TV Recap: House

Welcome to the end of Season 4 of House.

This is the first part of a two-part finale, so buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride… literally.

We open up on House in a strip club. He’s about to get a lap dance from some barely dressed hottie, but instead of enjoying himself, which we know he can never do, he’s actually coming to and realizing he has no idea how he got there. He runs through a list of diagnostic criteria and diagnoses himself as having retrograde amnesia. He starts to panic and exits the strip club to see chaos in the streets. Tons of medical help vehicles and choppers overhead revealing a major bus accident.

Turns out he’s one of the victims from the accident and instead of laying nicely for help to arrive, he went into a strip club. Can this character do anything traditionally? Not a chance. That’s exactly why we love him!

He arrives at the ER with the rest of the bus crash victims. He tells Wilson he saw somebody dying. Typical Wilson he refuses to believe House. Grrr, I wish they’d change that characteristic of Wilson. Don’t get me wrong I love their dynamic, but honestly, whenever House tells him something we know to be a real human emotion, Wilson always tells him he’s wrong.

Back in the ER, Cameron is sewing up House’s head. He has a concussion and she wants him to spend the night so they can monitor him. His new team comes over and he sends them each off on a mission, but can’t remember all their names. He sends Kutner to find his cane and motorcycle and figure out where he was before the accident since he has no memory. House says everyone has to stay in the ER cause one of the patients he says has meningitis.

Kutner got a hold of the security camera and they watch footage of House leaving work on his bike. That’s where the memory stops. Turns out Chase is trained in hypnosis, hey, that’s a clever way to get one of my favorite oldies to appear in the show!  He tries to help House focus and remember. Wilson again is there to be a nay-sayer. Oh well, at least he’s cute.

Suddenly house starts to remember being back on the bus. Per Chase’s request, House starts to focus on the details of the bus and it’s working. House then places himself at the bar where he was getting drunk at 5pm. Wilson appears next to him at the bar questioning him, wondering what he’s running away from by getting drunk in the middle of the day. House tells him to stop being insecure until he figures out who’s dying. Then Amber shows up and starts questioning House about why he thinks Wilson is being insecure when he’s clearly just concerned about him. This scene is actually pretty freakin’ awesome, right?

House is then back on the bus trying to take a closer look at passengers. He focuses on one EMO guy with a Mohawk. He thinks he’s the one who is dying. He rushes down to the ER and talks to the EMO guy and tells him he has a brain tumor but quickly realizes he’s not the patient who he saw dying.

House thinks the bus driver is the one who he saw dying when he watches the guy have sudden onset paralysis in the ER. He takes the gang back to his office for a DDX to figure out if he’s the guy House saw dying. It’s not proving fruitful.


I think Hugh Laurie is so cute with his hair all messed up like that.

House decides to start to smell the passenger’s clothes to see if he can evoke any smell that will help him remember. He also starts to pop Vicodin like crazy.  He suddenly returns to the bus and hallucinates that he sees the bus driver. A woman in the back of the bus starts to discuss memories with House. House says she wasn’t on the bus; she’s wearing $500 shoes. Suddenly he snaps out of the hallucination by Wilson who says he needs an MRI.

In the MRI Wilson wants to know what he was talking to Amber about when he was getting hypnotized. House says he wanted to see her naked. Wilson doesn’t believe him and realizes he has feelings for Amber. Wilson suddenly sees something on the MRI. House has a cracked skull.

Cuddy and Wilson want to know why House needs to solve this case of the bus driving being sick. They insist he go home.  Instead he goes to the cafeteria and starts writing all the symptoms down and has a total break down cause his head hurts.

House appears in the bus driver’s room and tries to solve his new symptom of stomach pain. Instead Foreman stops him because he is bleeding out of his ear.  House decides to go take a bath and partake in sensory deprivation.


Hugh Laurie takes his top off. For those women in the audience who had to suffer through the beginning of the show with a female stripper, this makes up for it. 

In the bath House is now remembering/hallucinating back on the bus and is joined by Cuddy.  He wants to know why she’s there since she wasn’t on the bus. She says it’s a fantasy and suddenly appears dressed as a schoolgirl and uses the pole to do a dance while she runs through the bus driver’s symptoms. House pops out of the fantasy and debates with the bus driver about his symptom. Once again the woman on the bus appears. House once again asks who she is. She says she’s the answer. But before we can learn any more, we’re back in the bath and House stands up, vomits and then passes out. 

Cuddy sends House home with a nurse and a security guard.

Back in the office, Foreman and the gang try to figure out what is wrong with the bus driver. House calls in and tells them to test the patient by doing the bagel test. The nurse takes the phone from him. So he steals the nurse’s cell phone and hides in the bathroom and talks to Kutner while they put the driver on the treadmill and make him eat bagels.  The guy ends up passing out.

House’s gang thinks he has a clot. House comes back in to the hospital, per Cuddy’s request and realizes the driver recently had dental work. That means he could’ve had an air bubble in his body that was in his leg that caused the jerk that caused the accident. That’s what House must’ve seen. House tells 13 to suck out the air bubble that is now in his heart. He locks Cuddy outside the door and she tells 13 not to. But she does anyway and guess what it saves the bus driver.

Case solved! Yay!

Or is it. Cuddy keeps an eye on House and makes him get rest. As soon as he closes his eyes, he sees the woman from the bus again. She’s wearing a necklace and House realizes he’s missing a detail. A red ribbon appears in his hand and House tells the woman that he has to tie the ribbon around her and he does. Suddenly he sees blood on the woman, House gets up and tells Cuddy he was wrong, it’s not over.

House convinces Cuddy to re-create the bus accident using the people from the hospital. All of the doctors wear pictures on their shirts to help House remember. It starts to work and House finally sees the woman from the bus again, once again he asks her why she’s there. She keeps asking him “who am I?” She repeatedly asks him what her necklace is made of. He gets it wrong. She asks again. He remembers. The woman who is injured is Amber.

We suddenly see the entire accident play out. We see the events that led up to the accident and what took place after. House tries to help Amber. She's bleeding and cold and House wraps her red scarf around her leg to help her stop bleeding. But then he passes out. When he wakes up, House climbs out of the bus and goes into the strip club because he’s disoriented.

We’re back on the bus and Wilson is giving House CPR. His heart stopped. House tells Wilson Amber is the one who is dying. Wilson doesn’t believe it but then 13 reads off Jane Doe #2’s injuries and physical description. It’s Amber


It’s Amber. She’s the one who is dying.



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