His Holiday Wish List: Over 40 Real Men Share Their Desires

Wondering what men really want for the holidays? We've collected the wish lists of over 40 men -- single and coupled, young and old -- and included their number one requests below. Whether you're shopping for a significant other, or just wonder what guys get excited about at this time of year, here's a sneak peek inside minds of men...

For the Sensitive Man

"The best gift is an unforgettable evening. No, I'm not snowing you with any 'give the gift of love' nonsense. Spend your money, just not on junk. How about tickets to a great play or dinner at a swanky restaurant -- that's like a gift for her too. If she has a junk-only policy, though, I'll take the new Looney Tunes DVD." -- Michael, 32, NJ

"I would love for my wife to treat me to a nice romantic "getaway from reality." We have three daughters who I love, but every once in a while you need to reconnect with your spouse." --Scot, 34, NJ

"Something thoughtful. Guys like that too! An old girlfriend once surprised me with the Ultimate Jordan DVD after I casually mentioned it. She dumped me a month later, but I was still happy because of the gift." -- Danny, 24, DC

"I am hoping that the women in my life will introduce me to a nice girl with whom I will be spending the next holiday season." --Yash, 25, DC

"A piece of clothing that she thinks I look really good in." --Ed, 26, NY

"From that special woman, I would just want to have her in my life 100 percent. Having her as my girlfriend -- and someday my wife -- would be the greatest gift." --Frank, 37, NJ

"A female Scottish terrier just like the dog I had in my childhood. I'll even call her 'Bonnie Jr.'" --Steve Nakamoto, author of Men Are Like Fish

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For the Family Man

"This holiday season I will not be wishing for anything because my girlfriend has already given me everything I could hope for -- she said she would marry me and she wants me to adopt her little boy (who is the greatest!) Mine was the best present of all -- a family!" --Paul, 33, NJ

"I would like to get my wife pregnant." --cmike11

"We spent so much on each other last Christmas that we're sponsoring two families this season and getting each other one small gift. My wish? I hope she gives me our first child." --MDS, 32

"I'd like to see my grandkids happy." --Clinton, 94, TX

"To see my fianceè, who lives in Australia, during the holidays" --Ralph, 36, DC

"The best gift my wife could give me this holiday season would be absolution for all the dumb stuff I'll inevitably do in the next 12 months." --Jake, 33, NY

For the Naughty-but-Nice Guy

"I would like my wife to greet me when I get home from a hard day at work, with nothing on but a soccer ball covering each breast. This would show me that she really knows what I like -- soccer and sex (in that order)." --Giovanni, 40, CA

"I want a relationship coupon book that holds 'get-out-of-jail-free passes' for the following: 'Go out with the guys coupon' or 'Okay that I called you chubby coupon' or 'Leave the toilet seat up coupon' or 'Yes, I was looking at that beautiful blonde coupon' or 'Oops, I forgot to get you a gift coupon.'" --Jason, 25, CA

"Full-body massage." --Michael, 29, NY

"For Christmas this year I would like to get served hot chocolate and eggnog in bed by a woman dressed in a sheer white slip with snow-puff trim, white stilettos and silver-frosted toes, while I listen to my brand-new iPod in a new terry cloth bath robe." --Luke, 26, PA

"I'd want my girlfriend to dress up in lingerie and model it for me -- slowly and seductively. I'd even buy it for her. I'd also like a big bag of milk chocolate-covered pretzels. Seriously, that's all I'd need for Hanukkah. Forget the gelt!" --Zach, 24, NY

For Boys Who Like Toys

"The Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD." --Ryan, 28, MA

"I would love to wake up on Christmas morning and find a new Ranger Bass Boat and a two-weeklong fishing trip all wrapped up in a red bow." --Danny, 50, SC

"If she can come up with the right video game without asking me (asking my friends, talking to video game geeks at Best Buy, etc.), that would be incredible. There's nothing like a girl who knows that Medal of Honor is the best First Person Shooter out there or that Final Fantasy X-2 is the best new RPG title (both for the PS2)!" -- Danny, 24, DC

"I would love for my girlfriend to buy me some sort of new techie gadget. Boys always like toys. What can I say?" --Teddy, 25, NY

"Xbox." --Matt, 29, NJ

"My wish list includes the chess program Rebel 10. It's been around for a couple years, so it comes with a reasonable price tag, which is good." --kabuki44

"iPod." --Matt, 31, NY

"If this were an ideal world, I would like my girlfriend to give me a set of first-edition books that are way beyond my budget, or a one-year pass to a golf driving range." --Helder, 26, DC

"Plasma TV or TiVo." --David, 33, NY

"Sports gear. Nothing is cooler than a girl who figures out who my favorite player from my favorite team is and gets me a jersey (Lavar Arrington, #56, Washington Redskins). One always hopes that she watches the games too, but you've got to start somewhere." --Danny, 24, DC

"Digital camera." --Jerry, 58, TX

"Tickets to a Rangers game -- and a green card." --Justin, 34, NY (by way of Canada)

"I don't have a girlfriend, and the closest thing to a long-term relationship I have is the New York Jets, so I was hoping Chad Pennington was going to give me a Super Bowl." --Joe, 25, NJ

For the Practical Man

"I'd like new furniture and my apartment cleaned." --Seth, 34, NY

"I've asked my wife to pick out a nice cardigan sweater, though she says I'll turn into an old man if she gets it for me. I also would like some new pots and pans, so I can cook some nice dinners for us!" --Dustin, 25, VA

"My wish list: new pillows, new socks, ice hockey skates, digital camera, a vacation for two somewhere far away from NYC." --Fred, 27, NY

"A kick-ass pair of Gucci loafers from my fianceè." --Patrick, 28, NY

"A rocking chair and a front porch." --Clint, 38, ID

"Watches are nice but I always feel you can't go wrong with tickets to a sporting event -- football, basketball, etc. For winter, maybe a leather jacket, but that can get expensive." --Seth, 25, NY

"I'm at that age right now when I absolutely hate to go to the mall, or any other store for that matter, to buy new clothes. But, if I have the almighty gift certificate, I have no choice but to go and spend it. Last year was great, she took me to Brooks Brothers and I just picked out a whole bunch of stuff and she bought it -- easy for me, and easy for her. That's what the holidays should be all about." --Brennan, 29, NY

"A winning lottery ticket." --John, 43, TX

"Most guys are at least a little active, and I am no exception. I am always sore, so a massage can be an awesome gift. I don't mean one of those 'two minutes on my shoulders, then massage me' type massages. I mean a gift certificate to a massage place where they do it right. But, ladies, it may be a good idea to check out the place to make sure they don't offer massages with 'happy endings'" --Danny, 24, DC

For the Man Whose Heart Starts in His Stomach

"I think that I would be happy with the same thing that I got for my birthday last year -- a pepperoni pizza flown in from Gino's East Pizzeria in Chicago and a six-pack of Bud Light. But for Christmas, maybe I would trade in the Bud Light for a nice bottle of wine." -- Kevin, 32, NJ

"Chips and meats from Ireland -- bacon, sausages, black and gray pudding." --Paul, 29, NJ (Originally from Ireland)

"I'd like my girlfriend to just plan a day and/or evening without me having to do anything except show up. Maybe lunch, an [art] exhibit then dinner at her place? You just get so tired of having to come up with all the ideas yourself. It would be nice to have her plan it all." --Jonathan, 29, NY

"I think I want to go out for a good meal followed by things that can't be mentioned in this article." --Gabe, 25, MD

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