December 25, 2014

Jun 17 over 2 years ago
DIY: Smooth and Shiny Curls
Hairstylist Chantell Carrtherol collaborated with Rubi Jones of on this just-for-curly hair tutorial, which yields natural, she’s-just-born-with-it results. The key to trying the technique on your own locks? Using a curling iron that matches the size of your natural curls!
Jun 14 over 2 years ago
Romantic Up-Do - Mark Townsend 'Get the Look'
Need a look for your own red carpet moment? Take inspiration from this ethereal bun created by Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. It combines the elegance of an upsweep with a touch of modern messiness.
Jun 13 over 2 years ago
Jun 12 over 2 years ago
DIY: The Bubble Ponytail
A favorite of beauty blogger Jessica Harlow (, this pony is full of personality—and only requires a few elastic bands to execute.
Jun 11 over 2 years ago
DIY: The Waterfall Twist
Hairstylist and makeup artist Stephanie Brinkerhoff created this “woven” look for Bohemian but intricate, it’s a style that works as beautifully at a summer wedding as it does walking barefoot on the beach.