Grey's Anatomy Recap: Dr. Burke Returns

So, whenever Meredith thinks about Derek, she thinks about his tongue... in her mouth. And, since they're apparently on their fourth clinical trial together (no successful ones yet), she can't be thinking about tongues. Makes perfect sense, I'd say.

Boring therapist lady tells Meredith that in order to fix these fantasies, she has to think of the reality... aka that Derek is now with Rose. Boo reality!

Clinical Trial

Meredith and Derek meet with the next clinical trial victim, a member of the VA. More on that later, I'm sure.


Ahhhh, Dr. Sloane and Callie are totally having sex on the job. Why why why are they back to that? (Side note: we've learned that Bailey has brought her son to work.

There's all this chatter going around the hospital asking if Cristina has seen "it." Though we're supposed to not know what they're talking about, if you've seen the promos, it's obvious. It's a flier of Dr. Burke, saying he won some prestigious award. (In real life, Isaiah Washington is not too pleased that they're using his likeness in a show that fired him.)

Alex wants to move in with Rebecca. Remember, she's married... and it's not to Alex.

In a Patient's Room

Dr. Hahn
is going on about a patient and testing the interns. Yang looks extremely sad and Hahn tells her if she's that bored she can go to the morgue to harvest hearts. Cristina takes her up on the offer - obviously this Burke thing is getting to her.

We now go see the patient Hahn was talking about... she's in a bubble. Literally hasn't been next to another person in months. And, she desperately needs a heart.

When Hahn sticks her hand through the bubble (with a glove around it), we, for the first time, see Hahn showing some emotion. The good news: they've finally found her a heart.

Oh Dr. Sloane

The nurses are boycotting Mark Sloane's surgeries. They're so mad at him that they sent a Union rep. Best part/ Adele (the Chief's ex-wife) is the nurses' rep. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. This means drama.

The reason the nurses are pissed? Apparently when one employee is in a relationship with another employee, they have to register it. That would mean a lot of paperwork for Seattle Grace!

Poor Cristina

Cristina is not doing well. Not at all. In fact, while harvesting hearts in the morgue with Lexie, she starts singing... "Like a Virgin." This is soooooo not the Cristina we know. Of course, when Lexie starts to chime in, Cristina gives her a typical nasty Cristina look, and Lexi leaves.

George and the Chief

Since Dr. Webber lied to Adele and told her that he had an intern (so that she'd think he was doing less work and delegating), he needed to actually find an intern, since it was a blatant lie. So, what does he do? He asks George O'Malley to be his intern. This could get interesting.

Back to the Clinical Trial

Derek is practicing for the clinical trial with Meredith, and we all know what's really going on... Meredith is thiking about his tongue... and his hands... and being in sync with him (and not just during the surgery). Hurry up and get back together!


finds out (through test results) that Rebecca really isn't pregnant. But remember, her being pregnant is the reason Alex is changing his life around for her. And since Izzie can't get a hold of Rebecca, she really wants to tell Alex. Bailey of course says no to this, but who knows if Izzie will actually keep it a secret. And, could this mean there's actually something wrong with Rebecca --some sort of symptoms -- that made her think she was pregnant when she wasn't?

As the Chief's new intern, George gets the job of handing out the nurse-caused paperwork, telling everyone, "The Chief needs to know who you slept with by the end of the day. Please be thorough."

Oh dear, Rose asks George what they mean by "sexual relations." When she realizes it means sex, she hands the paper back to George, saying she won't need one of these. That's because she and Derek haven't had sex. Woohoo!

Dr. Hahn and Callie

Who thinks they're going to end up together??? We know Callie is totally only hanging out with Mark to avoid the reality that she and Hahn have something going on.

Dr. Hahn is totally jealous of Sloane and Callie.

Clinical Trial Part #3

Turns out the guy getting the surgery -- a soldier -- is gay and having a relationship with another soldier -- who left Iraq to be with his man. It's so sweet when they get to really express their emotions for each other, but when the patient's father walks in at the wrong moment, the father is not only furious, but we know it could ruin their careers (Don't Ask, Don't Tell). Definite social commentary in Grey's tonight.


Dr. Sloane totally lets on to Rose that he knows they haven't had sex. Uh oh. Maybe this will make Rose mad enough that they'll break up and Derek will be free for Meredith. (Can you tell which team I'm on?)

Ick.... I was wrong. This instead caused Rose to ask George for one of the forms.

And Alex forgot to put Lexi on his list. George points this out in front of Lexie. Alex literally says, "Oh, I forgot." Then, when he walks away, Lexie freaks out, as anyone would, saying, "He forgot he had sex with me!?!"

Dr. Hahn and Yang

So, since Alex's temperature is slightly high, he can't help Hahn with the surgery for the woman in the bubble. This means singing Cristina must scrub in. While they're waiting for the heart to arrive, Hahn tries to reach some common ground with Cristina, since they're both angry about Burke (Hahn's mad she didn't win the award). However, Cristina remains silent. This is really hitting her hard.

Clinical Trial Part # 4

Meredith and Derek have to inject the virus at the exact same time. Meredith starts to move too fast, and Derek tells her to stop looking at the machine, but to look into his eyes. Well, that was a moment!

Izzie Stays Quiet

Just when she's about to slip up and tell Alex about the non-pregnancy, she shuts her mouth. Shocker.

Callie and Hahn

Hahn tells Callie she doesn't make friends easily and she's awkward, but she made friends with Callie, but now Callie has Sloane. Hahn is mad at Callie for not telling her about Sloane. Instead of being one of those girls who tells her she's excited about her new boyfriend, she disappeared. Hahn is not happy.

Clinical Trial Part # 5

Meredith says she'll stay late to measure the patient's intracranial pressure. Derek says he'll stay with her. And then at that moment Rose walks over to see how the surgery went. Rose then asks if Derek is going to head home with her, and he says he needs to stay in the hospital that night. Meredith then does something crazy and tells Rose to wait and then tells Derek that he can go home with her. Derek says he'll stay if Meredith wants him to, but she says no. What is she doing!?!??!

Callie and Sloan

Callie bursts into Sloan's office and says she wants sex. Now. He says he's not in the mood because his surgeries were all canceled. Will this open the door for Callie and Hahn?

Woman in the Bubble

She starts having convulsions (or breathing issues, or something), and when she stops moving, slightly-high temperature Alex bursts through the bubble to help. I hope he doesn't get in trouble for this! Karev does save the day though.

George and the Chief

George is angry because he realized that the Chief only chose him as his intern to help get in good with Adele. He tries to quit, but Richard convinces him that he really wants him in this job.

Clinical Trial Part # 6

The patient passes away during the night. Very sad. Derek shows up at the hospital to go over the results with Meredith. He tells her that they will succeed and they will save someone. And when they do, they'll open a bottle of champagne and celebrate.

Woman in the Bubble Part # 2

"Dr. Karev saved your life, but the chance you were exposed to an infection is great," Hahn tells the patient. She's still at the top of the list for a heart, but now she has to remain in isolation. Poor lady.


The chief tells Cristina that even though Dr. Burke is no longer at the hospital, she still has to fill out the sex form. He then tells her he knows this is difficult. She says it's not difficult. She still lives in his apartment, walks the halls of his hospital, wears the same scrubs.  None of that's difficult. But what is difficult: she performed his surgeries when his hand shook, she kept his secrets, and yet her name is not in his article.  "I am the unseen hand to his brilliance, and yet while everything is the same it's very, very different... It's not difficult. It's unbearable."

Dr. Sloane and the Nurses

Bailey calls the nurses together and tells them that Dr. Sloane is a whore. She tells them it's not a secret, and they all knew that before they got involved with him. But, he's a doctor, and a good one. "So let's all close our knees and get back to our jobs, so he can get back to his job and help the people that really need it." You tell them, Bailey!

The End...

Alex is pissed at Izzie for thinking he can't handle a kid. The soldier's father acknowledges his son's boyfriend for the first time and lets him say goodbye to his boyfriend's body. (Extremely emotional scene.) Adele thinks that maybe Richard has changed. (They need to get back together.) Izzie kept her secret, even though "it killed" her. Bailey's husband is out on a date. Meredith realizes she was a good doctor. Lexie called three of her exes to find out how unforgettable she is. Callie tells Hahn she's been avoiding her. She also tells her that Addison thought they were lesbians. Hahn starts to laugh, as if totally surprised, and two break out into hysterics. (I still don't believe it). Yes!!! Adele and Richard sleep together!

No!!! Derek slept with Rose! But... yes!!! He said, "The whole time I was thinking about Meredith." Meredith's therapist tells her that her "good day" is a load of crap... Meredith needs to admit that Derek being with Rose means he's not with her.


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