Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

Calling all nutrition-conscious moms! These videos, recipes and tips will help you perk up those lunchtime brown-bag basics.

Pump up the PB&J

Go beyond the peanut-butter basics. Your kids will go nuts for these variations.

Variety, Please!

Almost every kid loves a good peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich... but every day? Not only is it boring, but it doesn't encourage nutritional variety, which is key to a healthy diet.

Perk up Those Water Bottles

Forget the soda! Your kids will beg for H2O once they taste these flavorful ideas.

Lunch Lessons

Use these tips, excerpted from the new book Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children, to pack healthful lunches and add new flavors to your child's diet.
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