Guidelines for freezing breastmilk

At work I will be pumping and I am wondering if it is okay to put all the milk from one day in one container. Please alsos give me guidelines for safely freezing my milk.


Debbi Donovan

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When expressing your milk several times over the course of a day at work, you can save all your milk in one clean container if it is kept between 32 and 60 degrees F (0 and 15 degrees C). When your expressed milk is kept in this temperature range, it is safe to pour more of your freshly expressed milk in (accumulating for no longer than a 24 hour period.) Don't forget to wash your hands before expressing your milk. When you get home, store your milk, according to normal guidelines, listed below. (The Breastfeeding Answer Book, Mohrbacher and Stock, 1997)

Storage guidelines for expressed breastmilk

Breastmilk stays fresh in the refrigerator (32 to 39 degrees F) for up to eight days (Pardou, 1994), in a self-contained refrigerator freezer compartment for three to four months, and in a deep freeze (0 degrees F) for at least six months.

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