lexi. And Meredith gets pulled back into her immature world. Poor Norman!! A few minutes later, Norman tells a woman she's going to die. And she flips out. Not that I blame her.

Christina, Derek and Lexi go over the procedure they will be performing on the high schooler. Christina boxes Lexi out of the conversation. Izzie and Alex talk about her pending fist fight when the Chief's niece gets rolled in - unable to breathe. Adele, the Chief's wife, is there freaking out while Izzie tubes the Chief's niece. Now she can breathe again. Everyone freaks out, and the chief busts into the room...quite pissed.

Sprint Ahead

The Chief gives Izzie a bit of relief when he said she did the right thing with his niece. He clearly gets upset because he’s running out of options to treat her. Meredith watches as Lexi and Derek bond…and she grabs Norman to get away from it. Lexi goes to Christina to talk about their patient, and Christina yells and calls her “3” (because as we know Christina will not learn her intern’s names…only call them by numbers). Shocker! Lexi basically tells Christina that she won’t take the verbal abuse anymore. She will now be called “Lexi” or “Grey.” WHOA! I don’t see Christina following through on orders from her intern.

Oh no! Norman read the chart wrong, and he told a woman she was dying…when in actuality the guy in the room next door will soon be meeting his demise. When Meredith and Norm go back to spread the good news, the woman is gone. She had packed up and checked out.

Izzie tells Alex that she slept with George and that’s what the fight is really about. Alex glazes with a look of hurt and disgust. His plan to help pull Callie off Izzie just hit a bump in the road. In a much sadder room, the Chief’s niece has decided to go home and die with her friends and surrounded by love. She doesn’t have any more fight in her.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

The high schooler says he can’t take the pressure as his dad verbally pushes him through a medical procedure. Lexi tries to be helpful by taking the patient’s hand, but she just threw the experiment off. Christina now kicks Lexi out of the room. Derek hears the argument between father/son and resident/intern. He kicks Christina out the room calling her competitive – in a not so nice way. In the pit, Meredith continues searching for the patient who thinks she’s dying. Norman keeps apologizing to Meredith, but McSteamy only breathes down their necks. He calls them both idiots. Meredith remains calm with Norman, and suddenly he disappears.

In the cafeteria, Meredith sits with Christina as they talk about their issues as residents. Izzie comes down to join them. What she finds is that everyone knows about the showdown. She begins to prepare herself mentally. She gives herself a pep talk about her previous fights. Alex joins the table and still backs Izzie. As the door opens and Callie walks towards Izzie, each of the residents throws out their fist-fight advice.

As Izzie pulls herself together , Callie approaches …to talk. Then Callie looks around to see that everyone came downstairs to watch a punching match. She…the bigger person…walks away. Meanwhile, George runs down to the cafeteria to stop the ordeal. George bursts through the cafeteria doors and Alex strolls past George saying the fight didn’t happen. Then Alex takes a stab saying maybe the girls realized they were fighting over nothing.

Callie finally stands up to someone…the Stairmaster patient’s boyfriend who apparently agreed to date her when she became a size 4. WHAT A SHALLOW IDIOT! Her bone snapped because she’s not healthy. Jerkface! As Callie and the boyfriend fight over her condition, Ms. Stairmaster starts spitting up blood.

Passing the Baton

In the OR, George barges into the room as Callie and Bailey operate on Ms. Stairmaster. They discuss how she let it come to that, and Bailey struck a nerve when she told them that sometimes people just don’t want to be alone. They need to be loved.

The other OR contains more medical lessons and fewer life lessons. Lexi learns something during surgery, and Christina stood at the sidelines…coaching her. I’m actually proud of Christina. She will not only be a good surgeon, but a teacher.

Norman returns to the hospital with their “not-so dying” patient who decided to really start living. Unfortunately she quit her job. So when she hears she’ll live. She is crying - again. The Chief’s niece convinces him that she will not do the surgery. He gives her all the options in the world, but he cannot make her do any of them.

Callie approaches Ms. Stairmaster’s boyfriend to tell him that she died. Then Callie proceeds to rail on him for treating his girlfriend so badly. It gets to the point where Callie almost throws punches. But Bailey and George come to the rescue. Bailey asks Callie to spill her guts, but Callie remains tight-lipped.

On the way back into the hospital, Izzie and Callie bump into each other. Izzie apologizes for everything she did, and Callie sends her out on a rail. She breaks it down. Izzie has betrayed another woman…and there is no forgiveness for that. And there’s no forgiveness when the victim (Callie) continuously gets humiliated. Izzie stands there and takes her beating, like a real woman. A beating with no winners. An emotional beating.

Finish Line

Alex walks by Izzie and he tries to ignore her. Then he reveals his true emotions for her. In the past, she wasn’t ready for a relationship - after Denny. Now he finds out that she was ready for George. He’s just hurt to find he’s not the right guy.

McSteamy tells Meredith and Norman that he’s writing them up. The hospital just settled for a handsome sum with the “not-dying patient.” Meredith stands up for Norman, and McSteamy calls her stupid. Later, Adele confronts the Chief about their niece opting out of surgery. He tries to explain his duty as a doctor, but she cares much more about his duty as an uncle. She walks away disappointed in him…once again.

In the rainy parking lot, George talks to Callie about her forgiving him, and he doesn’t believe her. He doesn’t believe that she could possibly forgive him after what he’s done to her. Then she agrees with him about it. She doesn’t forgive him. And she just walks away.

Meredith runs up to Derek saying she’s ready to go away for the weekend. Then she confronts him about his conversations with Lexi. Instead of getting what she expects, Derek tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Of course, he says it with tons of finesse and charisma that I will never be able to translate to print. He tells her she’s not ready…and says he’ll wait until she’s ready. Unless someone else comes along. He coolly steps into the elevator…and the door closes on them.

Lexi thanks Christina for her help…but Christina goes back to the old Christina. No compliments…no names…just numbers and orders. At the house, Izzie cries in her pillow and there’s a knock at the door…it’s Alex. He throws her a box of Kleenex. Then he tells her to keep it down. At an even more depressing house, Callie sits on her bed…alone, wet and in the dark.

Final Thoughts

I flip-flop with Callie. The majority of the time I love her…and then there are times I totally disagree with her. Actually, I feel that way about most of the characters. It’s almost like they are real people. That’s what really makes a show. If I can disagree with them, then I get involved. I’m not sure what’s awaits our women this season…but I want Izzie and Alex together. I know right now that’s not feasible but I love their chemistry. Alex gets to Izzie…he sparks her fire. George seems like her best friend. He just has compassion for her, and her for him. They get each other. I don’t know…maybe everyone else seems something beyond the obvious.

So folks…share the thoughts…share the predictions…and share the love…only 3 comments last week?!? What kind of discussion does that spark? Until next Thursday…hasta luego.

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