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Meredith wants to quit therapy.  Provoking her, the therapist calls her a quitter.  So Meredith fires her. Typical Mer.  Why can’t she be strong enough to accept her faults?  She’s so hard on everyone.  It’s a little frustrating.  Week after week our title character mentally and emotionally destroys herself. 

In big Seattle Grace News, Walter Tappley, the “god” of surgery, has come for a visit.  He even trained the Chief.  The Chief’s excitement is palpable, and he runs to Hahn to have Tappley scrub in with her.   Man, the guy even has Hahn’s knickers all bunched up.  

Meanwhile, Derek gets positive about the clinical trial.  Meredith seems jaded, and Derek offers her to opt out of this surgery.  The woman getting the surgery, Greta, wants to wait for her new love, Andre, before she goes through with this.  Derek and Meredith agree to give him a few hours to show up.  

In the hall, Derek and Meredith discuss the surgery.  Greta’s sister runs to them.  She thinks Andre is imaginary.  Apparently, Greta met him on a cruise, but no one can account for his existence.  He appeared the same time as her symptoms.  Hmmm…that sucks.  But sometimes I wish the unreliable guys I met were imaginary…sorry, bad joke. 

Izzie runs into Rebecca (Ava) in the hospital.  For some reason, Rebecca wants to see Sloane.  Izzie then breaks the news to her:  the pregnancy test says the baby isn’t there.    Rebecca says the test is wrong…she really is pregnant.  Izzie should check again. 

Callie comes rounding the corner with Cristina and pulls Meredith aside.  She hopes Mer can talk some sense into Cristina.  I agree Cristina’s “funk” is getting out of hand.  Yes, Burke sucks, but Cristina is a fighter.  Where’s her fight?  Where’s her fire?

In other news, Tappley is not here for a visit; he needs heart surgery.  None of his colleagues will operate.  Hahn asks why would they operate if no one else will….Tappley has the easiest answer ever.  He started the Chief’s career…so the Chief owes him one. 

Pump it Up

In the Chief’s office, Hahn refuses to perform the surgery on Tappley.  The Chief pushes her.  Instead she pushes back, and she puts her foot down.  Hahn is a powerful gal.  I miss the Burke dynamic…Hahn adds an interesting angle to the show. 

Rose confronts Derek about their sexual experience.  He apparently is avoiding her.  Men who don’t call after sex?  What is that?  I love Derek, but I’m with Rose here.

The Chief complains about Hahn refusing to operate with Sloane and Derek.  Then he asks their opinion on his sexual situation with his wife.   Again, they want to stay out of it.  Who wouldn’t?  He leaves them and gets George to write an e-mail to Adele.  Poor George.  He’s the Chief’s whipping boy. 

Izzie tells Alex about Rebecca’s non-pregnancy.  Alex flips out on her.  He wants her to mind her own business.  Poor Izzie.  She only wants to help her friend.  He’s making a huge mistake.  I have never liked Rebecca (Ava)…I think she sucks.  And she’s apparently crazy…

Meredith goes back to her therapist for her chart.  She gets turned away and barges in…on Hahn’s therapy session.  So everyone here is a bit crazy.  High stress job, I would be too. 

Bailey throws out assignments to her residents.  Then she gets paged from the hospital nursery about Tuck.  The Chief sends George to handle it…he needs Bailey here.  George…intern/errand boy extraordinaire. 

Cristina gets assigned to Tappley’s case…and she has Lexi do a central line.  Why isn’t she in there sucking up?  Lexi protests, but Cristina has spoken. WTF!?!  I don’t understand how Cristina can lose her fire.  Yes, her situation sucks.  BUT SUCK IT UP!!!

Meredith wants to get Greta into surgery in three hours.  Derek says six.  Meredith wants the woman to get rid of the fantasy sooner while Derek wants her to hold on to the fantasy longer.  What’s wrong with letting her have some extra moments of happiness?  I love how the patients on the show are metaphors for the characters. 

Flying High

George gives Tuck to Bailey.  He’s hitting other kids in the nursery.  Bailey really is every working mom’s hero.  She now must deal with a child while she deals with her rotations.  SUPERHERO!

Lexi asks for George’s help with the central line.  George refuses because he wants to be near Tappley.  Lucky for him, he’ll be doing the central line on Tappley.  Oh no, Cristina is sitting at the nurses’ station…there to taunt and be mean.  She makes fun of George still being an intern.  He wouldn’t be an intern if Burke were here.  George rises above the passive/aggressive BS.  Good for him. 

In a WTF moment, Derek tries to get advice from Sloane.  Sloane, really?  Advice on love?  But we have a new Mark Sloane on our hands.  He’s trying to be less of a whore…since he was called one by Bailey.  He thinks Derek should give it a real go with Rose.  Hmmm…I kinda do too.  No matter how much he loves Meredith, she needs to love herself first. 

George does the central line for Tappley.  Tappley compliments him, and George is on cloud 9.  His luck lately sucks…good for him.  I hope better things come his way.  The Chief walks in to have George do something else…George leaves. 

Tappley tries to leave since the Chief can’t get Hahn to do the surgery.  But the Chief insists he’ll convince her.  His mentor should stay; he’ll die either way. 

Cristina says she doesn’t want 5 minutes with Tappley; she wants an actual mentor.  Meredith listens, and Lexi comes to talk.   Meredith passes.  Then Cristina goes off on Lexi.  Telling Lexi that Meredith hates her. Lexi walks away…crushed.  I used to love Cristina…now her byotch-y attitude sucks.  I wish she’d just be who she was.  I don’t like who she’s become. 

In the caf, Callie tries to sleep with Sloane.  Sloane says she has to date him for that.  Then Hahn joins them for lunch, and then they joke around that the girls are lovers.  Sloane can’t take the fantasy of a threesome so he storms off.  And the girls just continue laughing.  Such an easy taunt, am I right?

Derek and Meredith talk to their patient. Greta insists that Andre exists.  Meredith pushes her for scientific explanations.  Derek tries to wrangle Mer in.  Then he insists they can wait until three for the surgery.  No matter what Meredith thinks.  Greta’s sister has Greta explain that her meeting with Andre is almost exactly like the story of Cinderella.  Greta holds strong to her story. 

Sloane examines Rebecca’s breasts.  She wants them to match her face.  She’s not happy with them.  Sloane won’t operate if she’s pregnant…and she says he owes her.  Hmm…Rebecca sucks.  GO AWAY!

Meredith confronts her therapist in the bathroom.  Literally while her therapist is in the stall.  She wants her chart.  Lexi then confronts Meredith in the bathroom.  She says she loves Meredith whether she wants her love or not.

Her therapist comes out of the restroom and books an appointment for Meredith right away.  And a weak little Meredith cedes.

Playing with Fire

Hahn gets angry about the position she has been put in. She agrees to the surgery, but she insists the Chief’s name is on the line…not hers.  After she leaves the room, Tappley admits he found someone else to do the surgery.  Instead, he wanted a friend with him.  In case it didn’t’ turn out well.  He thinks the Chief wo8ld be the best surrogate family…since Tappley doesn’t have one. 

Sloane talks to Izzie about Rebecca.  They think she has acute stress disorder.  Well, something is wrong with her people. 

George gets rid of his duties e-mailing Adele a sexy message.  The Chief is happy to have the responsibility back after George reads the least sexy e-mail ever.  Poor Georgie.  He’s just bad at romance.  That’s all. 

Callie tries to get Sloane into the on-call room.  He says all they do will talk.  And then Sloane starts talking sexually about Hahn.  Callie gets uncomfortable and leaves.

Hahn and the Chief are in the OR.  She’s nervous about doing it, but she goes for it.  Oh humor.  The Chief teases her saying “don’t screw it up.”

Meredith complains to her therapist about Derek protecting Greta.  Her therapist says Meredith is careless with her life.  She’s suicidal.  The therapist hits too close to come, and Meredith insists on getting her chart back.  The therapist is “really” fired…seriously. 


Hahn, Bailey and the Chief, in surgery, watch as Tappley flatlines.  Hahn starts to complain about this effecting her reputation…but then she fixes the problem.  And she doesn’t even realize it.  Ha.  Oh adrenaline.

In Greta’s room, Derek, Meredith and Greta’s sister wait for Andre.  Of course, the time passes and Andre doesn’t show.  Derek and Greta sit there, and she finally breaks down to cry.  She questions, “My head did this?  He was never there?”  And Derek shakes his head no.  Then she realizes her fantasy was fake.  And Derek seems really touched by her realization.  This, of course, mirrors his own awakening.  Sucks…I personally love fantasy.

Bailey and Tucker start fighting over Tuck.  And George comes into the room and grabs the baby.  Bailey and Tucker continue screaming back and forth. Both of them fight the blame.  Tucker accuses Bailey and she accuses him.  It’s nasty.  Break ups suck. 

Izzie does an ultrasound on Rebecca.  She shows her that a fetus isn’t there.  Rebecca refuses to believe it.  Alex comes in super angry to see what happened. Izzie leaves after showing Alex.  He goes to explain the situation to Rebecca, but she cries apologizing for losing the baby.  Not listening to Alex saying she was never pregnant. 

Meredith and Derek push the virus in Greta’s tumor at the same time.  A nurse comes into the room as Greta starts having problems.  Guess what?  Andre has arrived.  He’s real.  True love and fantasy can exist!!!  I feel this is a big WTF moment. 

False Sense of Security

George runs into Tappley’s room.  Tappley compliments George and tells him that he should keep at it.  Despite being held back, George is a good doctor and everything is a learning process.

Depressed, heinous Cristina sits on the floor in her funk.  Lexi runs by…but she, being the nice girl, asks Cristina if there is anything wrong.  Cristina gives Lexi a lecture about having a smoldering fire for surgery.  And Lexi counters by saying she saw Tappley’s surgery and that can’t be taken from her.  And all Cristina did today was some charts.

George, with Tuck, goes to see the Chief.  The Chief got a flirty response from Adele without even knowing it.  And there is multi-tasking George.  I hated him for a while…and now I love him again.  What a fickle world I live in.  

Derek and Meredith talk about Greta not waking up to her sister and Andre.  Meredith tells Andre how she didn’t think he was coming.  He starts crying.  He asks if she’ll ever wake up…and Derek shakes his head “no.”  So sad…he thought the fairy tale could continue.  Darn you Meredith…you and your disbelief. 

Sloane leaves work to find Hahn and Callie in the elevator.  Hahn says Sloane couldn’t handle her and Callie in a threesome.  Then Hahn kisses Callie and walks away with a bounce in her step.  Callie obviously felt something from it…because Sloane tells her “on call room…now.”  And Callie slowly goes there…with a beleaguered look.

As Rose leaves, Derek runs after her.  She doesn’t want to get her heartbroken.  And Derek says he has done complicated he just wants easy.  No fairytale…just happiness.

Meredith goes to see her therapist at the end of the day.  She is crying…well sniffling…and she admits that her mother tried to kill herself.  That happened when Meredith was a kid.  Meredith admits that she’s broken…and she tells her therapist to fix her…she’s no quitter.

Crazy…one two hour episode left.  What do you think can happen?  Meredith and Derek together?  Bailey and Tucker get back together?  Cristina will snap out of it...this isn’t a question…she must. 

Shout at me folks.

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