High maternal heart rate: Is it okay to exercise?

I am 33-years-old. This is my fourth pregnancy, with no live babies. I am now 14-weeks-pregnant. My concern is that I am overweight and my heart rate is about 100 beats per minute. My cardiologist told me to diet, exercise and relax. I'm scared to exercise because I worry that I may have a heart attack. What is your advice?


Your heart can usually take that kind of rapid rate for years or decades before having any problems. While some people have had heart attacks at your age, most people don't unless there is an underlying cause like high blood pressure or hyperlididemia (too much fat in the bloodstream).

I would agree with the cardiologist. You can get some exercise in pregnancy. I wouldn't recommend losing weight; but try to not gain excessively.

While there is medication that can slow down your heart rate, it is usually reserved for those with very rapid rates over 140.

You may be nervous throughout this pregnancy because of the past losses that you have had. Try to avoid letting it get out of hand. Just keep reminding yourself, "So far, so good!"

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