TV Recap: House

Patient of the Week: Roz, a thirty-eight year old woman who six months ago converted to Hasidic Judiasm. She's peeing blood and lost consciousness during her wedding.

The theme of this episode is about change and can anybody actually do it. Do people really change? I particularly like the episodes of this show that ask questions I don't know the answers to. Have I ever changed? Have you? Can we as a species actually change or do we just like to think we can. When we get an email out of the blue from an ex-boyfriend and it sounds like he's changed, has he? Well, if I've dated him, the answer is absolutely not.  But that doesn't mean Cut Throat Bitch or Wilson can't change, but according to house they can't.  It really allowed for great House/Wilson scenes and exploration of their relationship, which for me is the crown jewel in this field of already shiny gems.

House meets Wilson at the elevator. He is still in shock that Wilson is dating Cut Throat Bitch, AKA Amber. House tells him it will never work, Wilson likes needy women and she's strong and assertive. House says he gives it two months. Wilson takes that bet because it's already been four. Wilson insists he's broken the needy lady pattern, House doesn't believe him and says he'll need to talk to Amber to make sure.

House enters his office and asks the gang if they knew about Wilson and Amber. Kutner says he did because he asked her out. House cannot understand why.

Kutner: She has legs that go all the way up to Canada.
House: So do Canadians, doesn't mean I want to date them.

House wants to know if Amber has a soul. Cameron, I mean 13, tells House about their new patient. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I LIKE BOTH 13 AND CAMERON, I’m just annoyed writers were given an opportunity to create a new character but chose instead to transfer all of Cameron’s things to 13. Nothing against either actress)

House tells the gang to run tests, he thinks the patient is a liar who was trying to kill herself, he also sends Taub and Foreman to check her house. Taub and Foreman find out that she used to be a rock and roll producer before she converted. She says yes she was into drugs but six months ago stopped all that and what’s important is who she is now. She just took a class now is totally religious.

Amber arrives home to find House waiting for her. How did he get in? he stole Wilson’s key. He accuses her of going out with Wilson to get back into House’s good graces and get a job on his team. Now this is a character I can get behind.  And I think they’ve softened her some and you know what, she is hot and have legs to Canada. House makes it all about him, accusing her of staying in his orbit to just wait it out. House says it’s a stupid plan because he would never admit he’d make a mistake. House tells her to give back Wilson’s sweatshirt that she’s wearing and end it.

Kutner and Taub update House on their patient. House says they haven’t addressed the symptom of becoming an extreme religious person suddenly. He says that is a sign of a mental problem because people don’t change even if they want or need to, he sends them off to do some tests. Kutner lets it slip to the patient and her husband that House’s theory is that his wife is crazy because of her religious beliefs. The husband goes to Cuddy and demands a new doctor.

House: You will let me treat her because in this temple, I am Doctor Yaweh.

House wants to know if Cuddy knew that Amber was dating Wilson. Cuddy tells House to test for anemia. That’s all well and good until the patient goes into the respiratory distress and that theory is immediately ruled out.

The gang does another DDX, while also gossiping about Wilson and Amber. 13 says what if the patient didn’t change, but maybe the real Roz is who she is now and also who she was.

House: The life is messy argument. Nice. It explains everything without explaining anything.

House wants them to do a stress test to see if there’s a heart problem. Taub doesn’t think he’s right, but will have a crash cart ready just in case.

House shows up at a sushi restaurant and “accidentally: bumps into Wilson and Amber. Amber calls House, Greg since they’re now social equals. She invites him to join them and then goes insists they get seated. House starts drinking from her cocktail. House realizes it’s not about the sex; Wilson actually likes her personality, that she’s conniving, that she has no regard for consequences… that’s when House realizes Wilson is sleeping with him. He awkwardly hands back her cocktail and heads out.

During the stress test, Roz’s husband worries that maybe House was right about Roz. Maybe she has a mental condition. Taub assures him he’d find someone else. Taub says he loves his wife as much now as he did the day he married her. Roz’s husband says he should love her more since he knows her more. Her heart tests clean, but then she passes out when she stands up.

House tells Foreman to run her through the MRI. He does so with 13. 13 is annoyed that people are trying to shove Roz into a box, not literally of course, but who she is. Foreman says that’s why 13 keeps herself so mysterious, except for the fact that she’s bi-sexual. Her eyes go wide, which confirms his theory.  When the MRI shows nothing conclusive, they get her out of the MRI, but every time she stands she passes out and her heart rate plummets, the opposite of what is supposed to happen when you stand. Totally bizarre.

They do another DDX, Taub admits that he is starting to admire the Hassidic Jews, they have something he doesn’t. Kutner then says maybe her heart wiring is off. House tells them to run more tests while he goes to interrogate Wilson some more.

Turns out Wilson has moved out of his hotel. House wants to know if he moved in with Amber.  Wilson says apparently he moved in with House. Wilson says it makes sense that he date a girl like House. House says she’s not him, but a needy version of House. Wilson says it’s hard to imagine such a mythical creature. Wilson admits that he hasn’t been seeing her for four months but just told House that to get him to shut up. Wilson wants to know what House is doing, what is he trying to avoid, House refuses to answer. 

Taub and Kutner are giving another heart exam to Roz. During the test, Roz says something about 13 being bisexual. The guys don’t fully understand what she said, but her heart’s clean.

House goes to Cuddy and tells her to sleep with Wilson to break him and Amber up because he’s worried about Wilson making a mistake. Cuddy tells house he’s worried Wilson’s relationship will succeed and that Wilson will no longer be at House’s beck and call. House maintains that Wilson won’t change. Cuddy assures him he’ll never lose his friend as he’s insanely needy.

13 runs a sweat test on Roz but instead of sweating, she gets hypothermia and has a seizure. House says her body is doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to, her body is Wilson. So they have to think of opposites, instead of thinking of something that’s in her body, maybe she is missing something. Foreman suggests Addisons disease, all the symptoms fit. 13 goes to run the tests.

Meanwhile, Cuddy corners Wilson and tells him dating Amber is a bad idea. He accuses her of being House in disguise. Wilson says she’s more aggressive that he’s usually with but he just wants to have fun. Cuddy tells him his needs are going to feed her needs until all that is left is a Wilson chalk outline on the floor.

Rox is feeling better now that she has been give cortisol. Suddenly she gets dizzy and 13 realizes she’s bleeding internally.  She starts saying a Jewish prayer because she thinks she’s dying.

Chase comes in and tells her she needs surgery. Yay, Chase!!!! I’ve missed him. He tells her she needs a surgery immediately so they can find the bleed.  She says no, she wants to have Shabat dinner and won’t have the surgery before then. But she could die.

Chase breaks the news to House that Roz won’t allow the surgery.  He says he needs him to stick around to help, Chase walks out, but then comes back in and suggests they change the lighting in the hospital to make Roz think it’s sundown even if it’s hours before, she’ll never know and then they can get her into surgery. House says, see that’s why we need you.

The gang takes Roz back to her room and tell her it’s sundown. Meanwhile back in his office, House is visited by Amber. He can’t believe she came she says when it comes to him it’s going to be interesting, so that’s why she did. House tells her that if she solves his case and she can have a job, but she has to drop Wilson. She wants to know why he thinks she has to have an ulterior motive. She says all her life she thought she had to have either love or respect but with Wilson she has both. She has a moment of weakness and pitches an illness. House says she changed. She says she hopes so.

Roz and her husband have a Shabbat dinner. House and the gang have one more DDX to try and figure out where the internal bleeding is coming from. Taub and House get in a religious debate, and House realizes that things aren’t there just because you want them to be there. He realizes what she has. He runs out and catches them before her surgery. He gets Roz to stand up, and she starts to faint. House pushes in her abdomen and she gets better. He does the party trick a few times, he has a flair for the dramatic. Turns out her kidney broke off, had faulty wiring and now floating. If they repair it, she’ll be fine.

House walks out with Wilson and gives him his blessing with Amber. Wilson wants him to acknowledge that people can change. House kinda admits it, but not really. Wilson can’t believe it, but thinks House is being self-sacrificing because he knows that if Wilson gets serious with Amber, he could lose a friend, but is doing it anyway. House denies this, he could never sacrifice self.

Okay these last two episodes have been incredible. The two best of the season and perhaps even two of the best of the series. Wilson and House sparring, a lot more of Cuddy and an interesting patient that launched a religious debate. House at it’s best! 

Let’s hope the strike ends soon so we can get more of this. I’m loving where this season is going! What did you think about this episode? Can people change? Did House change? Talk back below!

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