Hollywood's 30 Best Beauty Secrets

Though their career choices may astound us from time to time, Hollywood stars are predictable when it comes to their appearance -- sparing no expense to improve their lusted-after looks. Though God-given gorgeousness certainly helps, knowing where to get the best results is just as important. So where do Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Madonna go to tone, tuck, primp and pump? Here's the ultimate guide to Hollywood's beauty specialists.

1) WHO: Gabriella Perez

TITLE: Princess Pretty
WHAT: A one-time Spanish princess-turned-aesthetician who works out of a private Beverly Hills home, Perez is known for leaving no marks, thanks to her fine needles -- and even finer products imported from Switzerland.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Cher, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "Brad told me that he's been to everyone, and I'm the best," Perez reveals. "People have been asking him if he's had work done!" The proof is in the Perez appointment book: Cher comes in twice a week.
SECRET WEAPON: Her knack for leaving no mark, no matter how brutal the extractions. (Charm and grace certainly help Perez's celeb popularity quotient: client Salma Hayek is a close friend. And Perez's live-in boyfriend -- Pras, formerly of the Fugees -- is no slouch, either.)
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? If you're willing to part with $500 (or $3,000 for six facials) and don't mind a six-week wait.
CONTACT: Chez Gabriella: 310-274-7990

2) WHO: Sonya Dakar

TITLE: Skin Savior
WHAT: The woman behind the toughest facial in town, Sonya Dakar has a reputation for clearing up any skin problem with her botanical-based products and specialist services.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Drew Barrymore, Debra Messing, Brittany Murphy, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Barrymore, a client for the past decade, raves, "I don't know what I would do without Sonya. She rules my universe."
SECRET WEAPON: Dakar knows that if you want to relax, you get a massage. She's the master of tough love and her treatments are actually considered "boot camp for the face."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Though a roughly six-week waiting period has always been the norm for Dakar, this winter she's expanding her salon to include aestheticians who will work under her.
CONTACT INFO: 888-64-SONYA or www.sonyadakar.com

3) WHO: Nance Mitchell

TITLE: Waxer Philosophic
WHAT: A no-nonsense Hollywood standby, Mitchell is best known for her creative ways to showcase the hair down there: She's done bikini waxes in the shape of everything from initials and arrows to Mercedes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton symbols.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Capshaw, Winona Ryder, Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Christina Aguilera
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "I was recently at a party at Quincy Jones's house and suddenly found myself surrounded by five different men who all said that they were 'appreciators' of my work," she chortles.
SECRET WEAPON: Homemade wax keeps pain at a minimum and a steady hand and eye keep her work even. "Gwyneth and I will joke about how when she comes to me, the hair is never going North or South, it's always right in the center," Mitchell reveals.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Probably. Workaholic Mitchell has been known to work until midnight to keep her beauties hairless, though prices are fairly steep ($60 for a basic bikini wax, $200 and up for a special design).
CONTACT INFO: 310-276-2722 or www.nancemitchell.com

4) WHO: Anastasia (Soare)

TITLE: Browbeater
WHAT: Ground zero for the best-shaped eyebrow wax in town, Anastasia's salon is so famous among Hollywood elite that she's reached the Madonna and Cher "one name only" height.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jennifer Lopez, Renee Zellweger, Oprah Winfrey, Penelope Cruz
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Oprah calls Anastasia the "eyebrow queen"; J.Lo doesn't trust her brows to anyone else.
SECRET WEAPON: The Romanian Anastasia's background is in art and technical design -- she considers the process of determining eyebrow shape like "building a house from the blueprint."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Well, Anastasia herself is booked about three months in advance ($55 for the first time, $45 for follow-up visits) but she has six less expensive and more available assistants.
CONTACT INFO: 310-273-3155 or www.anastasia.net

Makeup Menageries 5) WHO: Bobbe Joy

TITLE: The Joy Luck Club
WHAT: A Beverly Hills staple, Bobbe Joy is the eponymous name of the salon run by longtime makeup artist Bobbe Joy.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jennifer Tilly, Dolly Parton; Kate Hudson and Lucy Liu are fans.
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Tilly absolutely flips for Joy's "coffee of the day" lip-gloss sets (which include the flavors vanilla cappuccino, hazelnut and mocha).
SECRET WEAPON: Joy handmakes glosses and lipsticks right there in the salon, which is why you can choose from over 90 lip glosses and 60 lipsticks -- or have her create a new one just for you.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Absolutely. And you'll enJOY it.
CONTACT INFO: 310-275-3505 or www.bobbejoycosmetics.com (site will be up by November)

6) WHO: Fred Segal Beauty

TITLE: American Beauty
WHAT: Fred Segal Beauty, the chic yet funky haven filled with the best and latest beauty product lines, also houses a celeb-populated spa (Rita Wilson pops in every week for a blow-dry).
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Pink, Rachael Leigh Cook, Mena Suvari
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: According to Estella Warren, it's the only place to shop for hair products.
SECRET WEAPON: They're always the first to carry tomorrow's must-have beauty item. (Hard Candy was launched at Fred Segal Beauty.)
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Sure, as long as you visit between 10am and 7pm.
CONTACT INFO: 310-550-1800 or www.fredsegalbeauty.com

Hair Stylists
7) WHO: Jonathan Antin

TITLE: Shampoo Man
WHAT: Antin, an attractive, tattooed and very straight hairstylist to the stars, is the closest living embodiment of Warren Beatty's character in Shampoo. (Hollywood's catching on: A reality show about Antin will air on E! this fall.)
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, Kirsten Dunst, Christina Applegate, Kate Bosworth
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "It" girl Bosworth has said, "If I didn't have Jonathan to do my hair, I think I'd die."
SECRET WEAPON: His perfectionism: "I will not stop until it's 150 percent perfect," Antin swears. (He's been known to spend over two hours on a single haircut.) And -- let's be honest -- those cheekbones don't hurt.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Though you're probably looking at a 6- to 12-week wait to see Jonathan, you can almost always get in to see another stylist at his salon.
CONTACT INFO: 310-855-0225 or www.jonathansalon.com

8) WHO: Joseph Kendall/Martin Fassnidge

TITLE: London Towers
WHAT: Where Los Angeles meets London, the Joseph Martin salon lets you know you're in Beverly Hills (the salon has valet parking, natch) by way of London (just try finding an American accent in there).
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Julia Roberts, Sheryl Crowe, Julianne Moore
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) won't go anywhere else and buys their product Thick by the dozen.
SECRET WEAPON: For the past two decades, they've understood that it's about your day-to-day look.
Says Kendall: "We give cuts that don't just look great when you leave the salon but can also be easily maintained at home."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? If you call ahead (the salon has been known to have a roughly three-month wait list) but comparatively speaking, the prices are a steal ($150 for a haircut and blow-dry).
CONTACT INFO: 310-274-0100 or www.josephmartin.com

Massage Therapists
9) WHO: Suk Hahm at the Hahm Rejuvenation Center

TITLE: Mr. Magic Hands
WHAT: This eccentric Korean masseuse has been blind since a childhood accident, but Hahm is able to channel all his "sight" through his hands -- which do everything from knead out the impossible spots to "cure" whiplash after a car accident.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Adrien Brody, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Mena Suvari
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "Winona tells me she's never had treatments like mine before," Hahm says. "She loves everything -- my massages, my herbs, my acupuncture."
SECRET WEAPON: "I have headaches and a lot of stress from having lost my sight," Hahm says. "I understand pain and know the points on the body that cause it." He's also the first blind person in the United States to become certified to perform acupuncture.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, but you might have to wait a week or two.
CONTACT INFO: 323-966-4141

10) WHO: Christopher Warren at Kinara Spa

TITLE: Massage Man
WHAT: The hands behind a treatment that combines elements of Swedish, sports and shiatsu massage, Warren works out of a relatively new but already thriving cutting-edge spa.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Angelica Huston, Rosanna Arquette, Kristin Davis; Halle Berry, Christina Applegate and Carrie-Ann Moss go to Olga Lorencin at Kinara for facials.
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Halle Berry recommends Kinara products on her Website, www.hallewood.com.
SECRET WEAPON: As the brainchild of a facialist and restaurateur, Kinara manages to perfectly combine a relaxing spa with a fabulous cafe Shampoo complete with foods that benefit the skin.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? There's a waiting list to see Olga; massages can usually be scheduled immediately with Warren or one of his associates.
CONTACT INFO: 310-657-9188 or www.kinaraspa.com

11) WHO: Gunnar Peterson

TITLE: J.Lo's Butt Man
WHAT: The gung-ho guy who helped craft J.Lo's most celebrated body part and the muscle behind Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft, Peterson is nothing if not dedicated to his job: his home gym, a stunning 5,000-foot complex next to his house that contains a putting green, open-air boxing ring, tread wall, tennis court and 66-foot stair set that's the equivalent of six stories, means that clients get all the benefits of a public gym -- and none of the public.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, Angelina Jolie
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: It follows J.Lo everywhere she goes.
SECRET WEAPON: With Peterson, you never know what to expect: "I've had clients for nine years who have never done the same workout," he reveals.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? "It's all about scheduling and flexibility," Peterson says, but most of his clients are referrals. He doesn't list his prices but insists that they're "fair."
CONTACT INFO: www.gunnarpeterson.com

12) WHO: Valerie Waters


TITLE: Superhero Creator
WHAT: The perky but tough chick behind Jennifer Garner's celebrated butt-kicking body, Waters is all about efficiency. (She doesn't believe in more than one-hour workouts at a time.)
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jennifer Garner, Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, James King, Elizabeth Berkeley
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: The perfectly toned Crawford has been with Waters for 13 years -- could you get a better endorsement?
SECRET WEAPON: Warmth. "I'm a drill sergeant but in a loving way," Waters reveals.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Though pinning down Waters herself may prove impossible, she has several trainers that work under her. (She's $150 an hour; working out with one of her trainers is $100.)
CONTACT INFO: sportval@hotmail.com or www.valeriewaters.com

Spinning Teachers
13) WHO: Andrea Lawent

TITLE: Sergeant Spin
WHAT: The queen of the 40-minute stationary bike ride, Lawent plays hard rock music like Rage Against the Machine, Metallica and the Sex Pistols (a member of which is a regular at her classes) while she cruises the room and yells out commands.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Christina Applegate, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Kennedy, Anthony Kiedis, Melissa Joan Hart, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Melissa Rivers
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Applegate's been a Lawent devotee for so long that when she attends, she "leads" the class from a bike in the center of the room.
SECRET WEAPON: Lawent's attitude. "Look, I'm a single mom with two kids -- my frame of mind is very much based in reality," Lawent says. "It's not one of those classes where we say, 'Imagine you're on a country road.' No, we are working and people get results because they tap into a whole different place."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Sure, though it wouldn't hurt to sign up 24 hours in advance -- most of her classes fill up.
CONTACT INFO: 310-659-2211 or www.bodyandsoulworkout.com

Pilates Professionals 14) WHO: Kim LeeTITLE: Pilates Pioneer
WHAT: Perhaps the person most responsible for Hollywood current Pilates craze (which is done on a "reformer" machine and is based on the exercise method invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s), Lee has been working with bold-faced names for the past 32 years.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Madonna, Denise Richards, Debi Mazar, Janet Jackson
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: He's got Madonna's respect: She trains with him religiously and calls him "Mr. Lee."
SECRET WEAPON: "I give clients what they want -- if they tell me they want thinner thighs or a flatter tummy, I will tailor the work around that," Lee says. "Everyone tries to do that but it's my years of experience that make me able to."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? No, but Lee works out of the stunning Roxbury Pilates Spa facility, which has plenty of other trainers and classes.
CONTACT INFO: 310-777-0201 or www.roxburypilatesspa.com

15) WHO: Mari Winsor

TITLE: Pilates Princess
WHAT: An effervescent infomercial queen, Winsor not only manages three Pilates studios (which employ 30 trainers altogether) but she's also written four books on the topic.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Vanessa Williams, Brandy, Minnie Driver, Melanie Griffith, Elizabeth Berkeley, Jamie Lee Curtis, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Daisy Fuentes
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "Melanie [Griffith] has told me that I've changed her life," Winsor reveals.
SECRET WEAPON: After a debilitating motorcycle accident 10 years ago, Winsor healed herself quickly using Pilates. "I understand muscles because I have good knowledge of injuries," she says, then adds diplomatically, "Plus, I know how to handle difficult people."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? She works with new clients once, then refers them to one of her trainers (her decade-long client list prevents her from really taking on anyone new). And hey, you can always order one of her best-selling videos.
CONTACT INFO: 323-653-8767 or www.winsorpilates.com

16) WHO: Philip Goglia

TITLE: Metabolic Man
WHAT: The former Mr. North America who once was more than 100 pounds overweight, Goglia promotes his philosophy -- that you must eat right for your metabolic type -- both through his thriving nutrition and training facility and with his book, Turn Up the Heat: Unlocking the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Owen Wilson, Brendan Fraser, Gillian Anderson, Terminator 3's Kristanna Loken
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: "Kristanna has said, 'It was because of Philip that I was able to be naked in front of the whole world,'" Goglia reports of the actress' display of nudity in Terminator 3.
SECRET WEAPON: Creative food combinations: Goglia had Brendan Fraser drinking tuna fish daiquiris (whey protein, bananas, ice water and a can of tuna) when he was training for George of the Jungle and Gillian Anderson eating baby food when she was on a set and couldn't get to anything healthy.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes but commitment is key -- and pocketbooks will also be turning up the heat (fees are $495 for the initial visit, $245 for the second and $65 for every visit thereafter).
CONTACT INFO: 310-392-4080 or www.turnuptheheat.com

17) WHO: Larry Krug
TITLE: Wize Man
WHAT: The South African-born powerhouse behind the customized weight loss program Eatwize, Krug does both one-on-one food counseling as well as consultations via email.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Estella Warren, Seal, Ali Larter, Donatella Versace, Jeanne Tripplehorn
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Ali Larter swears by the program, claiming it's the only way to get in shape quickly.
SECRET WEAPON: Krug takes all aspects into consideration -- including a person's genetics, body type and lifestyle -- to create a realistic weight loss program. Emphasis on realistic: "There are no quick fixes," Krug admits.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Sure. And the cost is, comparatively speaking, quite reasonable: $150 for an initial evaluation and $60 for appointments thereafter.
CONTACT INFO: 800-EAT-WIZE or www.eatwize.com (to reach Krug directly: 310-451-5155)

Food Delivery
18) WHO: Nutri-Fit

TITLE: Personal Best
WHAT: The healthy and delicious food service run by chef and culinary expert Jackie Keller, NutriFit delivers meals daily that are catered to a person's individual dietary needs. (They can Fed Ex out of L.A.)
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Darryl Hannah, Brendan Fraser, Martin Lawrence, Rose McGowan
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: NutriFit provided the food that got Uma, Lucy and Darryl into tip-top shape for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming martial arts epic, Kill Bill.
SECRET WEAPON: Delicious wild berry smoothies made with tofu -- Uma's favorite.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes -- you can commit for as little as a day, though most clients are on for between 30 days and six months.
CONTACT INFO: 800-341-4190 or www.nutrifitonline.com

19) WHO: Zone Nation

TITLE: The Zone Home
WHAT: The preeminent delivery company that prepares and delivers food that perfectly fits into Dr. Sears's 40 grams of carboydrates/30 grams of protein/30 grams of fat diet, Zone Nation is the nationwide program that many celebs make a way of life.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jennifer Garner, Tom Arnold, Lauren Graham, Andy Dick, Jules Asner
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Testimonials aplenty from celebrities as varied as Penny Marshall and David Boreanaz are all over the Website.
SECRET WEAPON: The Zone bars -- an ideal substitute for that Hershey's craving.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? There's daily service for New York and L.A., weekly service elsewhere.
CONTACT INFO: 800-DIET-747 or www.zonenation.com

Out of Town Spas
20) WHAT: The Ashram (Calabasas)

TITLE: Destination Deprivation
WHAT: A no-frills spa where guests rise at the crack of dawn to undertake a full day of hiking, yoga and other intensely exhausting workouts while subsisting on an organic, vegetarian diet. "The Ashram has been called many things but 'easy' has never been one of them," trills Ashram owner Catharina Hedberg.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Renee Zellweger, Ashley Judd, Cindy Crawford -- and everyone else whose body you've envied.
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Julie Bowen (TV's Ed) wrote a story for Jane magazine last summer in which she raved about the spa that "kicked my ass."
SECRET WEAPON: A staff of 30 caters to a clientele of 13; a daily one-hour massage is part of the program.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? If you can book about nine months ahead of time, part with $3,500 and understand that much of beauty is about suffering.
CONTACT INFO: 818-222-6900 or www.theashram.com

21) WHO: We Care (Palm Springs)

TITLE: Desert Detox
WHAT: Where Hollywood goes to "let it all go," We Care is the 18-year-old spa that provides a round-the-clock diet of juices and colonics. (That means a lot of fasting and even more "cleansing.")
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Summer Phoenix, Gisele Bundchen, Christy Turlington, Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Ben Affleck talked about the place when he went on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, bragging that Cindy Crawford was there at the same time he was.
SECRET WEAPON: "It's the synergetic action of cleaning out all the toxins [through colonics] and putting in all the nutrients [through the special enzyme and vegetable juices] that makes people look and feel amazing very quickly," says We Care owner Susan Lombardi.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, just plan to book three weeks to a month ahead of time. (Prices range from $907 to $2500.)
CONTACT INFO: 760-251-2261 or www.wecarespa.com

Local Spas
22) WHO: Belle Visage

TITLE: The French Connection
WHAT: A European-style salon that manages to promote both deep relaxation and highly effective treatments, Belle Visage is all about the experience (no product pushing).
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Kirsten Dunst, Andy Garcia, Paula Abdul, Vin Diesel
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Dunst has been coming here since the ripe old age of nine; her mom and brother are also regulars. (When she told The Los Angeles Times that Belle Visage was her favorite weekend hangout, lovesick teenage boys started waiting outside for a sight of her.)
SECRET WEAPON: The Paul Scerri Facial (named for the Swiss products used in the treatment), which includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage that eliminates the toxins in the face that cause undereye swelling.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, if you book roughly three weeks ahead of time.
CONTACT INFO: 818-907-0502 or www.bellevisage.com

23) WHO: Murad Institute

TITLE: Skin Salon
WHAT: The clinic run by dermatologist, author and skin-care expert Dr. Howard Murad, the Institute has all the luxury of a spa combined with the clinical skin and body care methods that work.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Calista Flockhart, Lucy Liu, Brooke Shields, Angela Bassett, Thandie Newton
CONTACT INFO: 800-33-MURAD or www.murad.com

Manicures and Pedicures
24) WHO: Jessica's Nail Clinic

TITLE: The Holy Nail
WHAT: The home of Hollywood's best mani/pedi, Jessica's features a line of products and a staff of no-nonsense "nail cultivists" that analyze your nail type before determining how to proceed.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Demi Moore
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Her celebrity client list contains two former first ladies, Eva Marie Saint and musician Seal -- does it get more diverse than that?
SECRET WEAPON: Owner Jessica Vartoughian, who actually opened the first nail salon ever in 1969, simply knows her nails -- and has revealed her tricks to everyone who works for her.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Probably, though maybe not to see Jessica herself.
CONTACT INFO: 310-659-9292 and www.jessicacosmetics.com

25) WHO: The Paint Shop

TITLE: Helping Hands
WHAT: The place where you can polish off a margarita manicure or indulge in a white chocolate pedicure without any of the calories, Paint Shop corners the market on who's hip -- and pampers them to the fullest.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: When Beyonce needed someone to come over and give her a pedicure at 10pm, who do you think she called?
SECRET WEAPON: Playing the latest music and providing throne-like chairs and one-of-a-kind treatments, Paint Shop makes getting your "paws and claws" done fun.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? If you call a few days ahead of time and think your hands and feet are worth between $35 and $75 ($200 for a house call).
CONTACT INFO: 310-652-5563 or www.paintshopbeverlyhills.com

Plastic Surgeons
26) WHO: Dr. Frank Ryan
TITLE: About Face
WHAT: Named best plastic surgeon by W magazine, Dr. Ryan is renowned for his "face work." Eyebrow guru Anastasia (#4), a celebrity in her own right, has been quoted as saying she'd never trust anyone else with her face.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE/CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Plenty but he's so tight-lipped that agents and managers refer to him as the plastic surgeon that "doesn't talk."
SECRET WEAPON: "I've always been oriented toward beauty -- art, landscaping, beauty of any kind," Dr. Ryan says. "And I apply that same sensibility to plastic surgery."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, but there can be up to a three-month wait.
CONTACT INFO: 310-275-1075

27) WHO: Dr. Stuart A. Linder
TITLE: The Breast Man
WHAT: The go-to guy if your 36 Double DD is weighing you down, Dr. Linder specializes in breast reductions but also has been hailed for his breast augmentations, liposuction and tummy tuck work.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE/ENDORSEMENT: Uh, if he told, he'd be hailed no more.
SECRET WEAPON: He's passionate about his work -- but not for the reasons you might think. "I don't advertise, I don't pay to go on those Extreme Makeover shows," Linden explains. "I believe in educating people, so I'll do something on the Discovery Channel [like take a woman from a size triple J to an E cup]."
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? If you schedule about a month ahead of time.
CONTACT INFO: 310-275-4513 or www.drlinder.com

28) WHO: Skin Spa

TITLE: Hang Tan
WHAT: A luxurious New Age spa that tans without those pesky UVA rays, Skin Spa also offers an array of services that cater to couples (Will Smith and Jada Pinket had the place closed down when they went in for their Spa for Two treatments).
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Preston, Alicia Silverstone, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Renee Zellweger
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Though the spa has only offered Magic Tan (where a coating of tanning lotion is sprayed on via a machine) for a few months, already Sandra Bullock, Rachel Hunter and David Hasselhoff have bronzed their booties off.
SECRET WEAPON: Decadent treatments done well.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Sure, just give them a call a few weeks ahead of time.
CONTACT INFO: 877-SKIN-SPA or www.skinspa.com

29) WHO: UVA Sun

TITLE: The Two-Minute Tan
WHAT: The no-frills home of the sunless tan, UVA Sun gives you the glory of the beach in just a few minutes.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Christina Applegate, Christina Aguilera, Paula Abdul, Jessica Simpson
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Janet Jackson and Faith Evans even go -- to even out patchy skin; when an entire cast of a movie has to be tan (as was the case with George of the Jungle and Rush Hour 2), they turn to UVA Sun.
SECRET WEAPON: Cheap ($25 a pop) and fast, a Hollywood specialty.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, but appointments are on a "first come, first served" basis. (They've been known to have lines all daylong.)
CONTACT INFO: 323-651-4540

30) WHO: Bright Smile
TITLE: The Tooth Fairy
WHAT: The fastest and most efficient way to a movie star grin, Bright Smile slaps some whitening gel on your teeth, shines a special light on them -- and removes years of tobacco, wine and coffee abuse in an hour.
CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Kevin Costner, Chris Tucker, Angie Everhart, Dennis Hopper
CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT: Just try to find another beauty treatment Dennis Hopper has ever had.
SECRET WEAPON: Bleaching trays are tiresome and other laser treatments could break the bank. Hey, it took a former NASA scientist to come up with this one.
BUT CAN YOU GET IN? Yes, there are 14 centers nationwide, but the Beverly Hills one is popular for its celeb clientele. (Prices vary but the cost is usually around $600).
CONTACT INFO: 800-BRITESMILE or www.britesmile.com

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