Hospital Visit Checklist

Giving Birth
-- What is the hospital's policy for constant electronic fetal monitoring?
-- What is the hospital's policy for having food or drinks during labor?
-- What is the hospital's policy in regards to walking around during labor?
-- What is the hospital's IV policy?
-- What are my labor options?
-- Are there tubs or showers that I can labor in?
-- Are there telemetry monitors?
-- Are walking epidurals offered?
-- Is there a doula or anesthesiologist on staff?
-- What other amenities are available?
-- What are the hospital's epidural and c-section rates?
-- What is the hospital's NICU level?
-- What are the hospital's rooming-in policies and procedures?
-- When will my baby be taken out of the room?
-- Are there private rooms available?
-- What do the labor rooms look like?
-- Where are the triage rooms?
-- What hospital will we be transferred to in case of an emergency?
-- Can cell phones be used in the delivery room? Do we need a calling card?

Welcoming Baby

-- Where should visitors park after my baby is born?
-- Are video cameras allowed during before, during or after birth?
-- If I want to shower or have time alone, can my baby go to the nursery?
-- When will we move to a recovery room? What do those rooms look like?
-- Is there a lactation consultant on staff?
-- When do you do car-seat checks?
-- What is the checkout procedure?

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