Growing Houseplants without Sunlight

My apartment faces north with no direct sunlight. What can I grow? --iVillager lanie009


There are plenty of plants that grow without direct sunlight. But we need to clarify your apartment setup. Is the brightness of the room high or low? Is the room warm or cold?

Since your apartment faces north, I assume you are dealing with a cool room with very low light. Plants that do well in that situation include the narrow-leaf fig (Ficus binnendijkii), dumb cane (Dieffenbachias), a wide variety of ferns (which happen to love humidity as well), Christmas cactus, cyclamens, gardenias, azaleas and Primula obconica. Those are just a few of the plants that can tolerate cooler rooms, partial shade or indirect sunlight.

If you go a nursery or home improvement store to buy your plant, make sure you read the label carefully. It should describe the amount of sunlight and other conditions that this particular plant will need. Don't buy a plant without a label unless you feel the salesperson knows a lot about it.

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