Grey's Anatomy Season Finale...Back in the Game

*WARNING:  Two Hour epsiode = EXTRA long recap

Okay.  First, I’d like to say thanks for all your comments last week…even Claire who seriously hates my personal issues with Meredith.  I love a fresh perspective.  And we each have our bias so though this is our last blog this season…please keep it up.  Tell me what you love, tell me what you hate…just put it on the boards people!

Rock Bottom

Meredith and Derek keep losing patients with their trial…and they continue opening the fridge with the unopened champagne bottle.  The one Derek bought for their future celebration.  Now it’s a shining reminder of their failures.  Champagne should never equate failure.  EVER!

At her therapy session, Meredith opens up about her mother’s attempted suicide.  Meredith’s mother sliced her wrists with a scalpel and Meredith did not call 911 until she passed out…so her mother wouldn’t get mad.  Dr. Wyatt asked whom Meredith is angry at, if she’s not angry with her mother.  Meredith doesn’t know (because therapy is about learning) and Dr. Wyatt isn’t telling her (again…therapy = learning).

Later, Meredith and Cristina lay in bed together.  Meredith wants to cheer Cristina up, but none of their normal antics work.  Mocking.  Self-loathing.  Instead, Meredith gives over the sparkle pager…because she knows Cristina is in her deepest depressive state yet.  This really is Cristina’s rock bottom.  I’m glad she finally is getting out of her “blahness.”  Yay to fun/competitive Cristina.

Sloane, Shephered and the Chief are at the top Derek’s land discussing their rights to be a man.  Sorry guys…personal issue with men talking about “their rights.”   I tend to tune out.  But the bottom line is that Derek is going to sell his land.  He doesn’t think he needs it anymore.  He’s no longer building a house.  Poor Derek.  His chutzpah is gone too.  

At Casa de Residents, Alex forces Rebecca to eat.  He asks Izzie to cover for him at the hospital.  Izzie agrees, but she doesn’t think Rebecca is doing well.  Alex doesn’t really want to listen to her so he just acts like a tough guy.  He can handle it. 

O’Malley tells Bailey that she is not putting enough time in the OR between the clinic and her Chief Residency responsibilities.  She starts to stare into space.  She wants to get the big picture.  Izzie interrupts to get assistance, but Bailey is too into the zone. 

Callie and Sloane are having sex.  Like hot, sweaty sex.   Whoa!!!  Sloane’ dirty talk involves Callie getting down and dirty with Hahn.   She starts getting confused by it and is not sure how she should feel.  In the nick of time! Callie gets an emergency page.  So instead of stopping she tells Sloane to hurry it up.  Rawr, Callie. 

Izzie starts to spill about Rebecca and Alex.  The craziness happening in their house is no interest to Meredith.  She’s concentrating on succeeding in her clinical trial.  Cristina walks over all happy.  The sparkly pager gets shown with jealousy from the rest. Izzie pleads that its non-transferable, but they both get paged at the same time.

The page is a major trauma.  So Izzie and Cristina argue over who gets it.  Bailey rules in Cristina’s favor.  And Izzie now must cover Alex’s rounds.  Callie walks over acting really weird as everyone “suits up” in their med gear.  Sloane starts teasing her about looking hot and bothered.  Hahn asks what’s wrong.   Then Callie starts stuttering over her words, confusing Bailey.  And they run outside to see their patient. 

Their patient?!?  Oh yes.  It’s crazy.  Possibly the craziest case I’ve seen on any TV show.  The boy is surrounded by cement.  He has literally made himself into a human statue.  It’s pretty insane.  And I’m excited to see what our heroes do. 

Love is a Battlefield

Callie interviews the kids who dared the boy to take a swim in dry cement.  It’s three boys and one girl.  Callie asks why they would dare their friend to do that, and the girl gives her attitude.  The boy in cement…he’s not their friend.  He just hangs around them.  Then Callie puts the kids in their place…making them look like morons. 

Bailey is dealing with the firefighters and EMTs.  Deciding the best course of action,  Bailey assures the boy that he can make it.  She promises him his life…and she never makes those promises.  He starts to cry and get upset, but Bailey is fantastic.  Some people are just made to be caregivers. 

Derek and Meredith meet with their latest patient.  Actually, two tumor patients who happen to be dating.  The girl, Beth, has her family surrounding her…and the boy, Jeremy, seems to be all alone in the world.  Derek and Meredith find the relationship endearing while Beth’s parents are worried if he dies she won’t fight to stay alive.

Chief and O’Malley walk down the hall and he wants O’Malley to research toxins in cement.  George is on the case…of course.  Intern to the Chief.  So lame…yet George needs the positive boost.  He deserves better. 

The Chief walks into the cement patient’s room alone and sees only EMT and firemen.  He goes into another room where all the surgeons are fighting.  Cristina breaks it down for the Chief.  Callie wants first shot to check the bones.  Hahn wants first shot to check the heart and lungs.  Sloane thinks they should look at third degree burns first.  Bailey wants to worry about his lever.  In other words, everyone thinks their way is the right way.  Now the Chief must figure out the best course of action…quickly!

Rock Steady

George is going through the Chiefs drawers for books and he casually pulls open the residents’ files.  He starts to get curious but he resists temptation.  It’s George here….and he knows sometimes the truth does not set anyone free.  I’m impressed with his ability to rise above all the BS.  Him and Izzie annoyed me together…but I truly like George.  He’s a great character. 

The Chief decides everyone will work as a team as the rescue team removes the concrete.  They’ll each attend to their specialty and work together to keep Andrew, cement boy, alive.  I like the whole concept of teamwork this episode.  None of us stand-alone.  Even when we feel like there is no one else. 

Meredith walks up to Rose and says hi.  And Rose knocks over some papers.  She says Meredith intimidates her.  She shares that Derek is now selling his land.  Meredith reassures Rose and just casually walks away.  Though she is definitely jarred by Derek selling the land.  That was where their home was going to be…and now it’s going to be someone else’s dreams…someone else’s home. 

At the house Alex tries to hang out with Rebecca.  They are watching a movie, but Rebecca can’t even pay attention to it.  She apologizes because she wet her pants.  She’s seriously ill.  Alex is really sweet with her.  He’s a bit blinded.  He doesn’t see how large her problems are.  He’s not a psych resident…he needs to turn her over to the right doctors. 

Beth tells Jeremy about a fellow support member.  Jeremy learned she died from radiation.  It didn’t work…and she didn’t recognize her husband in the end.  Beth’s mother tries to get Beth another room, but Meredith refuses to help with it…by being aloof.  Beth asks her mother to leave so she can have some privacy with Jeremy.  And they begin to fight…and Jeremy seizes.  This is the cutest couple.  It’s so sad.  Two terminally ill patients finding love through their mutual illness. 

Rock and Roll

Derek checks on Jeremy.  And Jeremy asks about Beth.  Their concern for each other is really sweet.  I’m not sure if its puppy love or deeper.  They are still going through with his surgery.

Andrew, cement boy, reveals he jumped into the cement for a girl.  The one in lobby.  He likes her so much he thought he could impress her.  Normally he’s a straight A student.  However, he just needed her attention.  Amen brother.  But I would never jump into a vat of cement.  True love people here…true love.

Meredith finds out her trial gets one last patient.  If the patient dies they are shutting down the clinical trial.  Poor Meredith.  She has put her heart and soul into the project.  To be closer to Derek?  Maybe a little.  But I really think this matters to her. 

Dr. Wyatt and Meredith argue over her anger at the Chief and her mother’s past with him.  Her frustrations with him closing down her trial also mirror her frustrations with the affect he had over her mother.  I really like these breakthroughs.  This way Derek won’t have to be lover, protector and therapist. 

Meredith wants to push both Jeremy and Beth through the surgery today.  She tells Derek about the Chief closing them down after midnight unless they have success.  She doesn’t mention that they should only be operating on one patient.   

Beth really wants to see Jeremy.  They are the last two alive from their support group.  But her parents make her feel the need to stay with them.  That’s a real tough one.  You want your child to feel love, but you only may have a limited time left with them.  So you want every minute together. 

Lexi and George have a bitchfest.  It’s fabulous.  He complains about researching the cement boy because he can’t actually be in the room.  He talks about his talents being underused, and then admits his temptation to read the Chief’s files.  Lexi’s eyes light up…uh oh.  Trouble is a-brewing folks. 

Andrew continues talking about how he thinks he has a stupid life.  Bailey talks Andrew through it.  She’s so sweet and continues to be supportive.  Andrew has compared himself to Han Solo.  Bailey at first looked jarred by the reference.  But then she has a vast knowledge of the series.  She applies it to Andrew’s situation.  All the other surgeons seem shocked.  In fact she’s so good she makes Andrew laugh. 

Beth struggles on the wall to walk towards Jeremy’s room.  Derek and Meredith see her struggling and they run over with a wheelchair.  She doesn’t want the last time to see Jeremy when he was seizing.  Touching stuff here ladies…and gents?  Do guys even read this blog? 

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Beth asks to be alone with Jeremy so they can both lose the virginity before they die.  She wants to know if it would kill them.  Derek says no.  She wants to know what its like…and she asks if its magical.  Derek gives a quick yes and Meredith says it can be.  Derek says with the right person and he looks at Meredith.  The sparks are flying folks…but my bet is they won’t end up together until the end of the episode or some time next season. 

Alex goes to bathroom where Rebecca is in shower.  She’s letting the water run over her and continues talking about losing the baby.  Her apologies get more and more drone like.  She seriously has issues.  Alex just keeps letting her get worse.  It may be true the closer you are too the problem the less equipped you are to handle it.

 Jeremy and Beth get private time…and it seems as if they may have sex.  Outside the room’s door, Derek says he never has pimped for his patients.  Meredith and Derek talk about sex.  When it’s new its sweet and seems infallible.  Derek prefers old, comfortable sex.  Mid-sex convo, Beth’s parents ask where she has gone to.  Meredith makes up an excuse about MRIs and then has her parents fill out paperwork.  So sweet…kinda weird if this were real life.  But it being television and all very sweet. 

Lexi seems up to something.  OH.  She’s trying to steal the files from the Chief’s office.  Almost foiled by Izzie…. but she breaks into the office.  Bad Lexi.  Bad.  But you are so cute when you do crazy things. 

Meredith and Derek walk in to ask how the sex was.  It’s pretty funny actually. “Old doctors” asking kids about their sex lives.   Jeremy and Beth discuss seeing each other after the surgery is over.  Beth gives him a goodbye speech.  And he refuses to believe they are finished.  He’s not finished loving her.  How sweet is that?  Meredith and Derek watch their passion.  He gets wheeled away.  Beth looks at Derek and says, “Do not kill him.” PRESSURE!

Rock the Casbah

Meredith and Derek talk about the surgery.  She becomes optimistic.  And he says he’s trying to move forward.  He seems almost over it…even while they are operating on the patient.  Not exactly reassuring.  You know what I mean?  Derek is always the positive one.  Where’s his unbridled optimism? 

Lexi pages George.  She read all the residents files.  And George only failed the intern exam by one point.  Then she reveals all the other information about our favorite residents.  Alex wrote an essay to get in.  Cristina is brilliant…grades…scores…a PHD…go figure.  Izzie took 6 years to finish med school in a night program.  All kinds of interesting back-story we get in pieces, laid out to there for us. 

The doctors watch as the rescue team works on Andrew.  They are taking off more pieces of concrete while the doctors rest.  Bailey keeps thinking they are missing something…and Cristina asks what is it.  Bailey goes over the possibilities aloud causing everyone to think about it.   Bailey realizes they need a catheter in him…or his bladder will explode.  Good work Miranda Bailey!  You rock my world!  No pun intended with the cement episode and all.

At the house, Alex chops a tomato for a sandwich.  Izzie calls to ask Alex about Rebecca.  He gets annoyed by Izzie’s nosiness…Alex is distracted by something Rebecca is doing.  He stops talking to Izzie…hmm…what the heazy…she hurt herself somehow..I guarantee it. 


Derek calls Jeremy’s time of death. 

Alex runs to Rebecca and there is blood all over her hands and she drops the knife. 

Meredith walks into the room.  Beth says for Meredith not to say anything.  And she really begins flipping out…and Meredith just says sorry. 

Derek opens the fridge and throws the champagne out.

One half down everyone…1 hour left until we have to wait a whole summer for our friends to return. 

Rock-a- Bye Bye

Izzie stands at the clinic door.  Alex walks through the door with Rebecca in his arms.  Alex says he’s got it and tries to push Izzie out of the way.  He needs to learn to lean on his friends more.  They love him…his guard is up so high I don’t know when he’ll be able to let it down. 

Derek gives Beth and her family the option of opting out of the surgery.  Her parents don’t want her to do it.  Beth wants to fight for her life.  Meredith pushes for her surgery though Derek is hesitant.  No surgery means death…no matter what.  She says she’s not done with her life yet.  Jeremy would be mad if she just gave up.  So sad and so sweet, all at once.

Callie goes to see Lola.  Andrew wants to see her.  Callie makes Lola feel like crap.  Callie realizes that Lola cares about him.  Lola admits that he’s really her friend.  Callie thinks that Lola likes him as more than a friend.  But Lola gets taunted by the stupid friends.  And she lets them convince her to not see Andrew.  Callie tells her that in the future, she’ll regret this and hate herself.  And she’ll be right in hating herself.

Derek and Meredith discuss Beth.  And he is angry.  She backed him into a corner when he didn’t want to do this surgery.  They have killed 12 people, and Derek doesn’t want to kill a 13th.  Meredith has the ego…not him.  After the surgery, he is done with her.  Done with the trial…done with seeing her and working with her.  No Derek…we all know you aren’t.  Don’t make stupid empty threats. 

Rocky Horror

Andrew talks about how much he likes Lola. And he’s so sad she won’t come in to be there with him.  Callie holds his hand.  Bailey coaches him through.  She tells him that he could crash after they move the last piece of concrete from his abdomen.  His heart and lungs will stop…but Bailey says she will bring him back.  If he sees white light…he should not go into it.  I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!!!  If I were in a hospital, I would want someone with her bedside manner. 

Dr. Wyatt says that Meredith’s mother did not want to die.  Meredith doesn’t understand what Dr. Wyatt means.  But Dr. Wyatt won’t give her the answers.  Meredith must figure it out on her own.  Good therapist.  Love the therapy device.  Makes things a bit more bearable.  Self-destruction is hard to watch. 

Derek is researching but he’s frustrated so he throws his book.  Really, that’s all that happened in that scene. 

 Lexi goes over all her information.  She thinks she did George a favor.  But he didn’t want to know.  He can’t believe she put this information in his head.  By checking one answer wrong he changed his life completely.  But George is doing so well. 

Alex works on Rebecca.  He doesn’t think she needs psych.  And Alex gets angry and calls Izzie a stupid bitch.  It’s quite shocking.  I cannot believe he’s getting that emotional.  He’s so blind with his love…it’s too hard to watch. 

Combat Rock

Callie and Sloane talk about their sexual experience.  He realizes that Callie thinks about Hahn all the time.  And he’s convincing Callie to see what he sees.  Its time for her to act on her emotions.  It’s almost a pep talk of sorts.  Good for Sloane.  “Manning up.” 

Lexi goes into the viewing gallery and tells George about his letters.  Lexi says that she is glad she read those letters.  They describe the doctor she wants to be.  Everyone else only gets smart.  But he has so many details and great qualities that make him more than smart…they make him great.  And after she’s done…she gets up and leaves.  Great pep talk!

Izzie brings Bailey out of the surgery.  Bailey says that Izzie can eject Alex right now.  She’s the doctor and he’s the loved one.  She doesn’t have time to deal with Izzie’s problems.  Izzie knows what she needs to do. 

Cristina starts working on Andrew during surgery.  She talks about the status and she finally says right Chief?  And he gives her the approval she was looking for.  The reinforcement she has so long desired.  Good for her.  The Chief listened to her rant. 

Rose and Derek wait for Beth.  Derek says this clinical trial is making him a failure.  He didn’t want to do this in the first place.  He says, “I fail her over and over and over.”  And Rose says you mean “them” the patients.  And Derek doesn’t correct her so he walks away. 

Cristina continues working on Andrew.  He starts to crash…and she pumps his heart.  And she finally says she can save him.  She knows what needs to be done. The Chief and Bailey request to get Hahn…and Cristina says it will take too much time.  She has done this before.  And they respect her….allow her to prove herself. 

Derek goes over to Beth and says we don’t have to do this.  She asks if he’s scared.  And she says she is too.  So “let’s just leap.”  They put her under anesthesia and Derek smiles.  He’s ready for his last surgery.  Or will it be his last?  Oh no.  This is do or die time…he’s gotta save her. 

Hahn comes into Andrew’s surgery to correct Cristina.  And Cristina rips her head off.  The Chief strokes Cristina’s ego by telling Dr. Hahn that Cristina is a bit of a savant.  And Hahn tries to correct Cristina’s method…but Cristina continues working and yells more.  Finally the Chief holds his ground and Cristina will finish working…Hahn will step down. SNAP!  Go Cristina.  The man has held you down this season…now its time to swing back into action. 

Punk Rock

The Chief comes out of surgery.  Rose is over at the board when the Chief realizes that Meredith scheduled two clinical trials today.  Rose accidentally reveals that Grey said it was okay by the Chief. He’s a bit steamed and Rose seems like she honestly made a mistake.  She didn’t mean to rat Meredith out.  So weird…exes and their current “whatevers.” 

The Chief goes over to Hahn to say that she should be happy.  Her resident performed the surgery on her own.  If Hahn wants to survive at Seattle Grace she will need to become a better teacher.  She walks away and glares at Cristina.  Cristina puts her head down and the Chief says that Cristina better hold her own now that he sang her praises. 

Izzie brings a psychiatrist over to Rebecca.  She explains the situation to Rebecca and pulls Alex aside.  Izzie threatens to call the police.  Alex breaks down…. he’s done this before.  His mother had mental issues, and he couldn’t take care of her because he was a child.  So sad.  Man this episode is the heartbreak special. 

Meredith comes home to see Rebecca’s blood all over the floor.  Almost like her mother all over again.  Meredith wipe s it up…but it won’t seem to come out. She rubs harder.  Cleansing.  How strange is that? 

Rocky Road

The Chief walks in while George watches over Andrew who had a successful surgery thanks to C-town.   George and the Chief discuss that everyone gets a second chance.  And he never got his.  He pleads his case about deserving a second chance.  The Chief says that George can retake the test. 

Meredith and Beth’s parents discuss Beth’s status.  She hasn’t woken up yet.  Her parents want to know when they should start worrying about her not waking up.  Meredith doesn’t give them an answer.  Kinda like the death of a relationship.  When exactly is it dead? 

Callie walks out of the ER.  Lola is still waiting.  Lola is so worried about what would happen to Andrew.  Callie gives her the status. Sometimes honesty means more than anything else.  Hmmm…honesty with one’s self, Callie? 

Alex goes to see Rebecca.  He called her husband.  He left Rebecca and took the baby.  She has borderline personality disorder.  This breakdown has been long coming.  Alex realizes she needs help and he can’t give it to her.  He explains that she will be transferred to a psychiatric facility.  She wanted to make it easier for Alex this time…she continues apologizing. He tells her; its okay she tried.

The Chief and Meredith have a confrontation about her doing two surgeries.  Then Meredith opens up about her mother’s attempted suicide.  She points the blame at the Chief. 

She goes to see Dr. Wyatt.  She explains that her mother was an extraordinary surgeon.  She would have slit her carotid artery instead of her wrists.  She did that to get Richard’s attention.  She also wanted Meredith to become extraordinary.  Not just in surgery. 

Rocket Man

Bailey checks on Andrew.  Bailey smiles when he wakes up.  She then shows that Lola came to see him. Lola bends down and kisses him on the lips.  Callie stands outside while they kiss.  She smiles saying he’s waited his whole life for that.  Hmmm…desire for things that don’t seem right?  Oh dear Callie…patient’s reminding you of your own life. 

Lexi runs into Alex in the elevator.  She reveals her knowledge of him lying on his essay.  He ignores her and walks away upset.  She asks if he’s okay.  And he just walks out after the elevator doors open.  Poor Alex.  You are so damaged…and sexy. 

Meredith and Rose are in the x-ray room.  Beth’s tumor is shrinking.  They both get excited.  Meredith says they should go tell Derek together.  Rose thinks that Derek would rather just hear the news form Meredith. 

Cristina paged Lexi.  Cristina is now ready to teach.  She wants to teach her how to do a certain stitch on a banana.  She saw Hahn’s reaming and she knows she must teach to be the best surgeon she can be.  Go Cristina.  You are back…and better than ever!!!

Derek walks by as Beth’s mom cries.  He walks over to see Beth wake up.  She’s drowsy, but he’s happy that she’s alive.  Derek runs to get the champagne out of the trash.

Bailey gives Izzie the keys to the clinic.  She must let go of something in her life.  She loves the clinic, but it’s not her top passion.  Izzie should be in charge. She’s a good doctor and she loves it.  It’s her baby now.  Bailey even calls Izzie a fantastic doctor.  Awww…I love Izzie. 

The Chief is leaving the trailer.  Meredith calls out for Derek in the other trailer.  The Chief tells her that Derek left.  And then he tells her that she may not see, but he’s a good guy.  He doesn’t always do the right thing.  He’s not a bad person because of it.  Wow…tough stuff here between her and a possible father figure. 

Sloane and Callie walk out together.  She wants to go another round, but Sloane pushes her to act on her feelings.  Callie walks over to Hahn.  Callie goes into to kiss Hahn.  Because she can’t say how she feels.  Lip on lip…Hahn is shocked. 

Derek runs to Meredith’s house.  Of course, she’s not home. 

Richard goes to see Adelle.  He wants to come home.  He explains that he is good man to everyone but her.  And he tells her that he loves her.  He says he’s not asking…he’s telling her he wants to come home to his wife.  Adelle is happy.  She goes to kiss him and their life is back to normal.  Yay!  Good for Adelle.  She deserves the best!

Derek sits in Meredith’s room…alone.  Still holding the bottle of champagne.  Still holding out for the girl of his dreams. 

George comes home to tell Lexi about his retaking the test.  He kisses her on the lips.  And she seems to feel a bit of passion for him…though the kiss was completely platonic. 

Alex is at home crying…Izzie comes over to say she’s sorry.  Alex leans in and kisses her.  He begs Izzie for one night and she kisses him back. 

Callie and Hahn are now kissing each other, as in Hahn is kissing Callie back.  And Sloane watches on…a bit of jealousy…a bit of amazement.  He’s letting go of the fantasy I think.  I want to believe he’s just happy for his friends.  

As Alex and Izzie continue making out, he bursts out sobbing…she holds him.  He finally has friend to lean on…he’s letting his guard down.  I hope they end up together. 

Bailey leaves the hospital with Tuck.  And she says they are going home to daddy.  She’s excited and relieved.  HOME TO DADDY?!?  Bailey and Tucker are back together.  Good for her.  She deserves it. 

Derek goes back to the trailer and calls for Meredith.  Meredith has lit a field (with candles in bags?  Not quite sure how she did it…but its awesome) to show him their house.  She yells at him during her vulnerability.  As she continues going off on him, he shows her the champagne.  He judges her model house as too small.  And he asks where their bedroom is.  She admits she doesn’t trust him…but she’s going to try. 

Derek goes over to kiss her and it’s the camera-spinning kiss…the one in all movies.  The one that moves the world.  Derek said he wants to kiss her…more than kiss her… but he needs to speak to Rose.  He needs his conscience cleared.  He tells her to wait for him. The end until next season. 

Fantastic episode.  So much resolved…so not exactly like a great Grey’s season closer (i.e. Meredith has to choose between Chris O’Donnell and Derek at the prom).  But nonetheless, we have much drama to look forward to next season. 

Have a great summer.

<3, Shanna  



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