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Hollywood Stage Moms and Dads: The Best and Worst!

From Kim Kardashian to Lindsay Lohan, see which celebrities made the right move in paying their parent to guide their career.

Stage Moms and DadsDenise Truscello/WireImage
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For stars like Kim Kardashian and Serena and Venus Williams, having a parent in charge paid off big
For others, like Beyonce, having her dad as her manager was a mixed blessing that led to their estrangement
Lindsay Lohan's mom's issues have exacerbated her already difficult personal struggles

An up-and-coming star wants to keep her secrets (and her money) close to the vest, so she hires her mother or father to be her manager. Good idea, or bad one? That depends on the star ... and the mom or dad. From Kim Kardashian to Lindsay Lohan ,see which celebrities made the right move in paying their parent to guide their career, those who shouldn't have mixed family with business and those for whom the jury's still out.

The Kardashians
Stage Mom: Kris Jenner
She has overseen the vast and rising fortunes of a large family of beautiful people, all of whom are more or less "famous for being famous." Under her tutelage, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian became household names and reality TV stars; faded Olympian Bruce Jenner revived his notoriety, and younger siblings Rob, Kendall and Kylie are now public figures. After coining the term "momager" to describe herself, Jenner legally took ownership of it through the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office. (She even has a plaque to prove it!) Though a constant stream of negative rumors swirl around Kris and the family (and Keeping Up With the Kardashians documents plenty of fighting), they remain loyal to one another. And the money keeps rolling in.

Venus and Serena Williams
Stage Dad: Richard Williams
He may have a reputation for being a hyper-controlling father but no one denies that Williams was the driving force behind the rags to riches success of his tennis phenom daughters Venus and Serena Williams. The hard-driving 71-year-old plotted out their record-breaking tennis careers from the time they were little kids. Despite his tough-guy approach, Venus and Serena stick by him. Last year, they even refused to attend the premiere of a documentary about them, because they felt it portrayed their dad in a bad light.

Miley Cyrus
Stage Mom: Tish Cyrus
In her recent MTV documentary, Miley Cyrus: The MovementMiley Cyrus explained why she prefers having her parents as her managers. "My mom is my homey," explained the pop star. "If I win, she wins. Not because she's my manager. Because she's my mom." But amidst the "Wrecking Ball" singer's latest image makeover, which includes lewd gestures, raunchy videos and very little clothing, many have wondered, "Where is her mother?" Tish Cyrus addressed the issue head on in the MTV doc: "Anyone who's ever said, 'Where is her mother?' Right beside her," she said. And one blogger's open letter to her own daughter (about not allowing her to follow Cyrus down the path to promiscuity) spoke for scores of parents nationwide, and quickly became a rallying cry for those fed up with an overly sexualized music industry.

Stage Dad: Matthew Knowles
He quit his job as a corporate executive to orchestrate the phenomenal success of his daughter Beyonce's girl group, Destiny's Child, and later, Beyonce's superstar solo career (as well as that of her group mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams). When Beyonce fired him in 2011, after a concert promoter claimed that Knowles had stolen money from her, she insisted that the decision was merely a business one. But soon enough, the split got ugly -- and personal. Knowles sued Beyonce for wrongful termination. Beyonce's career continues to soar, of course. Still, as recently as this summer, signs of estrangement from her dad have persisted. And she didn't attend his wedding to his second wife.

Lindsay Lohan
Stage Mom: Dina Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was one of the brightest child stars of her generation, and no doubt her momager was a big part of that. Who else would have taken her to all those commercial auditions, and coached her to win parts in movies like 1998's The Parent Trap? But something obviously went horribly wrong -- for both mother and daughter. The rehab-hopping Lohan has been in and out of courtrooms (for DWIs, theft, drug possession, etc.) for years, and Dina herself has had several brushes with the law. In fact, Dina was recently arrested for an "off the charts" DWI.

Jessica Simpson
Stage Dad: Joe Simpson
He has been calling the shots on the careers of his daughters, Jessica and Ashlee, ever since Jessica signed a record deal at age 16. Shepherded by Joe in the years that followed, Jessica became an international superstar as a pop singer, reality TV personality and fashion designer. But when Joe and her mother Tina separated last year, Jessica was reportedly blindsided by their split. Ever since, the tabloids have reported that though Joe still serves as Jessica's manager, their relationship has become strained.

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Michael Jackson's father, the uber-stage dad, is glad he was tough.

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