The 20 Hottest TV Dads of All Time

From Full House's Uncle Jesse to Mad Men's Don Draper, see how we've ranked these dashing TV dads

Their parenting styles range from goofy to stern, but these fictional fathers all have good looks in common! As Father's Day approaches, we're counting down the sexiest dads to hit the small screen -- from classic '70s television to the shows we love today.

1. Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos, Full House)

Jesse Katsopolis Hot TV Dads


What’s hotter than a leather jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding, lullaby-singing dad of twins? Nothing! That’s why Jesse Katsopolis of Full House is first on our list. Long before sons Nicky and Alex were born, Jesse showed off his parenting chops by helping raise his three nieces -- D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. And while his paternal side was attractive, it was his cool confidence and perfect hair that drew us in. Have mercy!

2. Mike Brady (Robert Reed, The Brady Bunch)

Mike Brady Hot TV Dads


With all those goofy bell-bottoms and platform shoes, it was hard to be a hunk in the '70s -- but not for Mike Brady! At the time, we may have been too young to notice Mr. Brady's hotness -- but in retrospect, it's obvious that the hard-working architect and father of six was actually a total stud.

3. John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Supernatural)

John Winchester Hot TV Dads

Courtesy of The CW

It’s easy to see where Sam and Dean get their good looks! If John Winchester’s rugged sexiness and demon-hunting abilities aren’t enough, remember he gave his life for his sons after spending years trying to find his wife’s murderer. That’s some serious (and sexy) dedication.

4. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer, Friends)

Ross Geller Hot TV Dads


Of all the hot dads on our list, Ross Geller is by far the nerdiest. Paleontologist? Check. Monkey lover? Check. One-time comic book author? Check. But Ross’ lasting love for Rachel and their daughter Emma (as well as his son Ben, with ex-wife Carol) made us forget about his dorky side and focus on his hotness. This sensitive smartypants gave Chandler and Joey some stiff competition!

5. Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman, Arrested Development)

Michael Bluth Hot TV Dads


Speaking of nerdy dads, we love Michael Bluth for his dorkiness and his commitment to his family. Although the Bluth family business was waist-deep in legal trouble, Michael put up with his dysfunctional relatives and offered heartfelt (if a little misguided) advice to his adolescent son, George Michael. There’s nothing more attractive than a family man!

6. Tony Micelli (Tony Danza, Who's the Boss?)

Tony Micelli Hot TV Dads


Anyone who gives up a pro baseball career to become a live-in housekeeper is a winner in our book! That was part of the appeal of Tony Micelli, who looked after his own daughter, as well as his employer’s son. The other part of his appeal? Those biceps.

7. Jim Halpert (John Krasinski, The Office)

Jim Halpert Hot TV Dads

Courtesy of NBC

Jim Halpert has been winning us over since the first season of The Office, and becoming a dad only made him more attractive. Jim's sensitivity, wry sense of humor and devotion to his wife and kids make him our favorite Dunder-Mifflin employee. (That and the fact that he's incredibly handsome -- and tall!)

8. Joey Harris (Greg Evigan, My Two Dads)

Joey Harris Hot TV Dads


Of the two dads on My Two Dads, Joey Harris (pictured, left) was always the fun one -- and the hot one! A liberal artist who was a co-parent to teenage girl Nicole, Joey made us laugh and made us weak in the knees.

9. Luke Danes (Scott Patterson, Gilmore Girls)

Luke Danes Hot TV Dads

Courtesy of The WB

After acting as a father figure to Rory Gilmore for years, it was no surprise when Luke Danes made an excellent dad to young brainiac April Nardini. But his list of good qualities didn't end there: He could also cook and knew his way around a toolbox. Definitely a keeper!

10. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy)

Jax Teller Hot TV Dads


He’s the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club, and he loves leather and tattoos. But don’t be fooled by Jax Teller’s tough exterior! He’s actually a sensitive guy, who cares deeply about the future of the Sons of Anarchy club and his sons, Abel and Thomas. He’s even got his kids’ names tattooed on him!

11. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy)

Derek Shepherd Hot TV Dads


He’s not called McDreamy for nothing! Dr. Derek Shepherd has had us drooling at our TV screens for nine seasons -- and ever since he became a dad to adopted daughter Zola, he’s only gotten more attractive. Although Derek doesn’t get much screen time with his adorable baby girl, we’re happy to watch him do pretty much anything.

12. Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon, Little House on the Prairie)

Charles Ingalls Hot TV Dads


He's good with his hands, and he knows how to rock a pair of high-waisted pants! As patriarch of the Ingalls family in Little House on the Prairie, Charles Ingalls raised his children with a calm, masculine nature that earned him a spot on our list.

13. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, Entourage)

Ari Gold Hot TV Dads


There’s no denying Ari Gold was a bit of an egomaniac! But he was also a thoughtful (if somewhat overprotective) father to children Sarah and Jonah. Plus, his good looks and bad-boy confidence were always enough to make us forgive Ari's conniving ways.

14. Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights)

Eric Taylor Hot TV Dads


Stern, passionate and caring are three ways to describe Eric Taylor’s football coaching technique, as well as his parenting style. Although he may not have been quite as dreamy as fullback Tim Riggins, Coach Taylor was an inspiration on and off the field -- making viewers everywhere melt on the spot.

15. Tom Scavo (Doug Savant, Desperate Housewives)

Tom Scavo Hot TV Dads

Ron Tom/ABC via Getty images

On a TV show riddled with good-looking stars, Tom Scavo stood out as one of the hottest. Although he and wife Lynette had a number of marital problems, Tom remained a loving father throughout the show’s run -- and we loved looking at him!

16. Mitch Leery (John Wesley Shipp, Dawson's Creek)

Mitch Leery Hot TV Dads

Courtesy of The WB

Dawson and Pacey were the Edward and Jacob of '90s television -- but there’s one guy from Dawson’s Creek we shouldn’t overlook: Mitch Leery, Dawson’s studly dad. Although Mitch’s storyline came to a tragic end when he was killed in a car accident, we remember him best as a concerned and loving (and totally handsome) father.

17. Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle, Gossip Girl)

Rufus Humphrey Hot TV Dads


How do we love thee, Rufus Humphrey? Let us count the ways: He’s a single dad, he plays the guitar and he knows how to rock a plaid shirt. And did we mention he’s really, really good-looking. That’s enough to make our list! This Gossip Girl father is not only eye candy, but he's also a dad who successfully raised responsible, smart children. No easy task!

18. Jimmy Cooper (Tate Donovan, The O.C.)

Jimmy Cooper Hot TV Dads

Courtesy of FOX

Part ladies’ man and part loving father, Jimmy Cooper was always an enigmatic character on The O.C. Although his good looks were obvious, Jimmy’s best quality may have been forging a strong relationship with rebellious, hard-to-handle daughter Marissa. We admit his romantic endeavors weren’t quite so admirable… but everyone’s got their faults, right?

19. Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs, Private Practice)

Sam Bennett Hot TV Dads


A good-looking medical practitioner whose nickname is Dr. Feelgood? Sam Bennett is a shoe-in for our list of hot TV dads. Of course, Sam’s parenting road has been a bit bumpy -- his daughter, Maya, was pregnant and married at just 15 years old. But the doctors at Oceanside Wellness Center are nothing if not dramatic, and it helps that Sam is so easy on the eyes.

20. Don Draper (Jon Hamm, Mad Men)

Don Draper Hot TV Dads


What is it that draws us to Don Draper? Is it his success in the advertising industry? His mysterious, guarded nature? His chiseled jaw? It’s actually all of the above, plus his involvement with his children. After all, Don scored tickets to see The Beatles at Shea Stadium with his daughter, Sally. That automatically puts him in the running for Dad of the Year.

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