TV Recap: House

Patient of the Week – Evan, AKA Brock from House’s fave soap, AKA Samantha’s boy toy from Sex And The City who is… not so young anymore actually and looking kinda haggard.  House kidnaps him and takes him to PPTH to save his life as he’s noticed he’s been slurring his speech in recent episodes.

When nothing comes up conclusive, he goes to leave, but House knocks him out and puts him in an MRI booth against his will. Still nothing is found and Brock goes to leave again but is unsuccessful because he can no longer walk.

Meanwhile Cuddy is dealing with a surprise state board inspection by this dweeby looking guy who is asking a lot of questions about what House is up to so she assigns Cameron and the old gang to keep an eye on him until the guy leaves. Oh and Wilson and Amber are buying a mattress together… more on that later.

In the DDX taub thinks House did something to make Brock’s legs not work.. on a side note he used to be my favorite of the newbies, but now… not so much, he’s such a debby downer, always thinking House is up to something, which he usually is, but Taub has become House’s motive police.  

Kutner runs a test on Brock where he pokes pins into his leg, I’m not sure what’s it called, but that’s not important. What’s important is how much sun damage Jason Lewis has had since SATC went off the air and now looks so old. He’s the poster boy for staying out of the sun. I know this is a recap about House but I just can’t get off this obsession about him looking SO OLD!!!  I was so into him and now… ok, back to the show.

House, Taub, 13 and Foreman are watching old episodes of the soap opera Brock is on trying to see if his speech has in fact slowed down like House claims. Cuddy begs House to try and not mess around while the inspector is there. He agrees only if he can get the TV in the lounge into his office.

He then takes off to check out Brock’s dressing room to see if any toxins are milling about. Meanwhile, Wilson is testing mattresses with Amber. She gets paged from work and has to leave allowing him to make the decision. He thinks it’s a trap, that he’s not really being allowed to pick out the mattress. He calls House who tells him yeah, it’s a trap.

On the soap set, House chats up one of the actresses on the show who says she went out with Brock and made out with him, but then he said he had to go home. House realizes he’s impotent and takes that info back with him to the DDX.

Kutner and 13 take him to the sleep lab to test if he can have an erection involuntarily, like one in the morning after sleeping. They also give him some of House’s porn and hook him up to a whole bunch of monitors to see if anything happens there. He ends up going into cardiac arrest.  Guess House had some seriously good porn or maybe this guy really is crazy sick.

Ok, he’s crazy sick.  House and the team do another DDX and come up with a new plan. House doesn’t want to do their plan, and Foreman agrees with house in front of the gang. But as soon as they leave the office, Foreman tells them to do the test he wants them to do and by the time House finds out, they’ll have the test results to show him he was wrong. I’m guessing this is because of the inspector… oh where’s Chase gone off to?   Remember when this show was good with the old gang? I’m not loving the new gang at all, well maybe I like Kutner.

Cameron finishes up House’s files. She admits to him she misses the job, when he grills her on why she went ahead and did the files in the first place. She says she misses playing P.I. but does not miss House.

Meanwhile, Kutner and Taub run another test on Brock. Kutner mocks him for being unfifilled even though he’s rich and on a tv show. Taub says he gets it, same thing for him when he was a plastic surgeon, but he did love every boob job and meaning doesn’t mean that much. Kutner says his thyroid looks normal, but the iodine is everywhere which means his kidneys are failing.

House gets pissed at Foreman for lying to him about the tests he ran. He’s such a scaredy cat from the inspector and he played it safe. Instead of allowing them to run more tests, House sends the gang on a time wasting mission.

Amber and Wilson get it on, but the minute Amber gets on the bed she’s mad to learn he got the firm mattress, not the one Wilson wanted. She says she doesn’t want to be with a pussy and that he needs to stand up for himself and get things he wants. She doesn’t want to be resented like he resented his ex-wives.

House runs some tests on Brock and asks him if he’s really as miserable as people say he is. Brock says he wants to do something that matters. House says nothing matters and if he’s unhappy on the plane, jump out of it. Brock asks if he’s not on a plane?  House says everyone is on a plane. House tells him that he’s afraid to change because he’d rather imagine he can escape than rather try because if he fail then he gets nothing so he give up the chance of something real so he can hold on for hope. Brock tells House when he gets out of the hospital he’s not going to be afraid anymore. House realizes Brock is reciting lines from the previous season of the soap opera and then realizes his temp is so high his brain is about to implode.

Back at the DDX they realize he has a massive infection and is now in a coma.  House tells him to test him for fungus. He says he needs to go and sleep.

Wilson and House go mattress shopping together. Wilson comes clean and says he really wants a water bed. Wilson says he’s wanted one his whole life, so House tells him he deserves to be happy so he should get it and live the dream.

At the mattress store, House realizes Brock has an allergy and because what they’re doing right now isn’t working. He runs to the pharmacy and grabs way too many steroids for his illness. Cuddy tries to intervene and says their jobs are on the line.

House tells her he’s right and she can call security, but he’s going to come out of this coma and throws a lot of medical jargon at her. There’s a small montage of the team still running tests that felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy.  Cuddy freaks out and says House was wrong and his patient is probably dead by now. By the time she gets to the room, Brock is fine he had an allergy, but they’re not sure which one.

Wilson and Amber try out the waterbed. Wilson absolutely hates it and can’t sleep on it. Amber says she’s glad he got it even if he wants to take it back the next day.

That night House sits in his office watching Brock on TV. He sees him drinking something and wants to know what. He knows that Brock stopped drinking according to his fellow cast member.  It’s then when he realizes Brock is allergic to the bubbles in the drink he has on the show, he’s allergic to quinine. I’ve never heard of that, but I guess it’s an allergy.

Am I the only one who is feeling a little blah about this episode and last weeks?


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