Grey's Anatomy Recap: 10/11/2007

Love in an Elevator

Elevators were the hot spot at the beginning of this episode until Derek and Meredith do it in the linens closet. Let's start with the elevator - secrets. The interns talk about their envy of George while Lexi and Alex share looks. In a separate elevator, Christina realizes Meredith and Derek are still sleeping together while she watches them share their own glances. And Izzie watches as George exits the elevator with Callie; therefore, no break up.

Alex gets a new intern, Norman - Edward Hermann a.k.a Rory Gilmore's grandpa a.k.a an old man. The Chief seems to like him when he tells Alex that age is just a number. The Chief hears the news about one of his former patients where Dr. Sloane announces she still has cancer, and the cancer is in her tongue. Therefore after they operate she may never speak correctly again. Alex tries to pawn Norman off onto Bailey's clinic.

Izzie grabs George to find out what happened with Callie, which we all know he said nothing because she needed her night. Izzie's interns interrupt their conversation so she has to deal with a comatose patient who she calls "really old guy." As they leave the room, the old guy tells them he won't need his treatment, he plans to die today. And he then gives Izzie some sass about her calling him "really old guy." His name is Charlie DARN IT!

Dead Man Walking

Charlie heard all the convos of our team last year so it’s hilarious when he identifies them by their personal issues. While researching a new risky surgery, George questions Sloane and the Chief’s ability in doing something new. And they get insulted that he is basically calling them “old dogs.” In a quiet lounge, Bailey keeps a very despondent Callie in the loop- clearly our curvy cutie is depressed.

Sloane complains about George’s age comment, and they enter into some silly banter. Then Shepherd confides about his Meredith issues. Specifically, how Meredith won’t tell her best friend, Christina of course, about their sexual relationship.

Christina feigns sadness about Burke for sympathy from Meredith, or better yet for Meredith’s surgeries. In Charlie’s room, Izzie gets into a fight with Charlie about his last meal…AND THEN MY DELIVERY GUY SHOWS UP. My BLT interrupted this scene…what happened?!? If someone has a fabulous memory, please tell me. I need to invest in TIVO. When I got back Meredith was teaching her sister how to intabate someone.


The patient Lexi worked on died. She blames Meredith for not saving him, and then she yells at Meredith for not liking anyone in her family. Meredith and Lexi continue to argue, and Meredith sends Lexi to the clinic.

Apparently, what my late night meal interrupted was Charlie telling Izzie that George won’t end his marriage. I know this because Izzie confronts George about it…and he won’t tell her what she wants to hear. In the clinic, Alex and old intern Norman have issues with their teenage patient. The boy’s mom says drugs – he says otherwise. But suddenly he starts to talk gibberish so Alex stops using glove hands with Norman and takes action.

George tells Sloane’s tongue cancer patient that she should talk to her friends before the surgery. She should really say what she feels before she can’t anymore. So she insults her friends instead of spreading her love. In the land of arthritic, formally comatose patients, Charlie stops breathing.

Child’s Play

Izzie tries to save Charlie – our really old guy. And she does, but he tells her to stop saving his life. He’s so cute; in that cranky old man kind of way. Lexi goes to clinic and Bailey tries to send her back to Meredith, but Lexi begs like a child to stay. George’s patient blames him for her verbal diarrhea.

Shepherd meets Alex’s intern while they look at the teenage boy’s CAT scan results. He has swelling in his brain. Here Norman, old intern, reveals he used to be a pharmacist so he thinks everyone has a drug problem. In the pit, Meredith realizes Christina is faking sadness to get surgeries. Meanwhile, Izzie and Charlie have their own little repartee.

Bailey then confronts Callie about Callie hiding out…and Callie says she has no more fight in her. Sloane, Chief and George’s patient is on the operating table, and something happens that they are not sure how to fix.

Saving Grace

Sloane and the Chief need Shepherd to help with their tongue cancer patient. They send George to find him. On his way, George sees Izzie. He tells her that he is the one who has to pull the plug on his marriage, and he needs Izzie to back off. Izzie acts as if she understands. Over in the pit, Bailey confronts Meredith about Lexi and wants her to have more compassion.

In the clinic, Alex’s patient starts to convulse. He runs to get Shepherd, but Derek can’t leave Sloane and the Chief’s patient. So he tells Alex exactly how to help the boy. And Alex runs back, yells at Norman and pulls the boys eyelid back. This is where I turned because getting stabbed in the eye is one of my fears. Meanwhile, Izzie gets Charlie lobster and one of the nurses tells her that Charlie has checked himself out. She goes to Charlie. She doesn’t think George will leave his wife and she needs a friend. As she pours her heart out, he has already died in his wheelchair.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Alex apologizes to Norman for snapping at him, and Bailey goes off on Alex. She coaches him through the process in front of Norman. She says age doesn’t matter. Only pecking order matters because they are in life and death situation.

Sloane and the Chief seem to be excited about the surgery, but Shepherd gives them a piece of his mind. In the pit, Meredith beats Christina at her own game by taunting her about the healing process. Izzie holds her own little vigil with the other residents, and George, for Charlie. Each of them say something slightly nice, and Izzie called him a bastard. But she compliments him through it by saying his stubbornness gave her hope. OH, and the tongue cancer patient will heal, and her friends are there to forgive her…and give her a piece of their minds.

Meredith goes to Lexi to give her the notes from the day of Lexi’s mother’s death. Then Meredith says she was very fond of Lexi’s mom. Bailey gives Callie the satisfaction of saying she will be her right-hand woman. They will be one team instead of opposing teams. Alex goes into the elevator with Lexi, again stealing glances, and then he reveals George’s secret in front of George and other interns. George owns up to the facts and walks off. Norman gives Alex a sideways look, and Alex is back to being a jerkface. Finally, George goes home and Callie tells him to just say it. And George tells Callie that he slept with Izzie. WHAT?!? They always end their episodes with me wanting next week’s episode. I understand why people wait for the DVD to come out…they can watch everything in one sitting.

Final Thoughts

The theme of this episode seems to be truth and old dogs…new tricks. Can they acquire them? Speaking of old, will the old guy intern be here for a month, half a season, a year? What do you think? Christina seems to acquire tricks of her own when it comes to deceiving her friends. How much is she doing it because she’s selfish and how much is she doing it to strike back at Meredith for not sharing the Derek dish? Callie’s despondence is really depressing; her spark is gone and that was the best part of her. I think George will take forever to grow a pair and tell her about Izzie. And Izzie will have moved on from that. And who likes Izzie and Alex better than Izzie and George? So much to discuss and only so much space on this page. Give me some shout outs about your thoughts and feelings…and hey you can pose some questions to me and everyone else?

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