Grey's Anatomy Recap: 9/27/2007

Freshmen Orientation
Ahh…fresh start….fresh season. Who doesn’t love the first day of Grey’s Anatomy each fall? And George is back at Seattle Grace? And Meredith, Izzie, Christina and Alex are all residents. They are ALL the new “Nazi” with their own interns. It’s quite funny actually; it reminded me of day one on Grey’s Anatomy -- that magical time when all of this was new.


Home Room
Let’s breakdown the beginning: George is an intern -- again -- in Meredith’s group, and George's wife, Callie Torres, rules the roost of residents. Bailey holds a grudge against Torres, and I don’t blame her. She lost out her chief resident spot. Burke is gone -- not just away -- but gone gone. McDreamy has no friends to bounce his ideas off. And the Chief is still snarky and kicking it. Izzie continues her crush on George while her interns talk smack about her “Denny History.” Oh ,and did I mention Meredith’s half-sister happens to be an intern at Seattle Grace? Ten minutes in and we already have CRAZINESS, and some patients are rushed in from a car accident.

Head of the Class
Without a doubt, George feels a bit ahead of the game compared to his fellow interns. In fact, he might as well be “Papa Intern.” Too bad Callie points that fact out -- much to his bruised-ego-dismay. Meredith’s half-sister, Lexi, reveals herself to be the girl who met Derek at the bar during last season’s finale. Meredith feels a bit heartbroken to learn her half-sister hit on her man. To top off her frustration, Meredith’s pregnant patient's arm was severed in the car accident and is lost. Luckily, it is hand delivered from a man and his son. In that same section of the ER, Izzie’s interns continue to lose their faith in her because she has no cases to scrub in on. And just when things couldn’t get more awkward, Izzie decides to operate on an injured deer in the back of the truck that belongs to the man and boy who delivered Meredith’s patients arm.

Alex complains about having a boring patient, whom he thinks is a nut job. Torres reams him as his interns watch. During this scene, Alex’s patient ingests every metal object available. Nuts!!! In the parking lot, Izzie continues to play veterinarian. McSteamy checks out Meredith’s patient and okays the reattachment of the arm. While Meredith preps the arm, Christina laments about not seeing Burke all day; she doesn’t know about his departure. Then, the rest of the resident gang wanders into the room to talk about their crazy days. George bursts in to give Meredith a message, and then he acts like none of them are friends. He leaves as abruptly as he came in. Oh yeah, and the Chief admits to Bailey that he hasn’t moved back in with his wife because she won’t let him. A little bit later, McDreamy breaks the news to Christina about Burke, and she pretends to be fine. Some things never change.

Intro to Psych
Man, I forgot to mention Christina’s patient. When the man was pulled out of the ambulance, the EMT’s considered him dead. But, he was actually alive. Now McDreamy tells her that that said patient is hanging on by a thread -- literally his skull is only attached to his body by skin and muscle. Christina has to tell the man’s family to go ahead and say goodbye; however, Christina/McDreamy perform the surgery with a bit of hope. Meanwhile, Alex seeks Bailey for advice and wants to get better patients. Torres vents her frustration to Bailey a few moments later, and Bailey just shakes her knowing head. In a corridor, Izzie confronts George about her declaration of love, and he basically blows her off. He cares more about his pain of interning again. Then the cocky McSteamy tries to give McDreamy advice about Meredith, but instead he gets told. Booyah!

Anatomy 101
Christina coaches a man through his surgery while coaching herself through her own pain of losing Burke for good. Izzie continues working on the deer in front of a little boy and his cynical father -- and her cynical interns. But guess what?!? Izzie gives hope to herself and the little boy once she revives Bambi. Back in the real OR Meredith and McSteamy sew their patient's arm on while George delivers the woman’s baby simultaneously. In an OR down the hall, Bailey is helping Alex operate on his patient who swallowed everything but the kitchen sink. Torres interrupts to reprimand him for paging Bailey instead of her, but good old Mama Bear Bailey sticks up for her former intern. Meanwhile, Lexi and George have a bit of a heart-to-heart outside the nursery. He laments his sorrows, and she laments hers. A connection is formed. Hmm... I’m not sure about this one. Romance in the next couple of seasons? Perhaps.

Final Period
Chief barges into Bailey’s OR to talk about her not getting Chief Resident. She gets upset, but he basically tells her he wants her to become a better surgeon, not a better manager. McSteamy professes his love for McDreamy in a slightly homosexual way; however, McDreamy doesn’t completely blow him off. There seems to be room for a friendship to grow back. Izzie stops being Ms. Nice Girl and tells her interns off, and I gotta say I felt good for her. Lexi gives her new friend George a boost in the intern locker room. She doesn’t tell the other interns that he has interned before. Therefore, he gets a self-esteem boost by being the best intern in the room. Christina talks to Alex about missing Burke. Meredith tries to break things off with Derek after she avoids her half-sister. But Derek wins her over once again and they end up doing the dirty. Lastly, George shows up at Izzie’s door to tell her that he loves her, too.

Final Thoughts
How can they end the episode like that? I want more. I want a two-hour premiere. I mean I’m not complaining about checking out hottie Michael Vartan on Grey's follower, Big Shots, but I want it all. I love having all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. It allows me to get as much as I want in one sitting. I’m a frickin’ addict. Anyway, do you think Callie and George’s marriage will end?m Will Meredith and Derek ever end their affair? How long will Lexi be on the show? I need answers, and only my loyal readers can provide them! I can’t wait to hear from you gals. Let’s meet next week for another dose of Grey’s and some more gossipy fun.

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