Growing Strawberries

When can you start planting strawberries? I live in Ohio, and the plants I've seen in the stores look very healthy and are about 1 foot high. What should I do if I buy them?

-- iVillager Borgh


In Ohio, which is a cool temperature region, the ideal time to plant strawberries is late summer to early fall. This ensures a heavy crop for the following summer. But not to worry!! Keep your little guys indoors until spring. When it's warm enough (chance of frost is over), place them outdoors during the day and bring them in at night so they have a chance to get acclimated to the warmer weather. Remove all flowers before planting to allow the plants to become established. Strawberries like sunny, warm sites.

If you want to grow your strawberries in pots, feel free to do so. They always do well in strawberry jars. Again, follow the same rule of thumb as above; keeping them indoors until it has warmed up enough outside. Make sure you water them consistently and keep near a sunny window.

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