TV Recap: House Super Bowl Episode

Patient of the week: Cate, a shrink who is on staff at PPTH, but on assignment in the South Pole. She starts having severe pain in her abdomen, which would be fine if she weren't isolated nine thousand miles away with limited medicines and resources. But she does have a webcam, which she uses to communicate with House and his team while they try to figure out what's wrong. Cate is played by Mira Sorvino who is just absolutely remarkable in this role. She plays hard and sweet both so well. I want her to be on the show for good!

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with the big post-Superbowl  episode. When I first heard about it, I was thrilled, I love this show and this coveted spot would expose it to millions of potential fans. Sure I'm not really that willing to share Hugh Laurie with new fans, but I was willing to make a sacrifice. For House. These type episodes are usually two hours long and jammed packed but due to the Writers' Strike the House writers didn't have time to do a blockbuster, so I really curious to see what they'd come up with, and as usual they did not let me down.

Let me start by saying this was a Hugh Laurie-heavy show, which is perfect as it's my favorite kind of episode. The early ones this season were delightfully packed with Hugh, Cuddy and Wilson. In order to accomplish this, the newbies were sent on a wild goose chase ultimately to get cable restored in all patient's rooms so House can watch it. This involved Cameron. This story line was pointless and annoying and other than what I told you, didn't really amount to much other than a lame attempt at the newbies trying to beat House at his own game. Personally, I'm just glad they're gone for the episode. The only thing that came out of it in any real way was that House taught the newbies to stick up to him and demand to be listened to if they have a point which Kutner does at the end which... well let's start from the beginning.

House gets Cate’s file and starts the DDX. The gang runs through all the possible causes. Kutner comes up with a very rare type of kidney stone the pain could be, House likes it, cause it’s interesting. Unfortunately they don’t have the medicine in the South Pole that could break up the stone, so Kutner says that some geological drilling devices can also be used to break up stones. House is on board.

Unfortunately, via web cam we see what happens to the practice egg standing in for her kidney, the entire egg and jar explodes. House comes in and sees who his patient is, a sassy lady doc who can give it as well as she can take it and is intrigued. Cate says she’s not going to get rid of her kidney stone using that device seeing as she doesn’t even think that’s the problem.  Her and House spar so Foreman steps in. He requests she do a blood test to see if her kidneys are declining. House tells her to start taking meds.

House tells Cate her blood tests reveal her kidneys are declining, usually indicative of a kidney stone, she disagrees. House figures out she hasn’t taken the meds he told her to. She says it’s because one of her staff in the pole just had his artery cut and she can’t use up all the meds on a whim since they’re limited amounts. (I cannot believe doesn’t deliver to the Poles!) She starts to breath hard and House tells her her lung is collapsing and she needs to reinflate it herself, stabbing a plunger in her chest. It works and at the same time totally freaks me out! This proves it’s not a kidney stone.

house_sc22-sc23-sc25_8056.jpgForeman doesn’t like doing the DDX in front of her on the web cam. He mutes it to tell House that cancer explains all her symptoms. She starts to panic. House breaks the news to her that she might have cancer, she’s upset. House says that since they don’t only have any real tests down there, they will have to start with x-rays.

House tells Wilson he doesn’t like her. Wilson thinks it’s because she’s a psychiatrist. He finds a note on the x-ray but one that can’t be biopsied. House says they have to find a node closer to the service to biopsy. House also notices that Wilson isn’t being himself and therefore must be happy. The lavender shirt that is crisp doesn’t help House’s suspicions.

House conducts a physical on Cate via the web cam. She won’t get naked until she sees his apartment. He says it’s his apartment, not his soul.  He gives a quick tour, during which she picks up on the fact he hasn’t no pictures of people, he’s close to getting drunk on and he has a lot of medical books. House is naturally not a fan of this critique and asks if she wants to fix him now. She says she never said he needed fixing.

Wilson tells Foreman that the reason why House is letting Cate take part in the DDX is because he’s crushing on her!! Wilson said she’s perfect for him, she sick and a million miles away and will do anything for her career.

Cate is now naked, and House thinks they should do the nodes in her breasts first. She says she’ll start with the nodes on her neck. House starts to play the song “lets get it on,” until he sees a node that is swollen.

Back in his office, Wilson talks her through the biopsy. House calls her Cate; Wilson can’t believe he used a patient’s name. House also asks if she’s okay. Wilson says he’s never asked him if he’s okay and House has seen him fall down a flight of stairs drunk. He accuses House of sleeping with her, House says it’s impossible, but Wilson is convinced something intimate happened. House is more interested in where Wilson is going for lunch and whom he’s meeting. Wilson runs away.

Wilson talks Cate through the biopsy results from his office. Cate tells Wilson she was checking up on him. He has no idea why, she says it’s because she knows his niceness means he’s not as nice as he seems. Wilson lets it slip that House likes her. She can’t figure out why he’s friends with House. Wilson sees the results and says she doesn’t have cancer, but has sudden pain on the other side.

House thinks now she has an auto immune. Via the web cam he tells Cate this, but she says if he’s not 100% sure then she can’t take the prednisone since there’s a guy down there who has asthma and she can’t waste it. This is driving House crazy. She wants proof. Foreman tells House she should go outside in the cold, that helps. He says it’s too cold for her to do that. Wilson spots his wallet on House’s desk. House says he’s already been through it so he can have it back. House says no, he won’t do it, Foreman realizes House does like Cate.  Realizing they don’t have the right equipment for the test needed, they come up with alternatives, how they ran the test BEFORE it became all fancy. Wilson suggests using a paper clip to break up the blood cells and then examine them.

House explains to Cate the test. She starts to psycho-analyze him and hears that he’s spent more time with her than any other patient. He says sorry about that and hangs up. He’s starting to realize he likes her too. And I do too, I think they’d be cute together.

Cate rejoices that House’s new theory failed. Foreman pitches the cold test. She decides to do it, but House wants her to take the prednisone. Cate passes out on camera. House panics.

We find out that Cate is now in a coma. But house is more concerned about Wilson’s girlfriend. He figures out that if it were a random person he would’ve given House a name. So she must be someone House knows. He rules out Cuddy and his ex-wives. House realizes there is a test they can do with her in the coma. The tech guy has to drink her urine to find out if it’s concentrated or watery. He agrees. House can’t believe it, why would he agree to do it? He realizes the tech guy is in love with her and now will do anything to save her. Good to know. I’m sure that’s not the only reason why House wanted to know.

So in a disgusting turn of events, he does drink her pee. HE DRINKS HER PEE!!  And says it’s water tasting. Did I mention he drank her pee? I have never  in my life seen that on TV! He says it tastes like water. House says he needs to drill a hole in her head to relieve the pressure. The tech guy doesn’t want to but House says it’s her only chance.

Foreman talks the tech through the drilling into Cate’s head.  He gets through the skull and fluid starts to leak out and Cate wakes up.

House has his newbies help out now. Kutner pitches an idea that was knocked down by House. Kutner stands up to House and explains his fat emboli theory. House shoots it down again saying it would require a bone break and he’s seen her whole body… or has he.

He realiezes he never saw her toes since she insisted on wearing socks during the physical because it’s so cold. Sure enough, off come her socks and she has a broken toe she didn’t feel because her toes are so numb. The tech puts the break back together and hugs her. While he does, Cate looks directly at House who knows he has no chance.

Wilson sits at a restaurant and orders some wine. House sits down. He's clearly not the person Wilson is expecting. House runs through the people he thinks Wilson is dating, he's been checking around. Wilson brings up Cate and that House liked her and he cared about her. Of course he denies this, when all of a sudden Cut Throat Bitch shows up to meet Wilson and they kiss!! House is floored, turns out she was not on the short list of people Wilson could be dating.  WILSON IS DATING CUT THROAT BITCH AND SEEMS TO REALLY LIKE HER?

Who did you think Wilson was dating? How annoying was Cameron? Did anyone see Chase? How much do you love so much Hugh Laurie time on the screen? Did you think this superbowl episode was in fact super? Talk back below.

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