Grey's Anatomy Recap: 10/4/2007

Addicted to Love

Ahhh…Grey’s Anatomy…second episode of the season, can it live up to the expectations of the first week? George continues last week’s moment of confessing his love to Izzie. In a bedroom upstairs, Derek and Meredith continue their “friends with benefits” sexual escapade. Cut to: George saying he shouldn’t have gotten married…and then in a not so near apartment, Christina opens all her wedding gifts with a fervor second only to a hurricane. THEN George walks away right before he kisses Izzie. Where is he going? To break up with Callie.

Blow Out

At the hospital, the Chief makes time for his wife by “delegating,” but he can’t seem to let go of the control. George tries to confront Callie but she doesn’t have time for him. And Christina sells her wedding gifts for chances to scrub in. Poor Izzie wants a mix master (who doesn’t?!?) but apparently Izzie has nothing Christina needs. Christina gets a page and we get a fun quote, “Carnage trumps rounds.” She continues to refer to her interns as numbers - - very similar to something happening on House. Each of the residents start getting their patients from an apparent gas stove explosion. Christina gets a patient who has major issues from being in front of the stove. Ironically, Callie gives everyone patients. But she is less willing to give Izzie a patient – does she know?!? When all seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket (hurt baby, internal bleeding, stretchers full of injuries), Burke’s mother walks in looking for Christina.

Silk Stalkings

Christina asks Meredith to get rid of Mrs. Burke, and Izzie tries to hunt down George – simultaneously. So lots of Grey’s typical banter. Karev has a baby as his patient (pediatrics is his professional calling if you ask me), and he treats the little angel so sweetly. Awww!!! It makes me want to date Alex, if he shaved that nasty facial hair. In Meredith’s attempt to rid the hospital of Mrs. Burke, she gets TOLD…and slinks away without any service to Christina. In the clinic, Bailey has Lexi and some other intern working down there, and Lexi inadvertently disrupts Bailey’s peace. Instead of the strong Grey, she now has a whiney Grey.

Another injury from the explosion involves Izzie’s patient. Callie, McSteamy and Izzie work in a room while Izzie acts quite clumsy around Callie. Then Izzie tells George not to tell Callie because Izzie feels really uncomfortable around her. They get really close to kissing, but of course, no kiss. While seeking mercy from the interns, Bailey asks Meredith to control the clinic - as a thank you for saving her life. Meredith gets the displeasure of working with her half sister. George checks a young man for internal bleeding who gets super claustrophobic in the cat scan machine. Meanwhile George freaks out over his own issues.

Alex figures out his patient (the crying baby) has issues with his blood so he doesn’t trust the baby’s father. The reason? THE BABY IS STRUNG OUT ON METH!!! The husband and wife are running a meth lab, yes a meth lab caused the explosion. Meanwhile, George’s patient almost dies!!! Eek!

Infidelity, Drugs and Other Fun Ventures

The Chief has Callie handle the meth lab situation while he and McDreamy work on the meth mother. Once Callie gets word about the situation; she has Alex call the police and social services while McSteamy talks to Izzie’s patient about the crystal meth lab. It’s so sad…the man looks honestly hurt that they lied to him. Callie gets upset with Bailey who took Grey away from the trauma.

In a rather funny scene, Christina hides out in the clinic with Meredith. Page for Meredith. McDreamy tries to get Meredith to have lunch and she rejects him. “S & M only.” Sex and mockery. Genius. I love it!!! George has a heart to heart with Mama Burke, and she seems to have his marriage failures all figured out. Alex gets knocked out when he tells the meth daddy about the baby’s addiction. The dad then steals his child out of the room.

Betrayals of the Heart

The Chief rips Callie a new one while telling her the baby is missing and Alex was assaulted. Izzie overcompensates for her guilt by saying she thinks Callie is doing a good job. Callie seems to comprehend Izzie’s ulterior motive and kicks her out of the OR. In the clinic, Meredith patches up Alex, and Christina continues to freak out over Mama Burke.
The waiting room Christina avoids has McDreamy getting unintentional advice from Mama Burke. George’s patient is a meth addict so he has to break the news about his diagnosis. Looking through the ER, Callie starts freaking out about the baby, but clearly she masks her feelings about George’s apparent affair. McSteamy, of all people, gives her sage advice.

Lexi keeps trying to connect with Meredith, but Meredith rejects her. In fact, she rejects her wholeheartedly, saying she doesn’t want to know her. Meanwhile, McDreamy finds father and baby in the mother’s room. The baby is no longer breathing.

Great Expectations

In the gallery over the baby’s surgery, Bailey goes on about the baby having a stroke, and she goes off on Alex. It’s really endearing actually. No matter how much she pulls herself away, she loves her team. Lexi confronts Meredith about the crappy treatment she has received. But Meredith blames their dad for her behavior with men, and therefore, these two women can never relate, much less be related. Lexi has little response. What can she say?

George sits with his patient going withdrawal then said patient’s heart stops working. Christina talks to Mama Burke, and Mama Burke gets what she came for…the keys to the apartment. She has to collect Burke’s leftover items. Clearly, she hurts for Christina. She apologizes for Burke’s behavior. And also how Christina lost a husband and a teacher. Finally, Christina asks Mama Burke to get rid of the gifts and she confirms what we all already know – Burke will not be returning.

Last Call

Izzie sees George, and his patient died. Then George tells Izzie that he has to tell Callie despite the concerns. Christina sits with her patient who wakes up wondering what has happened. Through Christina’s oration, we learn the baby’s surgery went smoothly, the father/husband was taken into police custody and finally, finally Christina has some kind of bedside manner.

McSteamy invites McDreamy for a drink, and McDreamy starts to admit he has problems when it comes to Meredith. Izzie’s patient inquires after the baby, and he reveals they were like family. Later, George goes to Callie, but she won’t let him talk. She just had the day from hell, and she can’t take it. He listens to her pleas, finally walking her out. McSteamy tells Meredith that Derek will not make their “friendly” date, but McDreamy can’t let her go so he goes after her. Finally, Christina comes home to a nearly empty apartment, and she allows herself to reflect.

Final Thoughts

I cannot believe this episode. I actually kinda feel sorry for Lexi – she sucks, but sometimes Meredith can suck even more than the others. George and Izzie’s rollercoaster is already starting annoy me. I don’t even care if they get together anymore. Maybe it’s just my impatience but I heard a saying once, it was “S*** or get off the pot.” And I’m starting to finally feel that way. Either get on with it or get over it. Then Callie…is she going to be fired soon? Will Bailey get what is rightfully hers? And finally, Derek and Meredith…I either want them to be together or be apart. It’s like George and Izzie…I’m sick of it. Let’s get on with it already…sometimes I think Grey’s loses viewers for this reason alone. But I don’t care…it’s love/hate for me. I’m so involved in their relationships; I feel like the frustrated friend without a voice.

So give me your thoughts. Anyone else frustrated…but still sucked in. Or just frustrated. OOOHHH, or better yet give me Season 4 predictions…I want to look back at the end of the season and see what smarties were out there.

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